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The Kallarai Communique

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A chilly day in Sandrica. Penelope shuffled down the graven marble steps of the Great Temple of Kallarai—the heart of Solarism in Zaxar—the easternmost great Temple built in the Aurelian days by the Emperors who still had the goodwill and the money to preach the faith abroad. Underneath the gilded brass icon of the Sun which hung from its vaulted ceiling, she had acquired a letter sealed with the highest religious honors. Stamped with the approval of the priests of nigh every jurisdiction yet remaining in Aurelia, its contents were anything but related—wholly secular in nature. For in the modern day, just as in the past, religiosity remains an excellent disguise for aims more political.

This letter made its way to established Zaxari backchannels, where it was framed as the diplomatic concerns of the Kirvinian state in regards to the maintenance of a few temples. From there, it made its way to the hands of the Emperor of Zaxar, and its true contents were revealed.

We write you in fidelity.

The OCA has taken a firm position. Therefore do not continue the attack. We repeat—do not continue the attack.
We are not ready for war with the Angleiki and cohorts in Aurelia at this stage.
Matters are moving on our side of the Sagraphas. Negotiations are approaching a closing point.
Kalemíras' borders will be restored, training will complete, and we will be more able to lend you aid.
Moreover, it is inadvisable to begin a war in CDF during the colder months.
The mountain passes are still unusable—logistics will be endangered, when speed will be essential in your advance.
Wait for the summer, wait for the Ilenaí to reunify. Wait for the mud to harden. Wait for the OCA to move against Seylos.
Or, better, tempt the CDF to aggress. Make them think they can get away with invading sovereign Zaxari territory.
Give us an excuse to call the League in. However, regardless of intention, the point remains: let us plan, wait, and prepare.
Then, by Sol Invictus, may we see to these ghastly barbaroi.

Destroy this letter and all in situ evidence of its transmission.

Exarch of Kirvina
Exarch of Kagora
Exarch of Arakhór
Exarch of Dimetria
Exarch of Satpará

The Priestess, Penelope, remained on hand. If the letter was not clear enough, the Emperor could question her.


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The emissary ran down the corridors of the Imperial Palace before slowing to a brisk walk as he pushed through the great oaken doors of the central palace compound. He took a few deep breaths, thousands of eyes were on the Emperor and his aids, he couldn't look at all conspicuous. He flashed one of the gate guards his aspen leaf badge of office before being waved through the partially open silver gates. Security had gone way up here, and more guards. So many more guards.

It only took about a ten minute walk for the man, known by his colleges at the palace as Bilagaana, to reach the Great Temple of Kallarai, known as the Sandrica Sun, it was by-and-away one of the most impressive buildings in Zaxar. Now more than ever, it seemed, thousands of Zaxars flocked to the temple on a daily basis. Whether to pray for a peaceful resolution to the bloody conflicts kicking off throughout southern Aurelia, or to pray for the violent dismemberment of the Fourruren filth on the southern border, it seemed that everyone now had something to ask of the Kirvinian god. Bilagaana was a totemist himself, as the majority of Zaxars were, but he noticed that there were far more solarists in the major Zaxari cities, like Sandrica where he now resided, than back in the New Lysian countryside where he was born.

Once inside the temple, Bilagaana pretended to pray for a few minutes before getting up and passing his letter to the priest who had conveniently come to pray with him after seeing his aspen badge. Bilagaana then made his way out of the temple and took a trolly back to his family's home a few blocks away, his job today was done.

I, Emperor William I Zaxar, Emperor of Wampano, King of Zaxar, Emperor of Greater Zaxar, and chosen ruler of the Zaxari peoples, write to you in great haste.

The OCA has, in fact, taken a firm position. Yet so have we.
The people of Zaxar stand with me, our army stands poised at our borders, our navy commands the seas, and our allies stand firm with us.
The Anateans have been invaded, the Louvier will surely come to their defense and we will not back down from the defense of one of our oldest allies.
We must attack now before we are dragged into a two front war on the OCA's terms.
The mud of the great Aurelain woodlands has never stopped the Imperial Army in the past, rather it may only aid our experienced light infantry.
While your help would be invaluable to us, time is unfortunately of greater import.
Seylos will not aid us, that much is clear. And we will not wait on the Anglians to decide when we might strike, the wolf does not wait for the elk to turn and bear his antlers.
Our assult is likely just begining now as you read this, I encourage you to call your superiors, tell them of the contents of my letter,
Tell them Zaxar shall fight even if he stands alone, which he does not.
I look forward to meeting with the League next week, you might complain to me then, but for now all I ask is that you pray for our warriors.
May Matwaûquand guide our hands,

Viva Aurelia,

Emperor William I Zaxar



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