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[Map application] The Confederate States of Florentia

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Nation on Eurth : Florentia

National Flag :

Capital Name : Montcharmin

Capital Location : far inland, bordering a long river (included entirely within my borders, from the capital and a bit further, to the estuary).

Starter Stats :

Population [1] : around 24-25 million inhabitants

GDP [1] : around 10 000 ESU

Land area [2] : 305 000 - 330 000 km2

Culture : mostly Louisianian creole for the Lysian (even if there will be some inspiration from South USA in general), various native american minorities, and a small mexican-american minority (with an important lowrider-like community).

Climate & Geography : In Alhary and with a significant coastline. Mostly subtropical humid (with one or several small tropical area(s) on the coasts), and a continental/arid climate inland. Important river system with one big estuary, maybe several. Mostly low lands, maybe hills inland.

History : a former Lysian colony that based its economy almost exclusively on slaves working in the cotton and tobacco fields. Florentia was a secondary power, but even with the nascent mining and decent industry in the non-slave states, the country fell into backwardness due to slavery and outdated methods. In the last decade or two, Florentia has started to wake up, developping tourism and modernizing, but it is hard for the Florentian to accept new realities of the wurld, mainly for Creoles and Stillians, while the natives want more equality.

Disered location : I don't have specific borders in mind but I'm thinking about somewhere in the area :



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Congrats on repassing the academy, let's get you back on the map.

Stats seem to all be in order, no issues there. The area you have chosen also works well for your desired climate however I don't think that'd work for Amerindian cultures considering it's very much in northern Alharu away from the Amerindians in Mesothalassa. You're more likely to find Asian and Afro-Asiatic cultures in your desired location. This can still work within the concept of your nation of course, just the nation's flavour might be a bit different from what you initially thought.

Below I have selected 3 areas which I think could fit your country, please choose the one (or none) that you feel is the best for your nation, then we can discuss the finer details such as city placement and border tweaks on Discord or in the Forum messaging system.

1) Desired Location (south)
Standing in at 329,200km^2, your country would have a humid subtropical coastline interior, which transitions into arid desert in south. Though no river shows up on the map one can be added (the shape of which is clear on the topography itself leading up to the Moros Mountains). Your native inhabitants would likely be Afro-Asiatic in origin (due to proximity to Hemahat) however it is up to you what indigenous groups you go for from Alharu's stock as there is not much lore to the new land.

2) Desired Location (middle)
With an area of 337,200km^2, your country would be primarily Mediterranean in climate with a cold desert in the east. Still great climate for a slave-based agricultural system. Your country would have lots of significant water ways and hugs the Hei Sea with a long coastline. Your indigenous population could be pretty much anything from Asia or North Africa (minus the ethnic groups already in Europa like the Indo-Iranians and Dravidians).

3) Cashari Island
Oops, all Humid Subtropical. At 309,600km^2, your country will be solely Humid Subtropical in climate, though perhaps some arrangements could be made to make the northern interior more steppe-like near the river. At this point your indigenous culture could be almost anything, perhaps even Uto-Aztecan Amerindian if some peoples managed to set sail from the western most tip of Mesothalassa up to the island. Expect some Japonic and Argic influence from past migrations across the western coast of Alharu.

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I like the third idea and I permitted myself to modify it a bit. Here it is :

(A wetransfer link to download the google Eurth file for the borders : https://we.tl/t-rJYGVtvkUs )

It gives me a pretty nice chunk of 325 747 km2. I also added a lot of rivers for the map and a small lake in the north-east. I hope it fits with the geography of the island. I put my capital city, Montcharmin, and four other cities (Port-Rouge, Belleville, Teldore and Mouvant).

The natives would be composed of a lot of different amerindian-inspired groups (northern american family, excluding Central America, except maybe Northern Mexico). I don't know much about this so I have to do some researches. I also like the idea of a small japonic influence, wich would take place mostly in the South of the country (Belleville, in the first place).

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I think with some topography changes around your country we can make those rivers work!
Seeing as you have no neighbours, there's no need to go through a 5-day waiting period.

Welcome back on the map!

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I welcome you to the region Florentia! I am really looking forward to rping and wurldbuilding with you and Hem once I stop being dormant and commit properly once again to Eurth! If you have anything you wanna discuss now or have any ideas you wanna tell me before I return feel free to tell me!

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