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War of the Red Sands (Xio Expansion IC) (Day 6)

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To: Kophīne Linosos, Secretary of External Relations for the Empire of Great @Xio
From: Zachary Monroe, Minister Of Foreign Affairs for the Socialist Federal Republic of Advocatius

Greetings and Salutations,

I write this on behalf of Premier of the Advocatius, Louis Monet, to address the most recent circumstances with war betwixt Great Xio and Sefesia.
Advocatius wishes full support to Great Xio and it's people during these troubled times, the actions of Sefesia are based upon cruel imperialism and oppression of the native peoples of Aurelia, because of this Advocatius, as a member of the Aurelian League, will take actions against Sefesia as listed below.

  • Advocatius will impose heavy sanctions upon the Democratic Republic of Sefesia in response to the invasion
  • A Volunteer program will be set up in the Advocatian Armed Forces for servicemen who wish to fight alongside the forces of Great Xio
  • Advocatian manufactured weapons shall be sold to the Xioan Military

We wish for the sake of Great Xio the best in such troubled times, and that the actions taken by Advocatius can do their most in aiding Great Xio, and to hope for sake of Aurelia that peace can one day return to the continent, cheers.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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To: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zachary Monroe
Of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Federal Republic of @Advocatius
--- Є ---

The Mountain Lord is touched by your nation’s willingness to assist the Empire of Great Xio in its war of self-defence against the imperialist armies of Sefesia and Proncawi’chi. We only hope that other members of the Aurelian League may follow in your nation’s footsteps. We apologise for our delayed responses, as all of our resources have been ordered to aid in the war effort.

As you have helped us, we wish to help you. Tengrolhan’s aggression towards your nation and the nation of Ionio can not be allowed to continue. We pray for the return to stability and safety within your half of the continent, as you have done for us through your hope for a more peaceful future.


Thank you,
Kophīne Linosos




To: Foreign Minister, Torvi Helgidóttir
Of: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of @Ateenia
--- Є ---

Despite recent political differences, we are deeply grateful for the Kingdom of Ateenia’s active willingness to assist the Empire of Great Xio. Nevertheless, all individuals of noble guilds of the empire currently situated in any of Great Xio’s dominions are required by law to remain within the empire as part of their duties to the empire in war time. Although Sefesia is far too cowardly to admit it is in a war of aggression towards the Empire of Great Xio, all nations and all peoples of the Eurth can see through their thinly veiled lies.

We thank you dearly for your offers of asylum, but if Great Xio is to fall, which we will ensure it does not, Great Xio will not let itself only be known by future generations as nobles and aristocrats divorced from their people and scattered throughout Eurth living off the benefits of its ex-allies and friends. Either Great Xio survives or it does not, no other choices are acceptable nor honourable to Dhiive.

The ports and harbours of Great Xio are open to Ateenian vessels. The Great Xioan navy is approximately three days from re-entering Great Xioan territorial waters, and until then we strongly urge all Ateenian vessels to stay vigilant when approaching the waters past Nagaxō.


Thank you,
Kophīne Linosos





From: Minister of the New Western Territories, Attenes Fabregas.
To: President Sir Abararban Roig.

Though it is no shock to any of us, it is clear that our allies in TRIDENT have long since abandoned us, as you had predicted, President. Your thoughtful and well orchestrated change of alignment from TRIDENT to the OCA has paid off well in the past week. The deviancy of the so-called ‘Great’ Xioan empire has been easy to squash with the aid of our newest friends oversees and the Norrium and Noble Nykian diplomats have continued to be informed of our progress through Nanhong and Leho and into the Xioan heartland.

Although our fight for White and Christian self-preservation has been successful in conquering vast swaths of heretical lands, it has been difficult in maintaining order within our youngest recruits sent to occupy their lands. Drug use and ‘antisocial activity’ has become rampant within only the past couple of days. The bombings of administration and cultural buildings have also meant we lack the proper on-the-ground infrastructure to maintain peace in the cities, resulting in the use of force against the urbanites.

We humbly request that you speak to Kalbo Ramis-Batle to reconsider his current bombing campaigns in the south to avoid peacekeeping having to waste ammunitions on the occupied, as well as providing actual trained officials to re-educate our youngest on how to properly treat our new pool of red workers.

In other news, the Bondat Futura Project has been a resounded success. Upwards of three hundred children from Nanhong and southern Xio has been relocated to Sefesia in the past 3 days. We are hoping to increase that number to 50,000 by the end of the year. These children will make for good Christians and hard workers for our future generations, and if they are lucky, will be able to join in on the spoils of future fights for self-preservation. I know you personally approved of the project and once again I must say I am forever grateful for you seeing my potential. I know other ministers have said it “muddies our blood”, but so many of these heretics are descendants of the old Aurelian Empire I do not believe it will be an issue. Quite the contrary, I believe the untapped potential within their blood – once their degeneracy is eradicated – will be of great use to us.


Attenes Fabregas.

