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Louvian expansion request

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Mention : @Anatea

In accordance with the npcs created by Anatea and in order to permanently fill this part of Aurelia and in order to allow my nation to have more coasts and to have a more distinct shape compared to my large and wide neighbors. I fulfill all the necessary criteria and thus wish to extend myself.

Anatea will then be able to refill the territories as he wanted with his NPCs as discussed with him. 

Louvier will expand in the East in ancient native territory. As my country had always good relations with natives, with a territory treaty we gained the land we were promised. It will led us gain more coast and develop or maritime trade and gain more land to finally have some border with a country in the East, here a NPC. 




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As discussed with Louvier yesterday and seeing that an expansion towards west for him would just make the shape of the nation be weird and will not fullfill his need of having more coast, i approved this expansion towards east, and thus i'll modify in the next NPC requests the shape of the 2 NPC nations between us.

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Here we are! With the permission of the great and magical @Louvier and @Xio, i ask for the permission to expand too by taking the other part of the land that Louvier will take. How? Me and Louvier worked on this by preparing a rp about it! After being in Eurth from June 2020 and having done 2 rps (one finished, the other is close to be finished soon), me and Louvier want to finally fill that blank space with the annexation of the area through a war connected with the Anglia event. But before that, a bit of history and description of the NPC nation!

Name: Federal Republic of Azuria
Demonym: Azurian
Allegiance/Main allies: Anglia (uh-oh)
Brief History: being a territory conquered by the Anglians during the discovery and colonization of Aurelia, the Oversea dominion of Azuria was (and still is) a protectorate and puppet state of Anglia. The colony was created for export back in the motherland the resources taken from the new wurld. However the territory couldn't expand further since Louvier and the colony of Mantella (Anatea) were already present in the area and expanding. Tensions began rising between "Anatea" and Azuria, with the latter invading the Mantellan colony and conquering some territories (Altoora & Sachana regions). During the period of turmoil in Aurelia with our "Napoleonic wars" (1800something), Anglia took advantage of the situation for join the "insert one of the names of the factions here" (sorry, we still have to flesh out some tiny details lol) and try to expand their colony and power by trying to finish off Anatea, but they were repelled when they faced the coalition of Aurelian states and the Anateans in particular were able to counterattack and retake back the regions of Altoora & Sachana, and annex a part of Azuria as war reparation territory, that is the nowadays called Amber region (Yeah, i retconned the whole Amber kingdom/celtic thing because it was weird, instead i opted for a sort of Italian War of independence/WW1 Italian front thing set in 1800s as it was more interesting and would explain better why Anatea is not fully an Italian alike nation and is more a sort of Canadian alike one, with names in English and Italian. Basically Anatea was Italy and Azuria the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while Altoora & Sachana were like the Lombardy and Veneto regions retaken from the Austro-Hungarians in the Third war of independence, while Amber region was the reconquest/annexation of Trentino Alto-Adige/Sudtirol after WW1, if we want to make an historical comparison). The same thing happens kinda with Louvier too, but in another war, where Louvier lost some of its western territories to Anglia.
During 1900s and modern days the two nations remained neutral (Azuria will gain its """"indipendence"""" in the 19th century, but will continue to being puppeted by Anglia), but after the Dalstavian War (2019) and the annexation of Dalstavia region by Anatea, Azuria saw the annexation has an imperialistic menace from Anatea, since for them Anatea provoked the war by supporting the Dalstavian people's referendum to join Anatea and thus provoking Ruthenia to declare war on them and losing not only a region but the whole nation. From there some tensions began to rise, especially after the Anatean Crisis in which (SPOILER ALERT FOR "ON THE BRINK" RP) the Anatean secret organization "Strategic Strike Force" will find out that behind the assassination of the regents of Anatea, the Dalstavian War and the Anatean Crisis was Layden Inc, one of the two Anatean arms manufacturers, that was being used by Anglia for expand its foothold on Aurelia (for Layden instead they promised them to join the Anglian Block and become a greater power in Aurelia/wurld by using the combination of the Anatean airforce and Anglian ground soldiers/power/diplomatic relations.). After having found out the truth, Anatea began to slowly lose trust towards Anglia, while Azuria instead would try to show to the wurld that the whole crisis was Anatea's own fault and a farse for destabilize Aurelia by showing classified documents about a cargo of weapons of Layden Inc. directed towards Cote de Fourrure (little cameo i made for @Zaxar rp, and with his permission.). The fact that Azuria have classified documents that only the Strategic Strike Force would know about, since it was discovered by them, will put Anatea on alert about Azuria, rising once more the tensions.
Plot of the RP: Both me and Louvier decided that the whole expansion/annexation will be through a war. Since Anglia finished its conquest of some of the Europan states and is now trying to destabilize Aurelia by using CdF and Azuria, Anglia will use the tensions between Anatea-Zaxar towards Azuria-CdF to land "peacekeeping" soldiers on Azuria and strengthen their borders. Anatea will strengthen their borders towards Azuria too, in preparation of an Anglian/Azurian attack. During the tensions, Anglia and Azuria will accuse Anatea of having tried to sabotage some military key points behind their borders. Of course the incursions were a false flag, but Azuria/Anglia will use that excuse to declare war on Anatea for end their imperialistic aims, to stop destabilizing other countries and guaranteeing peace for Azuria.
The Anglian Invasion will be focused on two main fronts: the northern one on the coast, and the western one in the mountains of Amber region. On the western front, thanks to the mountains, the Anglian/Azurian advance is stopped, on the northern one instead the advance will be stopped only around the city of Dalavar, since the flatlands in the north gives to Anglia and Azuria and advantage for their ground forces. The invasion will be stopped when Louvier will intervene with Anatea to kick out Anglia from Aurelia, by beginning an invasion on the western part of Azuria (and also Louvier will take the possibility to get back the territories that he had lost centuries ago). With the opening of a second front, Anatea will repel the enemy forces on their borders and, together with Louvier, will begin an invasion campaign of Azuria with the intent to liberate it from Anglia. During the invasion of Azuria, Anatea and Louvier will discover the presence of heavy anti-Anglian guerrilla groups that are helping Anatea and Louvier to kick out from Azuria the Anglians, since the people that live in the outskirts are the ones used by Anglia, while the upper class people in the cities are the pro-Anglians, showing a huge class contrast in Azuria's society (basically Azuria was just a foothold/extraction site for Anglia, so for Azurians there's not really a national identity or the idea of a nation). The war will finish when Louvian and Anatean troops, after conquering the capital, will conquer even the coastal cities, so to finally cut out Anglia from having a safe landing dock for their troops.
After the war Louvier and Anatea will split the territory like happened with Germany after WW2, and through a referendum the territories will be integrated in each other nations, thus giving to Azurians real freedom and a national identity inside Aurelia for the first time.
Flag: (why not? we worked on almost every detail :'D)












Basically the shapes on the flags were found by Louvier, while i did the colors, by resembling the Anglian ones :'D

Aaaand... that's it i think :'D all the plot, brief history etc is a work done by Louvier and me and then tweaked with each other suggestions :'D

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