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Gif-tips please

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I just need some trick / tips to make the elephant thinner!!!...

Er.. I mean each pic in the Gif is about40kb, all added up to 190kb...! too big !!


Does anyone have any tips or trick to make it no larger than 10kb???

- I already tried to save each pic at 'low resolution' (value=3, Low).

- I already make the size as small as the avatar size...

- Already cut unnecessary part like the flag...


>>> Any idea or advice??? /l\ unsure.gif




user posted image

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Thanks so much, Nevareion, for the respond.

I already save all 5 pics in low res (3) of Gif file... TT

(Downsize the Photoshop file of 350k to Gif file 40k...however x5 = 190k total...TT )

How on earth can a motion gif file be under 10k....???


Any further advice?? please.. sad.gif

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Hmm. I tried making it a very low pixels per inch - 25 in fact - but I can't get it below 25k, even if I make the size smaller.

Yeah.... that's why I wonder how people make pics of 10k.... must have some tricks...

Anyway, you have been a great help, thanks a lot.

And thanks for any other tips if you may have or come up with. biggrin.gif

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@ Nevareion: Well Photoshop really makes that easy for you. Just press "save for web" and you can change all the setting untill the image is small enough.


@ Koku: I know the image is small but that's the only way I could do out without the colors being completely absurd.

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Gee... thanks...You're wonderful, Orioni.

I didn't think of the lower color...

Will have to explore more features of my Photoshop .. wonder what version it is....


Again, thanks so much, O2.., and everyone. biggrin.gif

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