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"Invasion? Nah, just Peace exportation." | (An Anglian Event story / Anatea & Louvier IC Expansion)


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Warning: Is this post a crossover with The Brothers' War of @Zaxar and Invasion? Nah, just Peace exportation of @Anatea and @Louvier

All the Ionian media were monopolized over the two wars that were taking place between Zaxar and the CDF and the invasion of Anatea by Azuria and Anglia. While journalists were waiting in the conference room of the presidential house, President John Colucci was busy at an emergency meeting in the war room. At this meeting were all the ministers and generals of the various military branches. The meeting was very tense because two wars were taking place at the same time and one of them was very close to the national borders. The Chief of Staff of the Ionian Army Carlo Villa was illustrating the map where the zaxar conflicts and the invasion that Anatea is undergoing were shown.


"The war along the border between the CDF and Zaxar is unfolding as we had planned. Zaxar assembled the army along the border and imposed a strong naval blockade around the CDF. The situation does not cause particular concern to national security, in fact, with the enough to send billions of aid to our friend and you're done. But the situation in Anatea is critical. We expect a very fierce war as Louvier has declared war and we probably have a high risk of attacks that can get inside our territory. Moreover, if I think that what they are doing they can impose a naval blockade near our exclusive economic zones, which is a very dangerous situation for trade and our economy."

The Minister for Foreign Affairs immediately intervenes

"We all know what we need to do. We must go to war and help our friend Anatea."

The Minister for Economic Affairs replies immediately

"But are you stupid? Everyone knows that we need to strengthen the Ionian military industry. We cannot sustain a huge effort against an Anglia. Here we have to play with cunning. Anglia has angered several nations including us. I think we need to create special economic zones to encourage the development of military companies so that we can have military supplies."

"We agree that we must strengthen the military industry, but war is just around the corner. We cannot stand still and be spectators of useless war just because Anglia and friends are ruled by mentally ill people. We must act and declare war"

John Colucci intervenes to calm the situation

"Calm the two of you. The situation is explosive. we must act immediately.  Now reflecting on the situation on Zaxar I see that we can send military aid and we have done our job. For the situation of Anatea we have to start to fix things. I order that the border with Louvier be strengthened. We must be ready and responsive in case an attack occurs. Same thing for our exclusive economic zone. That is why I order that all military branches be ready for a possible attack.  We proceed with the seizure of the assets of Azuria and Anglia present in Ionio. I think that the idea of special economic zones to encourage the military industry is nice but open to all, I cannot accept it. It will only be by invitation to selected countries. Although I may hate communist ideology, I think we can make an exception in times of crisis for the sake of our national security. I do not tolerate that brazen nations decide to f*ck off years of peace. Gentlemen, let us prepare. It will be long days to come."

"I think this meeting is over because we have to go back to our ministries to work."

"Yes, the meeting is over because we have to understand the evolution of the situation. But since we are mobilising the army we must also warn Louvier that we are temporarily militarising the border only as a precaution and make other diplomatic calls. It will be a long day for everyone"

Everyone got up and walked to the exit of the presidential palace and then headed to their offices. The president went to his office to make diplomatic calls and finally prepare the speech he has to make to the people of Ionio



Newspaper article



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Operation Richelieu

Extract from the Azurian national TV :


A helmeted journalist looks at the camera with a cold and worried expression.

"Are we live now ? Is it ok? OK! Yes, here John Martin live from Silvat, where heavy aerial bombardment took place again this morning. As you can see behind me the smoke coming from the bombing of the airport of Silvat.

However, west of Silvat, images from social media have showed several columns of tanks and Louvian soldiers crossing the border. It seems that an invasion is currently taking place in the west.

Sources also show an invasion west of Rorsoix. Several villages have already been occupied by the Louvian forces and... "

An explosion sounds on the screen, the reporter quickly looks behind him and looks worriedly back at the camera.

" Acts of sabotage have also been reported, particularly on the railway lines near Silvat, we know that there is an intense fight to take localities around Silvat, and that.."

Several fighter planes roar past the journalist. A sheaf of fire appears behind the reporter.

