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Argic Defense Coalition

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From: The Office of the Chief Executive of the Hinterian Confederacy
To: The North Adlantic Council


To Whom it May Concern,

The Government of Hinteria, after a session today in Parliament Hill, has voted in favour of working in collaboration with the North Adlantic Union. Despite the difference in ideology between the state of Hinteria and the nation states of Argis, the Hinterian nation was founded on the principles of freedom and choice, in all aspects of life. Expansion of the Anglian hegemony and the resurgence of the rogue Dolch state is a threat to the lives and the liberty of all Argisian peoples. Our hand has been forced, and the age of Hinterian neutrality has ended.

Although the clouds of war darken our shores, the formation of this Union brings a light of hope for an Argis dedicated to the preservation of rights, and the pursuit of freedom for all.

Francis LaCroix, Chief Executive of the Hinterian Confederacy


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On 10/17/2022 at 10:36 AM, Tagmatium Rules said:



To: Their Excellencies, the North Adlantic Union Council

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion


Your Excellencies,

In light of the rapidly declining situation in the North Adlantic and Southern Argis, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has a request to make of your excellencies.

It is clear that the outbreak of a wider conflict is likely entirely unavoidable at this point and due to the commitment of Arhomaneia to wurld peace, international stability and the right of all peoples to freedom, my nation will be drawn into that conflict. As well as this, the Megas Agios Basileia has significant assets in the Dolch Sea and Ceris that could certainly be of use to those nations that are making up the Argic Defence Coalition. This includes, if your excellencies recall, a aircraft carrier battle group, with another within ready sailing distance to the conflict zones in the Dolch Sea. The Noble Republic of Secryae, a Ceriser nation, also has its own armed forces and the government of that nation is looking at the current crisis and is appalled by the actions of the Dolch and their Anglian puppet masters.

Due to this, I have been instructed by his Aroman Majesty, Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor, Autocrat of Arome and Equal-to-the-Apostles, to request that Arhomaneia is allowed an observer or affiliate role within the coalition, which ever is considered to be most appropriate. His Aroman Majesty does not insist upon full membership, as that would be an aberration to the aims of your organisation, nor will His Aroman Majesty place any conditions or demands upon any such observer or affiliate status. If Arhomaneia were to come under assault by the pernicious forces of Great Anglia or its minion-nations, then we would not demand that any such treaty obligation for mutual defence be triggered. Unlike Anglia, Arhomaneia does not expect that blood of the New Wurld be shed for the sake of the Old Wurld.

Arhomaiki membership would be purely to allow our forces to cooperate fully, readily and easily with those of the nations of the Argic Defence Coalition to quell the menace that is Great Anglia and the Occidental-Azanian Pact. It would allow us, Arhomaneia and the Argic Defence Coalition, to strike back at the minion-nations of Anglia and stymie their aims for the subjugation of Argis, as well as the rest of the wurld. Together, our collective might will stop the Occidental-Azanian Pact from bringing chaos to more of the wurld and force them back.

The Aroman people and, indeed, the people of Eurth await your reply.

May God bring us victory,

Eugenios Goulielmos,

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

FROM: North Adlantic Union Council

TO: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion


The deep alliance between our peoples has been a source of strength for Seylos in Ceris over the past years. We believe that the introduction of Tagmatine expertise and might into this conflict can only serve to ensure our victory against the aggression of the Dolch and the machinations of the Anglians. We do however want to be sure that entering into a relationship such as this with the nations of Argis will not throw Tagmatium into premature war with the enemy. With Anglian fleets still at home as well as the overwhelming majority of their ground forces Tagmatium would stand alone in Europa should the Anglians attempt to strike first. Without their fleets moving out of position, allied military assets in the state of Bashan are limited in size and offensive capability. If Tagmatium is willing to take this risk though, the Union will do what it can to continue support, including the usage of the Kirkwall Spaceport.

Tagmatine presence in the Dolch could provide ample opportunity for the Union to redirect its efforts elsewhere. If the Tagmatine armed forces are willing to ensure the security of Ceris, Union military resources can be expanded abroad where they are needed most.

