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A Plea for Peace (Zaxar-CDF Conflict)

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TO: Nations of @Zaxar, @Kirvina, @Rhodellia, @Mito, @Xio, @Anatea, @Advocatius, @Louvier (Aurelian League), @Tagmatium Rules

FROM: North Adlantic Union Council

The North Adlantic Union is distraught to see the possibility of conflict growing in southern Aurelia around Zaxar and Côte de Fourrure. With the growing influence of the Occidental-Azanian Pact and Anglian meddling in Aurelia and across the Eurth, the NAU is concerned that a conflict in Aurelia could spark and even wider crisis. The NAU has maintained positive relations with all of the nations of the Aurelian League, and wishes to implore all of its members to come together to try and find a peaceful solution to this conflict before it grows into open warfare. The Governor of Kaseka also wishes to join this call, as citizens of Aurelia, and has offered any resources it can to assist in any mediation efforts. The NAU would also offer the same.

The wurld has begun to slide into chaos, and we believe that working together we can all achieve a way to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. All over the Eurth disaster after disaster continues to happen, and war becomes more commonplace. It is our collective duty to ensure that peace and prosperity across our nations is preserved and that malicious actors do not draw our peoples down a darker path.

(OOC: In case a lot of people respond I made a separate thread to not blow up Zaxar's diplo thread)

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TO: North Adlantic Union Council (@Seylos), Zaxari Foreign Affairs Ministry (@Zaxar)
FROM: Exarchate of Kirvina Foreign Affairs Bureau, Special Mediation Group II

The Exárcheia tis Kirvínastiría notes with similar concern the blossoming of tensions on the Aurelian continent. With the direct consent of the Exarch, the Special Mediation Group II has been formed out of the Foreign Affairs Bureau to provide acute, immediate, and comprehensive address to the present situation. The Bureau is ready to offer the city of Taurapetra as a location for negotiations to take place, should all parties involved consent. It is our firm belief that its extensive facilities and central location on the Gulf of Auriel make it an optimal location for brokering to occur. The Exarchate smiles on the NAU's decision to approach the Aurelian League as a unified body, and is grateful for this act of dialogue with the nations of Aurelia as opposed to any form of unilateral action. We do not present terms or preconditions of our own at this time, and are willing to serve as host and co-mediator for the duration that any outstanding concerns remain as to the present condition of the Zaxar-CDF border.

Should the situation develop unfavorably, the Exarchate would like to preliminarily invoke the sanctity of its Temples on both sides of the border, and declare these valid locations for the passage of civilians seeking protection and valid grounds for negotiation under Kirvinian protection. The Kienássa and Belaléra jurisdictions have been put on warning to prepare to transition to their wartime role of service as declared diplomatic officers and representatives of the Kirvinian state abroad.

Acting Chairman

OOC: For non-Aureliaheads, the ancient Sun Temples, dotted across Aurelia, are traditionally "neutral" (Kirvinian bases) in Aurelian wartime. The Kirvinians put soldiers in them and nominate the local clergy to task forces in the Foreign Affairs Bureau.

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