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Auction for a new telecommunications company in Ionio

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Summary. Frequency auction for the creation of a new telecommunications company in Ionio

Following the merger between Wind and SITEL and consequently the formation of a new telecommunications company DeltaCom, the antitrust authority has placed the obligation of a new formation of telecommunications companies to prevent monopolies.

It is estimated that almost 68.89% of the population has internet access and the growing demand for streaming and download services creates the condition in which investment in telecommunications infrastructure is necessary. With the entry of 5G into the scene, a transformation of all the production and transport systems we know is expected and therefore a careful emphasis on cybersecurity is expected

Content of the offer

5G frequencies

2x45 MHz in FDD
220 MHz in TDD


3     |   1800 MHz    |    2 x 10 MHz
1     |   2100 MHz    |    2 x 10 MHz
7     |   2600 MHz    |    2 x 10 MHz
28   |   700 MHz      |    10 MHz

3G frequencies = YES

Number of towers that will be available on national territory: 11,000

Certificate for mobile and fixed telephony

Basic starting cost of the auction: 500 million Ionian Lira 



Cybersecurity will be considered very important in the choice of the new company. We hope that the new company will comply with Ionio's cybersecurity standards and as a result there will be restricted regulations and a ban on all those companies that are considered non-compliant as they are part of hostile nations that can exploit the vulnerability of the infrastructure to make hacker attacks or espionage activities


Although the new company will have a fixed telephony licence, it will not be able to manage the fixed network infrastructure directly. The new company will have to operate through the state-owned company OpenFiber which currently manages the fixed network infrastructure Copper and Fiber Optic. This state-owned company operates only in the wholesale market and does not provide services directly. The new company can decide whether to fully delegate server services to OpenFiber or build its own server center and connect it to the national network


The auction will be closed by 31 October 2022. The winner will be chosen according to the following parameters Money - Cybersecurity - Business Plan


All companies interested in participating in this auction must submit the documents here:

Ing. Antonio Rossetti

Department of Telecommunications of Ionio - Frequency auction valutation (FAV)

Via Acilio Glabrione 34 - San Foca , Ionio

Email: fav@telco.government.in


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The economic offer is closed and since no foreign company has applied for the auction, Eolia has been won, a national company. However, the door is not completely closed. If you want to enter the Ionian telecommunications market you have to perform a hostile acquisition. 

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