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Results of the Referendum

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A Few Days ago the Federal Diet of Lusuviya authorized a referendum to amend the Grand Neutrality document to allow for greater extranational trade and entry into economic communities.
Today Lusuviya held a referendum which unsuprisingly passed allowing the Lusuviyan government to officially enter into multinational trading blocs and furthering Lusvuviyan integration into the global economy. The positive vote was recorded to be highest in the cities like the river port of Bolotni'hrad and the capital of Florjinka and also among large scale farmers who hope to expand their opportunities for grain exports. Some of the biggest opposition came from the manufacturing based areas of Midnjidzvin Sich who fear that the lower duties on imported goods may hurt local industry. The vote has concluded with a 60% in support of removing the economic and non military political neutrality parts of "Grand Neutrality" doctrine against 40% in favor of retaining the status quo. Some believe this change will prompt the Federal Diet to peruse talks for joining AECO.

bellow is a rough distribution of the vote by district

blue: in favor
red: opposed

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