"Run, run, get out We get.. !"

Shots are heard, end of transmission. 


Below: Images from social networks, sources to be confirmed.

1. Extract from a security camera at the border with Louvier. Military trucks cross to the other side.

2. Probable, photo of a fight west of Silvat, where the Louvian army is advancing greatly. 




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Progress of the fights

The Louvian government boasted on Wednesday of having captured five localities in the region west of Silvat from the Azurian forces.

The Louvian offensive continues. Saint-Philippe announced on Wednesday morning, October 12, the capture from the Azurian forces of five localities in the region west of Silvat, where Louvier is leading an offensive, causing the Azurian troops to retreat.

The town of Silvat experienced its first fighting today with, it seems, a capture of several streets west of the town. Fights of great intensity are in progress, for the capture of the city.

Several missile strikes were also noted around Rorsoix, damaging critical infrastructure, including the city's power plant, plunging the city into darkness.

In the South, continuous aerial bombardments on the towns around New Lyria were recorded.



View of Silvat, 12 October, smoke from bombing and fighting can be seen in the distance (Source : Azurian TV) 


Road strewn with debris with Azurian soldiers patrolling, after a bombardment near Nouvelle-Lyrie. (Source to be confirmed)

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City of Silvat, October 13, 2022.

Ambience before you read

The city is in flames and chaos. Here and there shots ring out in bursts. War engulfs this once peaceful city. Everyone fights for what they think is right. The company of Romain is one of those.

The soldiers advance rapidly through the streets of the city. Distant quick shots remind  that they are not the only ones fighting. The company stops behind some abandoned cars.

Romain: Machine gun in front. 5 soldiers, maybe more. Lucas?

Luca: I see 6 captain...

Romain: Alright, we're going to split into two groups, take your grenades. I go left with Louis and Alexandre, Lucas you take Rémy and Flavien. Go  !

Nobody moves. They all look at the ground with an embarrassed air. A distant explosion is heard.

Romain: Is there a problem?

Louis: I don't think we should try captain. I mean, that's not our goal. Our mission was to take city hall and...

Romain: Our mission is to win the war! You want another company to get shot by this machine gun ?

Silence falls and everyone takes their place under the distant sounds of the fighting. Then it's racing. Everyone runs avoiding enemy bullets. Shots are heard from both sides. Shouts and explosions. Grenades are fired from both sides, enveloping the street in a thick cloud. A few more shots ring out before a moan fills the air.

Alexandre: Rémy is touched! Remy is touched!

Romain runs, out of breath, towards Rémy. The soldier is lying on the ground and surrounded by other soldiers. A dark spot grew more and more on his chest.

Rémy: God, I was shot ! I'm f*cking wounded !

Flavien : No, there's nothing, we take care of everything!

Louis: Give him some f*cking morphine!

Rémy: Where is it? Where is it ?

Romain: Above the navel. Do not worry.

Rémy: I don't want to die, God, I don't wanna die...

Luca: You're not going to die, you're going to see Saint-Philippe again soon, stay with us here.

The once white bandages blush on Remy's chest. Blood escapes in small trickles from the mouth of the soldier, his voice becomes nothing more than a whisper.

Rémy: Maman, maman, maman....

Then a last rattle and a weak sigh announces that there is nothing more to do. A light rain begins to fall and the distant shots remind the company that the war continues and the death continues too.


Bombing in Leastry


Extract from Télé-Louvier

Today is the 4th day of combat for our armed forces deployed in Azuria. The military staff announced the capture of new localities near Silvat after a dazzling offensive this morning.

A breakthrough was also made west of Louvier where our forces seem to have succeeded in establishing a bridgehead. It appears that our forces are currently crossing the river south of Silvat.

A dozen missile strikes on Rorsoix and Leastry have also been reported.

The city of Silvat is still the target of very intense urban fighting but our forces have made a breakthrough according to an announcement by the spokesman of the armed forces.

Air battles took place east of Saint-Philippe, above our city of Port-la-Joy, Azurian fighter planes seem to have been stopped and some were shot down by the Louvian aviation. This is the first Azurian incursion, since the war, on our territory. 