Still at this moment Anglian plans are unclear. It appears that Dolchland was prepared to fight its war isolated and Anglian pressure may be applied in an unforseen manner. Negotiations are currently underway with Haruspex to ensure the security of Corinium, which in the Adlantic leaves several targets of interest for the Anglians. Llalta is in a vunerable position, however its small size and distance from the battle lines makes it makes it a poor stepping stone into the Argic mainland. It's possible they may mean to assault the neutral country of Galahinda, or in a worst case scenario strike at the island of Seylos. Or they may make to bolster their forces in Aurelia. Only time will tell at this point.

We are certain that the other members of the Coalition would be ecstatic to have Tagmatine cooperation.

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OOC: I'm on mobile but just putting this down because no one has responded yet. This may come as sudden but there has been precedent of Iverican commitments to support Seylos in the past. Though the commitment of forces below may sound impressive, the fact that it comes from multiple countries within the FedCom together makes this not very expensive individually.


The Federated Commonwealth of New Iberium had in fact, agreed to cooperate with the ADC despite hesitating to actually join it de jure. The FedCom Council sent private reassurances to the Seylosians government of its resolve to uphold prior commitments, verbal though they may have been. Hence, it was deeply ironic that the least vocal participant of the ADC and the most on-the-fence one at that, would be the first to respond to Seylosians requests for aid.


Though most of the 4th Fleet was undergoing Refuel and Overhaul at Joint TRIDENT Base Ferrefaaierhafen, one of its surface warfare squadrons and sea service and support squadrons was presently holding at the newly established Armada Base in Estaria. However, even a coalition effort would likely not match the quantities of Dolch manpower, such deficiencies could be overcome with a significant logistic and force multiplier effort. Alongside naval support operations, the Armada's support could be instrumental in assisting the Seylosians mission to hold the line.


Under the justification of honouring its international commitments, the FedCom Defence Commission formed Joint Task Force Germanicus, a combined arms task force consisting of:

  • Elements of No. 244-Logistics Squadron.
    • 5 Multirole utility ships (dry cargo, ammunition, equipment)
  • No. 27-Mobile Strike Group
    • 271-Surface Warfare Squadron (271-SUWRON)
      • 1x CG
      • 2x DDG
      • 1x FFG
    • 272nd Combat Support Squadron - Multi Role (272-COSRON)
      • 3x FFG
    • 273rd Submarine Squadron (273-SUBRON)
      • 2x SSN
  • An Air-Ground Corps consisting of:
    • 1x Regiment Galician Fusiliers (Infantry Regimental Combat Team)
    • 1x Regiment Verdense Ducal Grey Guards (Light Infantry Regiment)
    • 1x Regiment Narvic Highland Cavalry (Mechanised Regiment)
    • 1x Regiment Vasqqan Cassadores (Light Infantry Regiment)
    • 1x Brigade Iverican Auxiliares (55-Brigade: sustainment, service-support, operations-level air defence, engineering)
    • 1x Squadron from the Iverican 15th Fighter Group (multirole fighters)
    • Elements of the 39th Air Auxiliary Group (aerial refuel, utility, depot-level maintenance)


Light infantry and aerial units are due to arrive in-theatre via air transport in 72-96 Hours from November 7th 1200 Zebra (Zulu Time). This is on-average with most modern rapid response forces. Mechanised, self-propelled armoured ground units, and service-support units may take 48-72 hours longer to deploy. The 38th and 39th Air Auxiliary Group will be overseeing transit of JTF Germanicus.

Logistically, a rapid response like this is only possible because of an existing supply chain between Iverican home territories, Ferrefaaierhafen in Variota, and Estaria in Ceris.


Naval units will be in-theatre within 12-24 hours. Based out of Estaria, Ceris. No. 27 Group is a rapid response unit and is relatively near. Though most of the Surface Squadron will be on the other side of Iwenland, manoeuvering for a cooperative operation being discussed behind closed doors.




Within Iverica, public protest comes from members of the opposition coalition in the Iverican Camrá Nasional, popular support for action against Dolchland remains neutral to high, since their perceived betrayal in a peacekeeping mission to Afropa. Among other members of the FedCom, patriotism and a renewed feeling of international relevance results in higher public support of sending effectively, a regiment per member state to represent the newly minted Federated Commonwealth's power in a defence effort popular in online media platforms like Wittier.


