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Imperial Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of Florentia

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From : Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs, with the collaboration of the Ministry of the Economy

Subject : investment opportunities in Florentia

Date : 1st April 2024



Thanks to the abolition of slavery and the cooperatization of the economy, Florentia is experiencing a respectable economic growth for the first time since 1960. This economic growth is accompanied by a general increase of the standard of living of the Florentians, meaning that Florentians are consuming more. Coupled with the current high unemployement, the Florentian market could very well become a major industrial hub in Alharu.

Thus, the Ministry of the Economy propose special mandates for industrial economic investment from foreign companies, either private or state-owned. 

Every foreign company investing in a Florentian company will receive a percentage of the dividends of the Florentian company, from 20% to 75%, depending on the amount of the investment. 

The foreign company will be engaged to reinvest at least 60% of the earned dividends in the first half of the mandate, then 30% in the second half of the mandate.

Every mandate can last either 10 years, 20 years or 30 years.

The categories already present in Florentia and with high demand are :

- textile, apparel ;

- footwear ;

- chemicals (commodity) ;

- mining (coal & sulfur) ;

- automotive (automobiles & automobiles components) ;

- manufactured food, beverages, tobacco ;

- household durables ;

- ground transportation.


The categories not yet present in Florentia and with great opportunities :

- chemicals (agricultural & diversified) ;

- industrial electrical equipments ;

- machinery (industrial & agricultural).


May fortune be on your side.

Charles Brisquet, Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs,

& Alessandro de San Castellino, Minister of the Economy


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To: Their Excellency, Charles Brisquet, Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs and their Excellency, Alessandro de San Castellino, Minister of the Economy of the Most Serene @Florentian People's Empire

From: Innokentia Ptochoprodroma, Director of International Sales, Ioannes Kervos


Your Excellencies,

As your excellencies may be aware, my company, Ioannes Kervos, is one of the foremost manufacturers of agricultural and farm machinery on Eurth. For over one hundred years, my company has supplied tractors, combine harvesters and more to the farming community of the Greater Holy Empire of Aromania, which has allowed the farmers of that nation to become some of the most efficient on Eurth. Recently, my company has cooperated with the government of the United Federation of Baltica, in order to set up a subsidiary in that nation. This has helped the Baltican farmers to improve their abilities to work their land and, in turn, boosted that nation's agricultural and economic output.

It is clear that the Florentian farmer may now be in need of machinery manufactured by my company as well. Whilst the option of purchasing and then transporting such machinery from Aromania exists, it may then drive the prices beyond what the average Florentian farmer could afford. This is clearly not something that would be satisfactory to either party. In order to avoid this eventuality, and to help the people of Florentia into the new wurld ahead of them, my company would be keen to work with the people of your nation and establish facilities for the production of agricultural machinery within your nation. This would, of course, be using the guidelines laid down and maximising the participation of the Florentian worker. We can also offer support for those purchasing any such equipment, such as training and maintenance, so that they can put their equipment to the best possible use.

The motto of my company – “Growing Success” – is not an idle boast. It is a maxim that Ioannes Kervos has striven to work to for many years now. Although the agricultural sectors of Florentia, Aromania and Baltica are all quite different, I am sure that the outcome will be similar – that your nation's workers and farmers will find their labours eased and that Florentia can follow the success of other nations on and become one of the key producers in western Alharu.

I eagerly await your reply and I pray that this is the start of a long and fruitful cooperation between my company and the peope of Florentia.

Innokentia Ptokhoprodroma,

Director of International Sales,

Ioannes Kervos

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Foriegn_scribe001.png?20230412065717The Seshej Per-Remet

To:  Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs to The Serene People's Empire of @Florentia

From: Imy-r Remet Wer Merittes, Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose (High Overseers of the Foreigners and Workers respectively)

Honorable Representatives of The Serene People's Empire of Florentia,

In response to EOS Expansion in our region, the Scribal Offices of the Foreigners and the Workers are interested in establishing a Trade agreement between several nations in Argis, Alharu, and Aurellia. It will be hosted in Akhetaten in the Guest wing of the Per-A. Please respond by official correspondence with the Seshej Per-Remet.

Under the Rays of the Aten

Imy-r Remet Wer Meritites, and Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose

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From : Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs

To : Imy-r Remet Wer Merittes, Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose (High Overseers of the Foreigners and Workers respectively) ( @Neswetej Per Aten )

Date : 04/04/2024



Our Emperor and our Guide have shown interest in ratifying an international trade agreement to counter the influence of the Orinese axis. Florentia shall take part in the Akhetaten conference.

May international cooperation bring prosperity to our nations,

Charles Brisquet, Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs


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To: Their Excellency, Charles Brisquet, Imperial Secretary of Foreign Affairs and their Excellency, Alessandro de San Castellino, Minister of the Economy of the Most Serene Florentian People's Empire

From: Methodianos Vendemianos, Executive Director of Sales of IKV


Your Excellencies,

It is clear that the Most Serene Florentian Empire has reached a new era, one that will benefit the people of the nation. Through brave action, your nation and people have ushered themselves into the 21st Century. No longer is Florentia a pariah nation, condemned by the Assembled Nations and forced into a corner. Now, it is one of the rising powers of western Alharu and it is looking to a bright future.

Building this bright future is something that IKV can help with. The company that I work for specialises in the manufacture of heavy construction machinery, as well as the parts for the machinery themselves. Initially, we would be looking to begin selling machinery in Florentia, utilising local partners, and if demand appears to meet our expectations, we would then like to investigate whether it would be viable to begin to manufacture components and assemble machinery in Florentia. This would then benefit Florentians through reducing costs paid by those wishing to purchase such equipment, as shipping would no longer need to be factored in, at least in most respects. It would also provide skilled employment that will benefit not just those directly employed, but many throughout the wider community. We also offer training and support for machines that we have sold, although we are usually keen to train locals in this capacity, rather than flying in specialists from Aromania.

My company was founded in the aftermath of the Long War in Europa by my great uncle, so we know what it is like to try to build a country up again after significant changes and challenges. I hope that IKV will play a large part in helping Florentia to grow and meet these challenges head on. Your nation will undoubtedly grow to become one of the main players in Alharu and potentially even on the seaboard of the Oriental Ocean.

I look forward to your reply.

Methodianos Vendemianos

Executive Director of Sales


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