Azurian and Louvian planes in an air fight in Eastern Louvier


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A United Aurelia

Antargic Ocean, 59.28°S, 67.13°W.
2022 / 10 / 12

The waters were rocky, the frigid Antargic waves crashed against the metal hulls of the approach vessels. Foam splashed upwards and onto the decks above. Speeding through the icy waters, the NVN Bancheng's dark grey form blended into the rising morning fog and the storm cloud sky which blanketed the night sky and suffocated out the light of the moon. A 'gift' from @Fulgistan the modern cruiser was a prized cultural symbol of the Great Xio Empire, rarely taken out of the Auriel outside of jointed military exercises with the Aurelian League or Fulgistan, now was breaking through the blackened waters between Cote De Fourrure and the ice sheets of Antargis. Lightning stuck near the ship, briefly illuminating its sleek elongated shape, thunder rumbled above. Behind the foreboding figure of the NVN Bancheng was the Xioan Antargic Fleet, 3 frigates surrounding a commandeered cruise liner. The storm was the perfect cover, almost too good. Forced to navigated only by the tools on their ships with almost near radio silence with one another, five ghost ships sailing quietly through the most dangerous waters in Aurelia that week.

The captain of the NVN Bancheng dressed formally in his black and white three-piece suit fashioned after, ironically, the outfits of Anglian admirals. His stress-ladened green eyes would occasionally dart towards a compass on his U-shaped desk. In front of him, to his left and right, were the navigators who remained just a silent as he was. Occasionally they would glance down at their monitors, always keeping a one hand on the grip of their controllers and another at their keyboards.

Eventually the quiet was broken by the arrival of an officer of the battleship, holding a telegram with both hands outstretched forward.

"For you, sir." the officer stated before saluting to the captain. The old captain took one look at the younger middle-aged man before gently extending out a hand to take the piece of paper. He'd lift his glasses from his chest, connected to his necklace, and fitted them across his eyes. A solemn expression fell upon his face as he read what was in front of him.

"They retreated to Los Canas?" the captain remarked, looking up to the officer who gave a single nod.

"Yes sir. It would be wise to assume the Typhon Sea will soon come under OCA control. There are currently no signs to indicate the OCA plans to break the Zaxar blockade around the Wampanoag. However, several warships from Abantium and Noble Nykia have been spotted leaving towards Marenesia Major" the officer said as the captain returned the telegram back to the officer.

"I see. Carry on with our current course, we cannot afford to be intercepted by OCA vessels even if the blockade appears secure. We will arrive in 3 days." the old captain concluded, turning towards the two navigators in front of him.
"Continue towards Venetia and the San Palian coast still past the eastern coat of Wampano. We will re-establish communications with the empire as we enter Anatean waters. If we must assist the Anateans and Louverians in naval combat, then be it so."

Both navigators remained focused on the controls in front of them but nodded once in understanding. The captain sat back in his chair as his eyes looked towards the compass again.
"Has the Mountain Lord and Grand Syndic made our intent to join the war public yet?" the captain asked the officer, who's attention had been caught by the storm outside.

"Despite Anatean losses, they still plan to announce it on Saturday. For when we arrive." the officer commented.

"Very good. You are dismissed for tonight." the captain replied, his eyes remained locked to the compass. Without another word the officer left the command room, only looking back to stare through the window in front of them towards the dark waters ahead. Several minutes passed by as the room returned to silence.


Pashae, Xio Kingdom, Empire of Great Xio
2022 / 10 / 15

"-Na Xiohane has always been an empire that believed in caution. That the slow-moving mountain will always, eventually, outmatch the speeding river. But the recent actions of our southern Aurelian neighbours have shown that we must be more decisive in our actions!" the Grand Syndic proclaimed out from the Palace of the Mountain Lord, stretching his arms wide. The open courtyard was filled shoulder to shoulder with crowding subjects. In the bombastic Pakheō-voke Hisema's hand was a microphone, connected to speakers across Red Street and the courtyard. Fanatic cheering from the Syndic's supporters echoed back to Hisema who smiled gleefully. "What is an empire who cannot protect the nations that it considers dear to its heart? What is an empire if it only looks inwards, ensnared in its own red tape web?"

