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President John Colucci announces sanctions against C么te de Fourrure


President John Colucci during the Press Conference

President John Colucci held an extraordinary press conference on the crisis taking place on the border between Zaxar and C么te de Fourrure in which he announced extraordinary measures against C么te de Fourrure. During the press conference he talked about the crisis and the hacker attack that Zaxar suffered again. The president declared that Ionio will help our close friend in this war by offering military aid. It also showcased a very tough sanctions plan against the politicians and generals of C么te de Fourrure and its economy. In the sanctions plan it also provides that the Guardia di Finanzia starts operations to seize any C么te de Fourrure assets present in Ionio and to divert these assets to a fund that will serve for future reconstruction and will be readily available to Zaxar. The president declared that a special operation has been launched to urgently carry out the evacuation of the citizens of Ionio and the diplomatic corps from C么te de Fourrure as he indicated that diplomatic routes are useless and war seems the only solution indicating that the actions of C么te de Fourrure are a danger to the nations of Aurelia.

Among the various questions that the newspapers asked, the cyber security of Ionio was discussed and the president replied that he put all branches of the army on alert and that the government together with the army is ready to respond quickly to any threat.

In other news:

  • Zaxari -聽C么te de Fourrure Crisis. Everything you need to know
  • Brawl between fans after the match AC San Foca - Tropea FC
  • Rua铆's referndum for independence from the Kingdom of Gotneska was a flop. The NO won the refendum
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Wind and SITEL merge forming DeltaCom but the antitrust forces the entry into the scene of a new telephone operator


Headquarters of the telecommunications antitrust

After a few days of rumors finally comes the official confirmation. The two telecommunications companies Wind and SITEL merge to form a new company called DeltaCom but this merger also involves the creation of a new company to prevent monopolies.聽

Roberto Fontana president of the telecommunications antitrust said that while these mergers are generally viewed in a positive way but they are a problem from the point of view of monopoly as two companies when they come together form a large company that can destroy competition. That is why we must take action because we must restore the initial balance. In fact, reading the documentation published by the antitrust it is stated that DeltaCom must sell some frequencies of 5G and 4G and some towers for the new company.聽聽

This economic offer comes at a delicate time due to the Crisis between Zaxar and the CDF and for this reason the government wanted cybersecurity assurances as it does not want the nation to suffer a hacker attack by the new company. Another thorny issue that the new company has to manage is OpenFiber in which it is state manager of the fixed network infrastructure both copper and fiber optic that the state is investing a lot to wire the state of optical fiber that reaches people's homes but due to several legal battles by telecommunications companies it is expected that this project will be completed by 2040.聽

According to the documentation, a private auction is expected and only at the end the winner is announced, but the basic cost of this auction, the available frequencies and the number of towers that will be sold to the new company remain secret. The closing of this auction will be on October 31, 2022

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President John Colucci announces harsh sanctions against Anglia聽and Azuria


John Colucci during the press conference

John Colucci's press conference was very intense where the president illustrated the urgent measures that Ionio is taking but there was no lack of diplomatic slips that the president made.聽聽First of all, he illustrated the desire to impose heavy sanctions against Anglia and Azuria in addition to the seizure of assets present in Ionio In addition to saying that he was ready to send military equipment but did not rule out the possibility of going to war next to Anatea and Louvier.聽First of all, he illustrated the desire to impose heavy sanctions against Anglia and Azuria in addition to the seizure of assets present in Ionian. In addition to saying that he was ready to send military equipment but did not rule out the possibility of going to war next to Anatea and Louvier.

The Chief of Staff of the Ionian Army Carlo Villa illustrated that he is enhancing defense along the Louvier border and threatened that any military ship that violates the special economic zone and any missile that falls on the territory of Ionian will be considered a hostile act and involves the entry into the war of Ionio.

聽On the issue of a rumor in which Ionio is creating a special economic area to favor the military industry, the president said that it is under discussion but will only be available to those nations that have received the invitation. 聽There were moments of tension at the press conference where for some reason the president's microphone remained active and it was said that Anglia and Azuria are nations led by mentally ill people. The phrases said by the president created a small diplomatic incident but the staff immediately dismissed saying people in these situations can take emotional.聽

Anti-war demonstrations are taking place in all Ionian cities, especially around the embassies of the CDF, Anglia and Azuria.

In other news:

  • The crisis in Aurelia. Everything you need to know
  • Vandalism continues against the embassies of the CDF, Anglia and Azuria.
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Night of Fire in the Ionian cities because of the war


Violent demonstrators burning a garbage bin

Night of fire in all the Ionian cities where the population took to the streets to demonstrate against the war waged by Azuria and C么te de Fourrure.

The beginning of these demonstrations was mostly peaceful but over time they turned into real revolts that turned the Ionian cities upside down and damaged the embassies of C么te de Fourrure and Azuria as well as acts of vandalism against the embassies of Anglia.

The police intervention was immediate but injuries were recorded on both sides and more than 50 people were arrested for violent and malicious acts.聽聽The scenes of the clashes are making the rounds of wurld where in San Foca there was the most violent demonstration and the video circulates where a group of violent demonstrators used a homemade rocket launcher to hit the embassy of Azuria.


