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Expansion: Mitō

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After having received feedback on my expansion and given it some time, I've decided to cut it into 3 pieces somewhat as follows:


Briefly put: the first expansion (light green) will revolve around the formation of a unified government between the respective Mitonese states that will set the ball rolling of future things to come. The second (light red) will see the three large states / state groupings vote to join the newly formed government through electoral RP. Lastly, the grey expansion will see the formation of the compromise between the remaining entities as was originally planned. Though it will take a significant time to reach the latter two points.

The structure of the planned RP remains the same with it beginning with two to three history subsections laying the historical background while the expansion itself will be the culmination of the latter in the modern day. Stats-wise Mitō would end up with a far more reasonable population of 23-25 million after the first expansion meaning it won't suddenly become a significant power but more of an average nation in terms of stats. To those wondering, the border-gore-ish nature of the first expansion is due to the fact that it revolves around areas of the empire that are more Pro-Aurelian or would have a significant desire for a unified government. I hope this version of the expansion is more agreeable.

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