The Mountain Lord watched the Grand Syndic's display from below, half-hidden behind one of the many large pillars that made up the outer walls of the palace. A frown burrowed down across his forehead as he watched the common men and women cheer for their elected official. He had never seen such devotion towards a simple ex-priestess, not even the presidents and prime ministers of so-called 'democracies' had this level of devotion...

His frown deepened as he squinted at the crowds below.

-A slow-flowing government cannot exist in this new turbulent period of Aurelia's history!" Hisema continued, his voice a flurry of emotion and pride. "That is why Na Xiohane will aid Anatea and Louvier to the fullest extent allowed under the Aurelian League's law. We are at war with imperialists, and it's about damn time we show we are!"
The crowd was in stunned silence for a brief second, before an eruption of praise and supporting yelling returned back to the Grand Syndic. The Mountain Lord rolled his eyes from above, stepping away from the pillars. At least that damned war hawk was good at giving out bad news, how could the economy even manage a war like this? He thought, putting his hand to his chin.
As I speak to you now, our beautiful Nesa Vosō Ne Bancheng cruiser leads the Antargic Fleet to Anatea and our brave armed forces shall strike down upon the Azurians like a makawōti!" He cheered, raising a fist upwards and towards the crowds, who mimicked the action back with liveliness.
"The OCA menace will feel the might of the Aurelian League, as our fellow allies rush to their aid! We will not cower to these Anglians and Azanians!" He concluded with one last cheer from the crowds. The Mountain Lord finally broke his stare down at the courtyard, slowly shaking his head as he stepped away and down a winding hallway. This can only end in disaster.

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Capture of a key city

Today, the Louvian general staff announced the capture of the town of Silvat after many violent fights, an announcement confirmed by the Azurian general staff. The capture of this city is important since it brings the Louvian troops a little closer to the Riviera front in the east and threatens the entire south of the country.

New localities also fell to the southwest of Nouvelle-Lyrie, causing the population of southern cities to flee east. Columns of tanks were seen with troops advancing towards the city of Nouvelle-Lyrie which is still holding despite intense bombardment from drones.

Violent missile fire took place in the North, near Rorsoix, where the Azurian staff announced that 20% of the electrical infrastructure had been damaged in the bombardments. The town of Rorsoix came under strategic artillery attacks and Louvian troop movements to the south threatened to encircle the town. Although the defense is provided by Anglian expeditionary forces (Source: Ministry of War).


North of Silvat, the troops clashed with the Azurian divisions en route to the east.

The victorious Louvian troops showed reassuring images towards the population of Silvat and a liberating image for the Lysian speaking populations (Part of Azuria was once part of Louvier before a war in 1730).

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For the past several days, the Seylosian 1st Fleet had been making the quiet journey from Seylos to @Anatea. It was an unusual mission, as it wasn't going to be a permanent deployment, in fact they were only to stay for a single day offloading supplies and making a beeline back to Seylos before the OCA could make a good response. What they knew though was the the OCA had crippled the Anatean fleet and damaged its air forces. Command had deemed it critical to prevent the collapse of Anantean forces in Aurelia, because if Anantea fell, Louvier would not be able to hold long. And if the north was conquered, all OCA assets could be directed at Zaxar. It was a critical moment, and a victory was necessary. The Fleet had made its original course towards Fulgistan, as if to move closer to its Alhurun ally. Then redirected towards Gallambria and on to Anatea. Commodore Wright Walker had been given command of the 1st Fleet after the previous Commodore had retired. He had already been in command of the Defiant since its initial launch, it was seen as natural he'd move up to the position considering his experience from the Sentist War.

