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[Academy RP] Daily Life

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It’s early Saturday morning, a long awaited weekend for me, the smell of air conditioning bothers my nose again, do I have an allergy? hard to sleep in peace now, annoyingly, the sun is shining brightly behind those thin red curtains we bought 2 days ago, better to not open them yet. As I try to close my eyes, I shockingly remembered, I had some errands to run today, such as buying bread for the family, visiting our dog in the vet, it’s hard to get up now, but praise be, God shone his light towards me to start my day, I should’ve taken the other room, the sun directly shines the windows only in the afternoon in there, oh well, my brothers are lucky, by the way this house is quite bigger than the last one, we’re truly moving up in the wurld.

Like a rooster waking you up, I can hear mom, dad and my two younger brothers walk and talk downstairs, but why do they have to be noisy, clearly they have no respect for heavy sleepers, never mind that, I have to clean myself up and get ready, Casimir and Mila are probably on their way to the supermarket, I better hurry.

As I come my way downstairs I see both my parents cooking breakfast, and my two rowdy brothers playing their action figures on top of the dining table. by this time we are on our way to school, but it’s a weekend so we’re free to do anything else. Are those bacon & egg sandwiches? Delicious!. I would like to sit and enjoy them but Mila’s probably going to scold me again for being late, I suppose she doesn’t know how to shop properly without my supervision, she’s a bit clingy for a best friend in my opinion, but I really don’t mind. Well I better get going, but first, a sandwich.

”Darling, Mila’s mom called me on the telephone a while ago when you we’re still upstairs, she said Kristine’s already on her way to the supermarket.”

”I know mom, that’s why I’m in a hurry, and hey dad, I’ll be buying some bread for later, I got the money from your study upstairs.”

”Sure honey, be careful on the way, temptations are everywhere especially with what’s going around nowadays. Praise be.”

”Praise be dad, don’t worry about me, worry about those two rascals making a mess again with their dolls on the table. See y’all later. And you two, BEHAVE.”

As I bring my breakfast with me, going outside never gets old, I have always loved nature and fresh air, ever since the war, the streets nowadays are quite safe and orderly. And I keep wondering why old lady Emilia next door keeps trying to learn gardening, after a week the plants always end up dead anyways, so perhaps she should just quit and pick up a new hobby instead, it’s just utterly annoying to watch her sometimes. Anyway, time to scram and head out quickly, I don’t want her to notice me, so she won’t think I’m some kind of a weirdo.

Biking downtown is always intriguing, there are always a lot more bikes than cars around, during the weekdays the opposite happens. I should be hurrying, don’t want to lollygag too much. I will be going past the newly constructed bridge on 8th avenue soon, as usual, there’s always a lot of interesting things going on over there, perhaps I’m gonna see more of those sinners and gender traitors hanging by their necks along the bridge, and yeah, I’m going to be a lawyer one day, by the grace of God I shall hang more of them if necessary, with God as my witness of course.

It’s now 9:30AM and I can see the bridge, oh what a sight to see, lots and lots of people coming and going through 8th avenue, it’s kinda like the main road to anywhere near my area, which is extremely convenient for suburban folks like me and easy to memorize too. As I pass the avenue, truly, God’s justice is everywhere and absolute, 10 heretics hang by the bridge for everyone to see, hopefully God forgives them, they’re probably in purgatory right now, waiting to be saved, but it’s up to Him to place them accordingly. Praise be. This surely is good news for us then, cleaning up His divine land will always be an honorable and righteous job, anyways, no time to observe the crowd, better head straight to the supermarket, holy cow biking is tiring sometimes.

20 minutes later I’ve finally arrived.

”Late again Karol, huh, how am I suppose to go home early now?”

”Oh stop it will you Mila, at least she’s here to help with your shopping, Casimir interjected.

”Whatever guys, lets just head inside, it’s starting to get cloudy, It’ll probably rain and I don’t wanna get caught up by it, and Mila, your welcome by the way.”

As I carefully parked my bike in front, the three of us went inside Landers Supermarket, to finish our respective tasks.

I do hope it won’t pour anytime soon because I sincerely forgot to bring an umbrella, I wonder if the store gives one for free, probably not.

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