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[Vision Statement] The Principality of Taluland

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Taluland came into existence in 1967 AD during the Yaluk civil war, in which Taluland declared independence from the Empire of Yalukia (Think of the Ottoman Empire). Taluland independence declaration was held in the nation's now capital of Talia, in which the city state of Talia was formed. As the civil war progressed Talia became a neutral zone defended by many foreign nations, but in the dawn of a new decade the people of the Talia grew restless, and hungry. The amount of immigrants from other parts of the nation soon became too much for the city to hold. Thus, the people took the most logical option. They overthrew the government with the help of a military general (General Gregorous Former Prince of Taluland), that was stationed in the city. Soon after, the general in question declared himself the Prince of Talia. The new Prince broke the newly formed Principality's neutrality in the civil war and made movements north into the civil war contender of the Alturks (the Alturks were a nation involved in the Yaluk civil war. there reason for declaring independence were because they wished to govern themselves). The Armies of Talia marched north with great speed and captured the major cities of Rodon, Yaemon, and Thassa. Causing the collapse and capitulation of the Alturk Government. The people of Talia roared with jubilation, as the Prince gave his speech. Proclaiming that Talia would be a city state no longer, thus formed the nation of Taluland. The remaining contenders for rest of the empire were the Republic of Yalukia, and the Commune of Yalukia. The Republic of Yalukia was already on it's last leg. Thus began peace negotiations with Taluland. The peace agreements were as follows "Section One: The Republic of Yalukia will cede all controlled lands to the Principality of Taluland. Section Two: The Principality of Taluland will free all POWs and vice versa. Section Three: An advisory parliament will be established to advise the current prince and future princes." with the peace signed, the Commune and Taluland were the last contenders remaining. The Taluland being unprepared to fight the Commune was pushed back to the city of Rodon in which the infamous Battle of Rodon took place in 1974 AD. In the battle, Taluland had 3,500 conscripts against the Commune's army of 7,500 conscripts. The Talu forces lead by the Prince defeated the superior Commune forces losing only 300-500 troops, compared to the Communes losses of 3,000-3,250; The battle left 2,600-3,000 wounded for both sides. After, the Battle of Rodon, Taluland was able to push up and secure the Commune's capital soon after, the Commune collapsed leading to a Taluland victory but no official peace settlement.


The Climate of Taluland is barren, gets little precipitation, and living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life, but there is a large river which flows through Taluland. The capital of Taluland (Talia) rests in-between the confluence (https://www.dictionary.com/browse/confluence Just in case) of two of the rivers. The rivers in question flow through most of the nation, leading them to be the major population centers in Taluland. To the north of Taluland lie a small mountain range while not part of Taluland they're important to note (Important Note: most of the geography, I am flexible with when I comes to adjusting it).


Taluland is an absolute monarchy with a parliament as advisors to the Prince. The parliamentary advisors are also the governors of each state in the nation, and are elected every 3 years by popular vote, in which all official citizens over the age of 21 are able to vote. Taluland has many different political parties from left-wing socialist parties to right-wing nationalist parties, but all radical left and right parties are strictly prohibited by the government. Thus, many of the radical groups have gone underground or fled the country altogether. The current Prince of Taluland is Prince Octiva the eldest son of Former Prince Gregorous.


The majority of Taluland's population are native Yaluks with their culture evolved to the modern standards in Taluland (now called Talu/Talus pronounced [tal-ou] [tal-ou-s]), with the exception of the older populace (refered to as Yaluk/Yaluks pronounced [ya-look] [ya-looks]), and the Alturks (or Alturk pronounced [al-turk] [al-turks]). To divide the population into percentages Talus consist of 82% of the population, Alturks consist of 12% of the population, and Yaluks 4% of the population, the remaining 2% are a mix of foreign cultures from immigrants.


Population: 31-36 Million (2 points)

GDP per capita: 11k-15k (1 point)

Land area: 190k-230k (1 point)

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