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A Study of Tengrol Mythology

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Humanity and the Abyss

In Tengrol mythology, there are 2 groups of deities, the Gods themselves, and those subordinate to the Abyss. The Abyss is seen as a separate plain of existence that is embodied by Angalankhdagch, his name literally translating to "Primordial of the Abyss". Tengrols believe that Humanity are beings that stem from the abyss, modelled after the gods in a shameless attempt to recreate them and spread abyss to the wurld. Eurth's wildlife are seen as defenders of it, protecting Délkhaav from dark corruption, the Abyss modelled Humanity in a similar manner to the gods to deceive it's protectors, allowing the Abyss to corrupt Délkhaav and cause an effective end of the universe. However the Gods would create new beings, the Dragons, serpent-like entities created from Archtrees (trees that hold up the wurld), who would purify Humanity, while they are still beings of dark and can fall prey to the abyss, they believe the sun and the light of heaven will guide them to an afterlife within the dominion of heaven by the physcopomp Goddess Altakhötöch (Guide of the Golden Journey), to become truly light and ascend beyond temptations of the abyss. Those who fall prey to aspects of negative human character, greed, gluttony, envy and others, when they die a separate psychopomp known as Ükhliivragch, son of Angalankhdagch, drags their soul into the Abyss to be eaten, the Gods allowing it because said person would have only been corrupted further as time continued.

Space, believed to be an extension of the ocean, embodied by the Goddess Mönkhalaitei (Mistress of the Infinite Ocean) is infinite just as the abyss, ceaslessly flooding its void to prevent it from consuming everything, being seen as the Gods sacrifice as she is cursed ever use her power to hold the ocean together, relying on fellow gods to fill her past duties. The portal to the abyss is represented as the planet Satre; whilst yellow/gold is believed to be representative of the Gods and Heaven (specifically Ekhleedöl), the white/gold of Satre is believed to be a shameless imitation of it to tempt humanity to fall to the dark and the abyss, which is why it gives off no light. Often remarked as an "Anti-Morningstar" (mainly by christians) as in many religions Satre is seen as being in defiance of the sun (the Gods / God) due to its pride trying to 'outshine' the sun, a fruitless endeavour, yet in its arrogance it still tries to, which is most likely where Lucifer's modern form takes inspiration from. Satre here, instead of being defiant through pride and arrogance, its defiant through chaos and instability, a dog barely kept on its leash.

However there are a much smaller group of Tengrols of which refer to themselves as the "Dark Lord Servants", who believe in something called the First Sin. In the beginning was an Age of Dark; then with the birth of Délkhaav and Mönkhalaitei which would create the Age of Light; and should have been followed by an Age of Men. But Ekhleedöl, God of Fire, created the First Flame, which allowed the Age of Light to persist against the laws of nature, this is what the Dark Lord Servants deem as the First Sin. Their name refers to a Dark Lord, a sort of messiah figure, yet to be born, but is believed to be capable of overthrowing the Gods, destroying the First Flame (sometimes represented as the Sun), and returning nature to its course, becoming the Age of Men, not dominated by Gods or the Abyss, but the power will be hold by Humanity. This cults worship is very fractured, in the past its worship was notably followed by an ancient Tengrol King, his name wiped from the annals of history, who spread the cults worship. In the primary worship he is believed to have fallen into the Abyss as his Kingdom was sunk to the ground and his soul was consumed, which most of the Gods worship refer to situations where known Dark Lord Servants are represented as abyss-corrupted maniacs where they inevitably lead to the downfall of those who surround then and lead violent deaths in the Abyss.

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