Nonetheless, political will at constituent levels range from lukewarm to positive. Though with anxiety building up with newly public reports of OCA and Anglian support of strategic missile technology in the governing Kudish Nationalist Party of Koudiland in Southwestern Argis, protest remains minimal as citizens focus on inflation troubles and the oncoming public issue of a Federal common currency.


OOC: I messaged Seylos about this on Discord. Likewise, been coordinating with Tag.

Where they arrive depends on where Seylos is staging and his MSR



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FROM: Defense Command, North Adlantic Union

TO: Democratic People's Republic of Velaharia ( @DPR Velaheria)




With the successful deployment and engagement of enemy forces close to @Anatea, the Seylosian 1st Fleet has returned to Seylos to repair and resupply. Given the positive security of the Dolch See currently, it is clear that the North Adlantic Union cannot let the people of Velaharia continue their fight alone. It is with this in mind that the Defense Command of the North Adlantic Union offers the support of the Seylosian 2nd Fleet and its new carrier, the HMS Thunderchild, in the defense of the Velaharian homeland. We believe without a doubt that continued military advances from the Dolch will only weaken the Argic Defense Coalition as a whole, and that air superiority is required to make significant gains. The air detachment aboard the Thunderchild will be assigned to defend Velaharian airspace, and Seylosian Royal Marines will be dispatched to training and support missions to assist the Velaharian Armed Forces in its valiant struggled against the Dolch aggressors.

Should Velaharia agree to this, the redeployment will commence immediately from the 2nd Fleet's position in the south of Iwenland. It will mark a momentous occasion where our two peoples can come together for common cause and fight for the freedom of Argic peoples against tyranny. Our people's may have been adversaries in the past, but we are proud to call Velaharia our ally on this day.

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To:  Defense Command, North Adlantic Union (@Seylos)

From: Ahranaian Union Defense Ministry


The Ahranaian Government has decided to rediverted the Forces that would be heading for the Dolch Mainland to Iwenland. We will be sending around 50,000 Military Personnel to help aid in the fight on Iwenland. These forces will be under the command of Lt. Gen. Carlson who will coordinate with the Military Command structure in place in Iwenland. 

In addition to the military personnel, we will be sending in ground weapons such as artillery, ammunition supplies, medical supplies, and additional equipment that may be needed. The military personnel will be arriving by the Ahranaian Naval Fleet, these troops are mostly Royal Army personnel, and more troops from the Special Imperial Regiment and Special Forces will arrive a few days after the initial troop deployment.

We are also looking to deploy the Ahranaian Royal Air Force to assist in Air lifts and air campaigns but do note that our air force capabilities are not the same as the other nations. We will not allow the Coalition forces to be bogged down or overran by Dolch forces.

--End of Communication--

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FROM: Defense Command, North Adlantic Union

TO: All Argic Coalition Members and Supporters




The North Adlantic Union Defense Command (NAUDC) has alarming news to report. Four carrier task forces along with transports loaded with troops and supplies have been spotted leaving the Anglian coast on a direct course towards @Galahinda. Their speed places their arrival within a week of departure making time scarce to mount any sort of proper defense.

Effective Immediately:

The Kingdom of Seylos is withdrawing all armed personnel from Iwenland and redirecting them to defending the Galahindan capital of Cascadia. NAUDC units under Ceriser command will remain in Iwenland to assist with offensive operations.

The Seylosian 1st and 2nd fleets are to be redirected from the Iwish coast immediately to assist in moving the necessary personnel to Galahninda and to meet them should they attempt to strike Cascadia directly. The NAU 1st Fleet will remain off the coast of Iwenland to support Dolch offensive operations.

NAUDC believes that the defense of Galahinda is critical to successfully defeating the OCA and defending Argis. The loss of Galahinda would result in the the Adlantic ocean becoming significantly more hostile and allows Anglian units to be within striking distance of the islands of Seylos and Eire.

TRIDENT ( @Iverica, @Gallambria) military assets based in Union territory should consider being placed on immediate highest alert as the probability of future combat is considered high.

