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War of the Red Sands (Xio Expansion IC) (Day 6)


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To: Kophīne Linosos, Secretary of External Relations for the Empire of Great @Xio
From: Zachary Monroe, Minister Of Foreign Affairs for the Socialist Federal Republic of Advocatius

Greetings and Salutations,

I write this on behalf of Premier of the Advocatius, Louis Monet, to address the most recent circumstances with war betwixt Great Xio and Sefesia.
Advocatius wishes full support to Great Xio and it's people during these troubled times, the actions of Sefesia are based upon cruel imperialism and oppression of the native peoples of Aurelia, because of this Advocatius, as a member of the Aurelian League, will take actions against Sefesia as listed below.

  • Advocatius will impose heavy sanctions upon the Democratic Republic of Sefesia in response to the invasion
  • A Volunteer program will be set up in the Advocatian Armed Forces for servicemen who wish to fight alongside the forces of Great Xio
  • Advocatian manufactured weapons shall be sold to the Xioan Military

We wish for the sake of Great Xio the best in such troubled times, and that the actions taken by Advocatius can do their most in aiding Great Xio, and to hope for sake of Aurelia that peace can one day return to the continent, cheers.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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armed forces not defence forces (see edit history)
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