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Fubukinotochi General Affairs | What of Anglia?

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What of the Menace? The High Commands Meets on Anglia


AKAIYAMA – Small little flickers slightly lit the wider, rather cavernous, room. A wax based lighting fixture was certainly not particularly common within Fubukinotochi, however to use this sort of lighting provided a sort of comforting ambience to the Field Marshal. Tanaka typically had a preference for a darker, more dimly lit room than most people. Even the chandelier in the room was replaced to only be lit by candle instead of lit by electricity. Much of her place of work and residence was like this and changed over when she ascended to the office. The High Command’s Chamber would be no different. 

The finely crafted, polished, wooden table had a swath of individuals gathered around it in matching seats to pair with it. A special meeting had been called as the wurld saw continuing escalation by an unruly Occidental power. Something about the restoration of Europa and its supremacy, at least how Tanaka interpreted it. I would hardly describe Anglia as a respectable Europan able to restore Europan greatness, she pondered, what would truly be considered Europan?  For some time, Tanaka had figured things would blow over. Anglia would, hopefully, just cannibalize itself with the logistical support and network needed in order to advance its would be wargoals. It was still very possible, but the issue had become more and more relevant to the Stratocracy as there was no sign of slowing. There was even less hope that in time Fubukinotochi would not be wrapped up in the conflict. Fubukinotochi, whether on its own terms, or others terms, would have to respond in kind. 

The crowd, as Tanaka approached the table, stood and saluted her. For a moment, she took it in, then nodded and returned the salute. Tanaka-chan placed her cap on the hook installed into her seat, as did many others who took their seat as well. 

“Will the Merchant General start things off for us?” she called out.

Adjusting his microphone, he would begin. As Fubukino over the years recognized the withering state of the continent, as highlighted by Anglia in this conflict, it took the step to work with the New Wurld and establish commercial ties rather than hoping for the turnaround of the Old. Due to the peace that has existed for the majority of that time, Fubukino’s investment and ties with the New Wurld grew prosperous and a key to its current survival. Much of its trade has been done via shipping over sea and continues to be the case. Disruption of those vital shipping lanes would be immensely devastating to the status quo. As the conflict and Anglia’s involvement has increased, it has begun to wear and grieve shipments over time. While it has been felt only lightly at home, it likely will only continue and create unrest domestically. Or so the Merchant General suggests. Certainly, it set the scene for discussion amongst members of the Principal Forces and those in Security. 

“Thank you for informing us, General.” Tanaka waved at him, dismissing him from speaking any further for the moment. “I would like to hear what sort of involvement we would like to propose here.” Clamoring for her attention, many stood up hoping to be heard and acknowledged first. It was a rather civil display of chaos, as oxymoronic as the phrase might be.

“I have General Maki first.” The Ambassador General, Fubkinotochi’s chief diplomat, no doubt would only have something diplomatic to propose. Sachie Maki, while a life long friend who was dear to Tanaka, always had a more rosier picture and view of the wurld that she hoped to see. She didn’t particularly care for the system that existed like Tanaka did. A little bit of opposites the two were. Nonetheless, her solutions were not bad ones and objectively useful when diplomacy was the answer. 

“I would advise that we meet with Anglia and the New Wurld and sign non-aggression pacts. The New Wurld to begin with was never going to decline this. It was only a matter of whether Anglia would. Now, it is clear.” Her suggestion earned many groans and eyerolls. In truth, the cabinet and Stratocracy as a whole was more on the side of bloodthirst. There had been too much time since any real conflict was seen. Peace had starved many. The occasional skirmish in the east of course was not the same - it was small in scale. It would be suicide though to not make this suggestion even if it was something most would rather not pursue. 

“With due respect to General Maki, understand that there still will be disruption regardless of whether promises are made. We will likely be drawn into this conflict before we know it. Let it be on our terms. Peace is a myth and lie.” Ko Kota, the Director of Security, crowed. Kota was not particularly fond of diplomacy-it largely conflicted with his visions (and even delusions) of the future.

“Respectably, Director Kota, the diplomat’s proposal fulfills her duty as the chief diplomat and to seek diplomatic solutions. Let us not forget our places here.” Tanaka reminded him. While it was a more respectful reply from Kota, it still was laced with undertones she didn’t care to have in the chamber.

Standing to speak, as Maki was seated once more, the Chief of the Army spoke, “It really would truly be best if we looked to stir trouble for them at home. Hopefully, being preoccupied closer to home will have them less focused on the New Wurld, aiding our partners to victory there. After all, while they may have a hold on their Occidental allies, the people were not by any means approving of the arrangement.” The Anglians did make a fair argument for Suverina to sue for peace and diplomacy. In lieu of being shredded much like its Lysian neighbor was, they could instead cooperate in the hopes things would go well. Perhaps even take swings at rivals who disagreed and feast on spoils. A coward’s way out. It lacked honor. Between Lysians and those in Suverina having discontent, most likely there was an opportunity to hit them where it counted. 

Kota rose to supplement the Chief, “Depending upon the feelings of the Tagmatines, we could very well fund insurgents. The Chief has a point here. No one in their right mind in Lysia and Suverina is thinking that the Anglians are so great and wonderful to lord over them as they have. There is certainly bitterness to be exploited there.” The Chief nodded in approval of the Director’s statement. 

“Further, we could help the Tagmatines by training them ourselves, or even alongside Tagmatine operatives. I would suggest even doing so openly, sending a handful of divisions to push the Anglians.” 

An insurgency of great scale likely would be far cheaper than more direct involvement, however. The concern was how successful it would be without something more hands on. This was likely the most ideal option here after diplomacy. The option that will most likely be chosen, to be clear. Too much bloodthirst cannot help justify choosing the best option that remained, likely much to the chagrin of General Maki. More would make suggestions, at one point General Holton, the leader of the FWM (Fubukinotochi Wurld Militia) suggested deploying to Dolchland when the Argic nations required help. An interesting thought, but not one with a great degree of sense. 

As the list of speakers expired and the last proposals were thrust forth, only three were of true interest, and one would be the clear winner at this table. There was work to be done, and it was cut out for them. The Ambassador General would reach out to Tagmatium to gauge their sentiment on the matter and to begin taking steps to ultimately ruffling the feathers of Anglia effectively. 

“This meeting is adjourned for the day.” she declared. Standing from her captain’s chair, she saluted them just as they all stood and saluted her, then replacing her cap upon her head. Walking in lockstep, Maki would join her as the two would discuss further action.

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