Regardless of his experience however, he was uncomfortable knowing the forces he'd have to face. The OCA around Azuria was solidly in control of the seas and with the damaged Anatean fleets, they'd still be outnumbered. Even with the Seylosian technological edge, it would get bloody. While they were in transit though he had gathered his staff to come up with some sort of plan to move the OCA carrier fleet out of position to make their attack an assured victory. They had settled on something simple, but hopefully effective. A cargo helicopter would lift off from the fleet very soon, and onboard they had put in a high powered transmitter that would broadcast a single message once it was close enough to the Advocatian coast. The message would consist of a warning to an Advocatian freighter to redirect its course to stay out of the way of a military operation. It was an enormous gamble, but one he hope the OCA commanders would be gullible enough to fall for.

Walker entered the CNC of the Defiant and had made his way to the communication officer on duty. "Lieutenant, go ahead and set up a quick satellite connection so I can send word to the Anateans."

At the range they were at, the narrow beam satellite transmitters were considered safe enough to use without fear of interception, unless of course there were aircraft above them doing just that. But at that point they had been caught anyway.

"Yes sir, audio message?"

Walker nodded and the lieutenant handed him a microphone, "Go ahead sir."

"This is Commodore Wright Walker of the HMS Defiant in command of the Seylosian Royal Navy 1st Fleet. The Fleet is approximately one and a half days out from engagement range of reported OCA fleet positions in Anatea. We are also trying to arrange for the OCA carrier fleet to move out of position up north by means of misdirection. This will involve the use of a transmitter broadcasting a transmission near Advocatius. We also hope the Anatean military can help sell this as well by showing the OCA that Anatea is expecting our ships from the north. Will advise further as we continue our approach."

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Night Spies

New Godstone, Republic of Azuria

It rains that evening in the capital, but the rain and the war do not stop the population from having fun in the evening. The bars are crowded and catchy music escapes from the rooms. Sometimes, a few fighter aircrafts fly over the city, disturbing the music for a short time, before it starts up again.

On a terrace, protected from the rain, sits a young woman, smartly dressed, she smokes pensively while looking at passers-by. Some run, others walk slowly. A man in a black jacket walks up to the table and sits down on the woman's side.

"I'm sorry, I was controlled at a checkpoint."

"No worries, I've only been waiting for you here for 45 minutes, here in the cold."

A moment of silence gradually settles. Then, the woman nonchalantly crushes the cigarette before throwing it on the ground. Two soldiers pass in a hurry in front of the couple seated. The man sketches a forced smile in front of the gaze of one of them. The footsteps of the men fade away in the street.

"You should smile. Here, we smile to forget the war. You are supposed to be Azurian, Maxime."

"I try."

"Try harder."

"You're ready for tomorrow?"

"Of Course. The Anglian ambassador will be there, it was confirmed.

" Good. "

" You seem thoughtful."

"Don't look at the officer seated behind us, third table, behind the woman in yellow. He's been staring at me since I arrived."

An Anglian officer is indeed seated behind them. He pretends to read his newspaper while drinking a coffee.

"What are you talking about, he's reading his newspaper."

"I met him in the train. I think he knows who I am. He's one of them..."

The officer then gets up and enters with a hurried step inside the bar, he throws a quick glance in front of the couple before rushing into the building. Maxime quickly follows him, leaving the woman alone. The man discreetly follows the officer. This one enters the men's room. Maxime silently opens the door and listens to the officer's voice.

"Yes, get me the Azurian police. Quick."

Maxime then grabs the man from behind and pushes the officer's face into the toilet bowl. The soldier's agony lasts a few minutes before the man stops moving, his head in the water in the toilet. Out of breath, Maxime closes the bathroom door and tries to walk slowly towards the terrace. The woman sees him and gives him a questioning look. Maxime places a few coins on the table and takes the woman by the arm. The two quickly disappear around the corner, as screams echo through the bar.

To be continued... 


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October 20, 2022 - 2:05 AM ; Adisi Ocean

spacer.png- Bradley Lee's Point of View -
Another mission after months of waiting.
This time an Anglian fleet was approaching Azuria to support the maritime front line that stretched from Adisi Ocean to the Bright Coast. Luckily for us, the approaching enemy fleet was isolated from other enemy vessels, but despite that the naval strength was still impressive. For this reason, the Strategic Strike Force had sent six squadrons composed of four F-8 "Thunder II" each, we could not afford to have Azuria and Anglia dominate the seas. If that had happened, the entire northern front would have collapsed immediately.


