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[Vision Statement] Theocracy of Gofrein

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To create God’s kingdom on Eurth and spread His true words and wisdom to all four corners of the land. Only through His teachings and commandments, in the Gofrein Holy Bible the faithful shall be able to absolve their sins and of their brethren.


300 years before the country of Gofrein was founded, The land was simply called “Palag”, which means “To divide”, in ancient tongue. This age lasted for over 100 years, warring tribes or small indigenous city states fought one another for love, money, land or just simple psychotic rage, it’s when the native populations rose to prosperity or fall into ruin, it was a land of barbarism and clearly defined chaos.

During the 101st year a sudden influx of colonists, tourists and refugees flooded the land, many were escaping oppression, others travelled to begin anew, this age was called the Age of Migration or “Hagira”. Many of these migrants rapidly settled lands near the ocean and build a home for themselves and their families, over the years, these new settlers are met with extreme suspicion by the indigenous population as their cultures and beliefs are entirely alien to one another, but eventually, trade with them fostered over time as these migrants bring with them new ideas and goods to be shared to the “Strangers” a term the migrants call the natives of Palag, soon after, new learnings and new beginnings are slowly embraced by both sides, this exchange lasted for more than 70 years. As the migrants further settled the land and created new communities of their own, these communities eventually became proper towns and cities, this rapid industrialization bred anger and distrust among the Strangers, their constant warring with rival tribes led to severe population decline. The overall negative perception towards the new settlers ultimately led to wars between them, which further lessened the indigenous population while also claiming thousands of lives from the opposite side. Soon after, the remaining small migrant city states formed into even larger states which subsequently formed into countries, as a result many of the defeated natives were forcefully integrated into their society as low level workers whilst the rest were made into slaves. This dramatic change in the overall politics and demography of the land led to the phase of what will become current history. This age is called, the Age of Foundation, which will lead to the creation of Gofrein.

After 200 years, the settlers continued to populated all four corners of Palag and developed it, they were subsequently followed by more bloody conflicts wherein nation states attempted to dominate and conquer each other economically or through military might. Different causes and ideologies arose during this time, some were successful, many were not. Millions of lives lost, a short peace was just a prelude to another life shattering conflict, leaders killed then replaced, entire cultures erased and then a new one written above it, the land was painted red, this continued for at least 90 years. Then, 10 years later, a small circle of likeminded revolutionaries who we now call the 8 Holy Prophets, with their numerous followers, liberated the land through their hearts and minds dipped in undying zealotry, these crusaders penetrated each and every facet of society in different countries to lead revolutions to overthrow governments all over the land and reform them them to ultimately create one faith and one nation we now call Gofrein, these crusaders ultimately provided peace, security, shared identity and introduced the true faith to the people of the land, this transition led to the formation of the country and marks a new age called the “Age of Holiness.”


The country is located near the ocean where the Ingerham river penetrates towards the inner most land, majority of the country are forests and grasslands with large formations of mountains converge in the middle. The population centers are evenly distributed around the mountainous regions. The country is rich in wildlife and natural resources, especially natural gas, and pockets of oil reserves near the ocean, the mountains also provide a source of different kinds of minerals and metals.


The nations economy is build around agriculture, mining, secondary sources of its economy are natural gas, small arms, electronics as well as robotics, the country is also in the process of opening its own heavy equipment industry and shipbuilding industry which has not yet been solidify due to its ongoing civil war which stretches nearly half of her borders, many of the nation’s war torn areas are still heavily contested by both sides, and pockets of resistance  skirmishes here and there. Due to the country’s fertility in soil and water mining and agriculture are its biggest economic factor while robotics comes in second and then natural gas respectively. The nation is evenly balanced between having an agricultural based economy and an industrial based economy.


The official executive branch of the government is called the “Magisterium”, this group consists of 20 Cardinals, only men are allowed to take such positions, the 20 members then select 1 member to officially be its representative and figure head, this special individual is then named and blessed as “God’s Chosen” aka; the Supreme Cardinal, to differentiate him from the rest of the members, this position lasts up to 6 years unless is forcibly removed by the Magisterium, the process repeats until an new one in chosen.

Going down to the legislative branch this particular group is called the “Grand Council” which consists of 300 official Bishops and 55 special representatives, both groups work hand in hand to enact laws and regulations for the entire country. Only men are allowed to take position in this branch.

The last branch would be the judiciary, which gives out official rulings based on the laws of the land, handed down to His loyal servants (Supreme Judges). In order for the judged to have a lawyer one must be firstly considered as a “Special Case”, if not, justice will be swift and absolute to those who are unfortunate to stand trial. The branch consists of 11 supreme judges, others serve as prosecutors, defense attorneys and regular judges in the courts. Women are allowed to take office in any position available.


The nation is primarily 70 % Slavic, other ethnicities include East Asian which is 11%, Hispanic 13% and lastly, the indigenous natives, which makes up 6% of the total population respectively.


Population: Medium (1)

GDP: Medium  (1)

Land: High (2)

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