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Holy Imperial Elections

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The recent assassination of the Holy Emperor Theodosius left Tagmatium without an official Head of State throughout the Civil War and the diplomatic tensions in the crmbling of thr former-Baltirow-Woud and the occupation of the Cenape Islands.

The High Chancellor, and Acting-Emperor (therefore temporary Head of State) Commodus James has annonced the begining of an election for Holy Empeor. Everyone is allowed to vote, and steps will be taken to allow those in the Cenape Islands to participate as well.

In theory anyone on can run for Emperor, but it is usually those who can afford the costs of a campaign and are already know to the public who run for election.

There are many candidates, covering the whole polictical spectrum and beyond, but the main two candidates are Commodus James, and his rival, Philip Commenus. James wants Tagmatium to have more of an active role in Europa, and a closer alliance with the SSSS, and was a keen advocate for the occupation of the Cenapes, whilst Commenus wants to put "our own house in order first", doesn't support a closer relationship with the SSSS. The ballots are now open and the election begins.

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The people of the Democratic States of Free-Ekainak are happy that your nation is taking measures to move on from the bloody civil war that plagued your country. These new elections mark a new age of healing for Tagmatium and it seems that any country that suffered such destruction at the hands of it's citizens should focus on unifying itself and making itself stronger, as one never knows when the next crisis will come. We are willing to engage in greater economic cooperation, aid and opening of out ports to merchant vessels from you nation to refuel enroute to the Cenepas. Having established ourselves and developed the Cenepa islands at one point in time, we are willing to send military advisors with knowlege of that area as well as information on indiginous political groups that may be offering resistance. We hope that a new age of "good feeling" between us and may you be a strong friend in the region.


We lament not having played a greater role in supporting your goverment during that crisis, but we had some domestic issues to resolve... Congratulations on your democracy and good luck to all candidates, especially Philip Commenus.

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----TagamtiumBroadcastingCorporation Election Update----


The final results for the Imperial Election has come in. The turn-out has been very high this time, mainly due to the Government's policy of compulsory voting, and also that this is the first Electionsince 1950. The turn-out was 89% of those elegible. The results are, asending order, as follows:


2% of the Vote: Clement Slough, of the Conservative League of Tagmatium

9% of the Vote: Julius Farrier, of the Enviromental Party

11% of the Vote: Adrianus Augustine, of the Christian Alliance

15% of the Vote: Richard Bowman, of the Tagmatine Communist Party

31% of the Vote: Philip Commenus, of the Democratic Socialist Party

32% of the Vote: Commodus James, of the Democratic Socialist Party


This means that, in the 2005 Imperial Elections, current High Chancellor, Commodus James, beats his nearest rival, Vice-Chancellor Philip Commenus, by 1% of the Vote. Commodus James becomes the new Holy Emperor Commodus III

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President Hartman congratulates Commodus James for his victory.


However, the Tamurin press critizises that Commodus James is elected with about one third of all votes. Most newspapers say that there should have been a second election with only Phillip Commenus and Commodus James as candidates.


President Hartman: "We have to accept the constitutional rules of other democratic nations, especially when they are totally different from our own. This is what tolerance is all about."

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In the Vice-Chancellor's Office in the Imperial Palace, a certain election candidate is very angry.


"He bloody won! That old fool won!" ranted Philip Commenus. "I want a re-count of the votes!"

Commenus' lackey stepped forward, with a look of worry on his face. "That wouldn't be wise, my lord. Certain "measures" you used to secure you your votes might come to light. Such as the imtimidation of voters and polling-station staff."

"I thought I made sure these "measures" were certain to win me the election? What happened?" demanded a calmer Vice-Chancellor.

The lackey sighed. "It seems that Commodus was rather more popular. Or he was better at vote-rigging. Either way, he has responded to your popularity, and has kept you on in your old positions."

"But I'm no longer the second most powerful man in Tagmatium. I'm behind that idiot Gregorius Ford."

"Commodus could have hardly given you a good position over his supporters, could he, sir? Lets just be thankful he left you in your old office."

"Yeah, I like the view."

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To: All Nations

From: Commodus III

Re: Coronation


As I have been elected Holy Emperor in Tagmatium's recent Imperial Elections, I would like to invite all the national leaders in Europa to the Imperial Coronation taking place in our capital of Tagmatica later this week. The Coronation Ceremony will take place in the Cathedral in the city, followed by a Post-Coronation Ceremony Celebration in the Imperial Palace afterwards. Please note this is not a BYOB. All food and drink will be at the expense of Tagmatium.

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TO: Commodus III

FROM: Meteorola

RE: Invitation


As it is not, at this time practical, for Hurricane Eric to travel abroad, several members of the Council of the Weathered Isles will be sent in his stead. Those members have not yet been determined. It will likely be long standing members of the council.




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Having recieved the invitation days late due to the turf wars between privatized post offices, Chancellor Godfrey would like to respectfully decline the invitation. Although disappointed in the results of the election, the Parliament of the Allied States of Europtima are pleased to see peace and stability brought back to the region. Please accept our coronation gift of 6 Europtimitian Green Ravens. May they repopulate in a more hospitable environment

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