<< Sky Arrow here, enemy fleet on the nose, 20 miles. Bravo unit, launch your attack at 12 miles from the target, Alpha unit instead will attack any bandit at 14 miles. >>


spacer.pngLUNA 1
<< Luna 1 here, roger. >>


i said, as commander of Alpha Unit.

spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Atlas 1, copy. >>


replied the commander of Bravo Unit.

spacer.pngLUNA 2
<< We survived one war just to fight another one... >>


spacer.pngLUNA 3
<< And the surprising thing is that all this mess is partly our fault. >>


spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Yeah, if it wasn't for those Layden bastards setting the stage for Anglia, it would have been different. >>


They were right. The Anatean Crisis had prepared the ground for Anglia for its annexation of Anatea or, in case, an invasion. Together with Layden industries they had planned everything down to the smallest detail, whether they won or failed in their work. I have to admit that the Anglians always had an ace up their sleeves.

spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Bravo unit preparing to engage. Master arm on, master arm on. >>


spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Roger, master arm on. >>


Our Alpha unit instead stayed behind, flying close to the area without getting too close to the Anglian fleet, having to prevent any enemy aircraft from taking off from the enemy aircraft carrier.
The silence on the radio continued, until from our cockpits we saw a faint trail of AGM-158Cs leaving the fighter wings of Bravo unit and heading into the darkness of the night. It always amazed me how nowadays we were able to hit targets we didn't even see and vice versa.

<< INS Lysfasi to aircraft carrier INS Conwy, i've picked up an unknown radar emission coming from an aircraft. >>


<< INS Conwy to INS Lysfasi, we already had three false alarms today. Did any other ship detected any unknown radar emission? >>


<< Negative. >>


<< Then it's another false alarm. Nobody would dare to hit us here in the middle of the ocean. >>


spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Atlas 1 here, Bravo have launched the first attack. Turning away hard for a second attack. >>


Suddenly some small flashes on the horizon, then some explosions. The enemy fleet had been hit.

<< Two missiles were intercepted, but the enemy lost nine ships! Great work, keep on the pressure! Alpha Unit, enemy Harriers are alerted and ready to scramble on the carrier INS Conwy. Shoot them down before they can react. >>

spacer.pngLUNA 1
<< Copy, master arm on and preparing to engage. >>


Without wasting time, we aimed the nose of our fighters towards direction 0-3-0, detecting the presence of enemy Harriers on the enemy aircraft carrier.

<< All planes, assume attack formation! Afanc Squadron, scramble! >>


<< INS Hartley, moving into defense range. >>


<< Afanc Squadron ready for take off! I'm taking off, move out of the way! >>


<< Afanc 4, launching! >>


<< Afanc 7, launching! >>


The enemy air targets were starting to hover, but we didn't let them. We prepared our semi-active radar-guided missiles and launched them once the targets were locked on.

spacer.pngLUNA 1
<< Luna 1, Fox 1. >>


spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Blue Spook 1, Fox 1. >>


The missiles traveled in the dark for about a few minutes, until we saw more small explosions in the distance. The enemy Harriers had been shot down.

<< Good job, targets down. Their flaming carcasses are even blocking the deck of the aircraft carrier. >>


We remained in the area, ready to hit other enemy targets in case Sky Arrow had reported them to us. In the meantime Bravo unit had repositioned itself on a new position and, once again, launched another anti-ship attack towards the enemy fleet that was dispersing.

<< How the hell are the Anateans able to attack us?! >>


<< They're not Anateans! We can't identify their IFF! >>


<< Another attack! Defend, defend, defend! >>


This time we saw the tracers of the enemy ships and mid-air explosions, followed by more flashes on the horizon. Other explosions, then a large one, along with new flames that were added to those already present of the other Anglian ships hit in the previous attack.