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To: Defence Command – North Adlantic Union; the Members of the Argic Defence Coalition; the government of the Unitary Conglomerate of @Galahinda

From: the Holy Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans


Your excellencies,

The Greater Holy Empire is aware of how grave the situation is in the North Adlantic, as it appears that the Kingdom of @Great Anglia is about to attempt to make landfall on the island of Galahinda. An ultimatum was laid before the Kingdom of Great Anglia by my government. It was ignored; suffice to say, the Greater Holy Empire is at war with Great Anglia and they are foolish to ignore that. There will be peace for our time but it will come at a cost.

The Holy Imperial Government will not bore you with the details of Aromania's recent spat with the government of their excellency Chairman Amistacia. Throughout it all, the Greater Holy Empire maintained the greatest respect for Galahinda, if not perhaps the actions taken by Amistacia's government. However, that is not what is which at stake here - the niceties of the relations between two civilised nations - but the freedoms of all peoples of Eurth. There seems to be an element of naivete on the behalf of the Anglians around conquering Galahinda – that, if that remarkably difficult objective of a landfall is met, that the rest of Eurth would let them take the island unopposed. No, it would be a meat-grinder for the forces of the OCA. But it is in our best interests to prevent them from landing in the first place.

To this end, for the defence of Galahinda, I am informing you that his Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of God, Holy Emperor and Autocrat of the Aroman People and Equal-to-the Apostles, has authorised a significant naval commitment to help to stop the pernicious Occidental-Azanian Pact foe in its tracks. This involves sending two of Aromania's last uncommitted carrier groups, as well as significant other naval assets, to the aid of the North Adlantic Union. This will be the BPP Agios Deogratios and the BPP Agios Gratianos, along with their strike groups, supported by the 3rd Surface Action Group, 2nd Destroyer Squadron, the 9th Frigate Squadron and 5th Submarine Squadron.

This is, fundamentally, our last collective play. If we cannot stop the OCA here, then there is nowhere that they can be stopped. We will support each other all the way, even if the defence of Galahinda fails, and extract a bloody toll. Whilst my government is on the cusp of initiating a land invasion of the OCA itself, this would likely have no affect on the conflict around Galahinda. If our attempts at rebuffing the assault on Galahinda are successful, even if the OCA make landfall and establish a beachhead, then I have been authorised to offer a brigade of the Nauklarioi to take back any positions held. Street by street if necessary.

Aromania stands with the North Adlantic Union, with @Seylos, with Galahinda and with all the free peoples of Eurth.

Faith in God will see us through. May God have mercy upon those who trade the peace of others for their own prosperity.

Honorios Kontarian,

Grand Minister

of the

Ministry for War

of the

Greater Holy Empire of the Aromans

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FROM: Defense Command, North Adlantic Union

TO: @Tagmatium Rules (Copied to @Stedoria & @DPR Velaheria for Coordination Purposes)



North Adlantic Union forces in concert with Iverican FEDCOM, and Iwish military forces in Iwenland have begun counter attack operations against the Dolch occupying forces. So far, after months of painstaking intelligence efforts,  Iverican strikes on anti-air emplacements throughout the country have had significant success disabling much of the Dolch anti-air network that was established over the course of the war. On the ground Ceriser NAUDC units have begun several probing attacks across all fronts in order to establish any weak points in the Dolch lines.

Intelligence so far indicates that while Dolch units are well supplied for the moment, they only maintain this due to the lack of general conflict up until this point on the island, and that the Iwish straits are still open for their supply runs. Tagmatine strikes on Dolchland have weakened their anti-naval capabilities and we believe that a cooperative effort between the NAU and Tagmatine fleets in the region can effectively seal the straits and strand the Dolch forces in Iwenland. Hopefully, this action combined with heavy counter attack can force a surrender of the Dolch forces in Iwenland. This would be a major turning point in the war, and a catastrophic blow to the Dolch military that it may never be able to recover from.

It is with this in mind that the North Adlantic Union Defence Command requests cooperative efforts between our two navies to deal this decisive blow and seal the Iwish straits. The NAU 1st fleet is already in position in the north of the country. We await your decision on this most important of developments.


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Added Stedoria/Velaharia to receive list (see edit history)
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