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Thunder rumbled above. The final storm of the wet season blanketed the sky, the first of the final raindrops to descend on Xio for the next six months. Rain descended upon a shattered landscape, husks of smouldering buildings lay dormant as ash and soot was washed away into the streets, clogging up drains and gullies. The colours of the city burnt away, leaving behind only a monochromatic blur of smokey greys and charcoal blacks. The red concrete of the roads burnt pink and the orange pathways beige.

All the other cities were to be captured, converted, and controlled. Xiseka was to be annihilated, its temples destroyed, and its skyscrapers turned to rubble.

In only four days, much of the city’s eastern districts had already been reduced to nothing, Anglian and Azanian artillery wasted in the thousands to turn Xiseka into the perdition Sefesia saw it as. Over a million people forced to flee west across the Xi River, or die in Sefesia’s hellfire. Sefesia’s armies had already crossed the Xi River, the city surrounded on all sides except the ocean.

The 77th Vosō Ne, the Mountain Lord, sat in his round table office in Pashae. Through the television screen in the middle of the back wall, he watched the desecration of Xiseka through the eyes of one of the very few military drones Great Xio possessed. Too expensive and too ineffective for active combat, it was relegated to watching over the ruins of the historic capital.
What’s the current death toll?” The Mountain Lord muttered with a sombre tone. On either side of the screen, two smaller screens with voice visualisers in green and purple.

We’re unsure at the moment…” The green visualiser wavered, one of the few generals left in the city. “We estimate… maybe upwards of ten thousand. If the city isn’t evacuated and the Sefesians complete their bombardment of the city… over one and a half million.

Bloody hell…” The purple visualiser mumbled, the Grand Syndic.

The Mountain Lord’s eyes dragged down to his closed laptop, pens, and notebook.
How long can you hold the city?” His voice still, unnervingly calm.

The drone footage turned 180 degrees, the Xi River delta in view over the horizon. The green visualiser stuttered for a second before the general spoke.
If it wasn’t for the artillery fire… two weeks… up to two months at most. Their artillery fire, though, it's systematic. City block by city block… Maybe a week at best.

Thank you, general.” The Mountain Lord clasped his hands together, staring down at the table, “you are dismissed.

The general’s visualiser vanished without a word, leaving only the Mountain Lord and the Grand Syndic. The Grand Syndic’s visualiser started moving, “they have enough Anglian munitions to flatten our armies, but they’re dumping almost all of it into Xiseka. It’s… It’s madness!” He cried out in confusion, the visualiser spiking wildly. “They get nothing from wiping Xiseka off the map that they wouldn’t get from just holding the city!

You know why, Hisema.” The Mountain Lord replied, turning his body to face the wall of screens. The two men remained in uncomfortable silence for several seconds.

Ateenia has allowed for their civilians in Great Xio to be conscripted.” The Grand Syndic finally spoke up, “and they’ve suspended military trade with the Sefesians.

What, that brings us up to 8 nations who have agreed to passively aid us?” The Mountain Lord spat out. “Only half of the Aurelian League have vocalised their intent to help us, and the nations who have agreed to put boots on the ground are non-League members--.

Sir, if I may.” Hisema cut the Mountain Lord off. “Wallowing in the self-pity of our nation’s isolation on the glubal stage will not help us win this war. We know now who our true allies are, for the future, but until we can secure that future we need to think domestically.” The Mountain Lord raised a hand to speak, though upon recognising the validity of what the Grand Syndic was saying, awkwardly lowered his hand back down. Hisema continued without interruption. “The fallback line, centred on the cities of Rirōha Soōdhinayoa, Hanēdhi Soōdiri, and Kororama, is ready for contact with the Sefesians. The Guild Lords in the north have adequately halted the northernmost advances of the Sefesians, and their southernmost advances into Hoq’nuka have stopped.

Supply shortages.” The Mountain Lord remarked, raising a hand to scratch at his chin, turning himself back towards the central television now showing a map of the country. “They’re running thin on the front lines, they’ve outpaced themselves. I'd suspected that not even the Sefesians were prepared for how quickly they’d arrive at the fallback line.

Precisely.” The Grand Syndic continued, “Rhodellian, and the few Ateenian conscripts on the battlefield, have been sent to Hanēdhi Soōdiri to reinforce the backlines. In Kororama, everything from vehicles to detonated houses have been used to block roads parallel east to the city, if they want to break through they will either have to grind themselves against the Leho capital or keep moving westward into more barren desert.

Thank you, Hisema.” The Mountain Lord replied, nodding, despite the Grand Syndic not being able to see him.

I wouldn’t have thought the Sefesians would’ve been dumb enough to fall for this a couple of days ago--

You doubted me?” The Mountain Lord cocked an eyebrow, a tiny smile cracking through his otherwise serious expression.

--but perhaps the Sefesians have even outrun their own common sense, this time.

Once again, thank you, Hisema. I’ll let you return to your duties.” The Mountain Lord concluded the meeting, Hisema’s visualiser turning off seconds later, leaving the Mountain Lord in the dark room.

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