<< Woohooo! Good hit, they're going down! Five missiles intercepted, but the enemy lost other six ships, together with their carrier! >>


spacer.pngLUNA 3
<< That's what i like to see, eh eh. >>


spacer.pngSSF SQUADRON
<< Atlas 1 here: Bravo unit is winchester of anti-ship missiles. >>


<< Roger, five enemy ships are still operative, but two of them are heavily damaged. We heavily crippled their forces. All units, RTB. >>



Without even a loss, we withdrew from the AO. The stealth fighters and the enormous distance that separated us from the enemy fleet helped us in the surprise attack. Had we used other planes or had the enemy fleet been alerted of our presence, we would have inflicted far less damages. Luckily for us, it didn't happen.
However, the war was still going on, and we had only prevented the worst from happening.
We had just earned some extra time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Frontlines at the end of October 20, 2022.

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Exact location unknown, 11:00 p.m.

Maxime slowly descends metal steps and walks along steel corridors. The only light comes from the leds on the walls. A bald man wearing an officer's uniform accompanies him. With a serious face, he regularly consults his watch. The two men enter a concrete room where a simple wooden desk sits. Sitting there is a man with graying hair and a pair of round glasses. He thoroughly considers many papers. The officer closes the door and the man invites Maxime to sit down with a gesture. Maxime looks questioningly at the officer then sits down nonchalantly.

"Listen before you start, know that I don't want to change sections. I'm fine with Officer Gerard here and I-"

The seated man abruptly stops him :

"What do you know of Line Mercier Monsieur Laval?"

"Sorry ?"

The man slides a photo of a young woman towards Maxime.

"Uh... Well... A very pretty woman. A very good colleague. We have done many missions together. Last week we were in Azuria to eliminate an Anglian ambassador. She is a trustworthy person. You want me to go on a mission with her ?"

The officer clears his throat before saying:

"Maxime. I know it won't be easy what we're going to tell you. But..."

"We believe your colleague is an Anglian spy."

Maxime turns to the man in the office. He stares at him for a moment and struggles to find his words. He laughs nervously. 

"The Anglian ambassador you killed last week in New Godstone was a dissident. The Anglian government wanted to eliminate him. It was done by both of you."

"Wait, there must be a mistake, I've known her for quite a while and I..."

"You also carried out sabotage actions near the front lines near Rorsoix. However, your actions enabled an enemy contingent to push back and annihilate the 34th Armored Division. We had to retreat."

"Gérard, who is this clown?"

"Maxime... He's your superior and also mine..."

"I'm part of the spy forces Mr. Laval. That's all you will know about me."

The officer clears his throat again before saying:

"If Line is indeed a spy for the enemy, Protocol 21 must be applied."

The man with the glasses then says:

"Which stipulates that you must eliminate your colleague."

Maxime gets up abruptly and swings his chair. The man mechanically grabs a pistol hidden under a pile of documents before changing his mind.

"That's not possible! I... I've done so many missions with her..."

"And you're going to do one more. The last one, unless innocence is proven. Which I doubt. Officer?"

"You will be sent back near the port of Bésanciennes for a sabotage mission. You will push her to betray herself. You will have to place explosive charges on part of the enemy fleet stationed at the port. We know that she will have to stop this sabotage. This is when you will have to eliminate her. Did you understand what I just told you?"

Maxime sits down. He reconsiders all his missions and his thoughts jostle in his head. Gerard puts his hand on her shoulder. The man with the glasses slowly closes a file and looks at Maxime.

"Do you understand your mission Maxime Laval?"

" Yes. "

"Good. You leave tomorrow morning. Good night."

Thunder rumbles above them and in the distance the noise of war. 



News from the frontlines:

- Powerful enemy counterattack to the north near Rorsoix. The Louvian troops suffered heavy losses and had to make a strategic withdrawal, giving up land.

- Air battles above Silvat, several Azurian aircraft shot down, 3 Louvian planes destroyed.

- Attack of Azurian armored vehicles from Leastry north of Silvat, fighting in progress.

- Definitive securing of the town of Silvat, installation of air defences.

- Several missiles launched at New Godstone






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