Protesters firing a rocket at the embassy of Azuria

The rocket hit the embassy in Azuria and ignited a fire while Molotov cocktails were used against the embassy in C么te de Fourrure.聽Injuries were recorded by staff from the embassies affected by the clashes and the most seriously injured were taken to hospitals to provide treatment.聽

Several investigations have been opened to find and punish the culprits of these violent clashes but for the General of the Carabbienri Corps Antonio Leuzi he declared that tracing the authors of these clashes will be difficult as it seems that the entire population has united to make urban guerrilla warfare.

Words that are confirmed by several interviews made to the population that was demonstrating against the war indicating that the government must act immediately by entering the war alongside the friends of Zaxar, Louvier and Anatea.

The clash is also political where opposition parties accuse the center-right government of stoking the anger of citizens to find a pretext to go to war. Vice President Alberto Salvini called the words of some leftists crazy while President John Colucci was signing the decree of expulsion of the diplomatic corps C么te de Fourrure and Azuria.聽聽The war has triggered a series of social tensions in Ionian that are leading to violent acts.

In other news:

  • The solidarity race continues to help the citizens of Louvier, Anatea and Zaxar in this war
  • Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa threatens war if Azuria's ships, planes or missiles violate our borders
  • President John Colucci is already saying that wurld is close to a global war because of Anglia
  • Ionian Stock Exchange goes negative because of the war

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Eolia is born after the merger of Wind and SITEL


A telecommunication antenna very common in Ionian cities

After a long auction, the national bid of national entrepreneurs who have come together to found a new telecommunications company finally wins. Other foreign companies have shown interest in the economic offer but have not put forward any questions making the consortium of national entrepreneurs win.

The economic offer was made in a very delicate period of time where OCA is attacking various nations in a way, causing wars and unnecessary victims. Certainly, in these times of war, the choice by the telecommunications antitrust authorities to prefer a national company to a foreign company in order to exercise greater control in the event of war.

The new company must compete in an increasingly aggressive market where between virtual operators jewelry and those with the fixed network offer offers with many GB of internet at low prices.

The mobile phone market is also undergoing transformations where companies offer offers with additional content related to the wurld of streaming. So we just have to wait and understand the evolution of the Ionian telecommunications market

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The war is over but a phase of transformation of the Ionio begins


President John Colucci during the press conference

After 295 days of war finally Ionian concludes a sad chapter to open another chapter of Peace and Prosperity.聽聽These were the words with which President John Colucci opened the press conference on the post-Tengrolhan war situation.聽

During the press conference, the president spoke on the issue of transition of the occupied territories. Currently the administration is carrying out the appropriate checks on the populations of the former Tengrolhan. In total there are about 4 million new citizens in which they must have the new certificates, identity documents, health card and driving license. He announced that in 2024 there will be an extraordinary census to understand the number of the population and the appropriate interventions that must be carried out.

On the reconstruction situation, the president reiterated that we are focusing on repairing critical infrastructure before starting deeper reconstruction. The reconstruction plan is very articulated because it does not concern only the new territories but concerns the whole nation. The president reiterated that the technicians are making inspections that soon there will be an extraordinary meeting with the various ministers to undertake the corresponding interventions.聽

The most important news was the declaration to proceed with a modification of the constitution of Ionio. The amendment concerns only the inclusion of new territories and the recalculation of the number of parliaments to reflect population change.聽聽There is still no data for the discussion of the amendment of the constitution but it is assumed that it will be carried out after the census and therefore in the period 2024 - 2025.

At the end of the press conference there was talk about social interventions and aid for veterans. There will be a public ceremony to remember the fallen of the war both civilian and military. The day on which the public ceremony will take place will be considered a day of national mourning and therefore will be a public holiday.

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Ionian parliament unanimously approves amendment to constitution


Ionian Chamber of Deputies

After an intense week the two chambers of the Ionian parliament (Senate and Chamber of Deputies) approved the new constitution that will include the conquered territories in the new Republic of Solarios.聽聽The vote in both chambers went quickly with no objections from the minority who voted favorably to the constitutional amendment submitted by the government.聽

In the new constitutional amendment, the annexation of the republic of solarios in Ionio as a federated state is formalized. This passage will allow a smooth operation in the reconstruction of the war-torn states. Particular news that the current numbers of deputies and senators remain the same indicating a clear government vision in simplifying the bureaucracy, but it highlights that the upcoming general elections will be even more intense with the risk that a few people will be left out of the electoral race

This constitutional emendation is already opening up interesting avenues such as the case of the Solarios Railroad Corporation in which it was state-run but the Ionian state cannot run the transportation company and the company that operates the national rail network at the same time as a conflict of interest is seen.

Meanwhile, the government has published the date of the new national census, which is expected to take place in late Febrary and early March. This census will be the first census in digital format permenttendo a better data analysis and paper saving and thus reduced tree felling.

So it means that if there are no unforeseen events the Ionian general election will be held in 2025 adding possible interesting political developments

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Ionian parliament unanimously approves amendment to constitution


President John Colucci together with Economy Minister Carlo Tremonti

The government has approved the first financial package for reconstruction and economic revival. The package includes infrastructure reconstruction. The cost to reconstruct and modernize infrastructure is estimated 500 milion Auros. 387 milion Auros will be allocated in the transportation sector while 113 milion Auros is earmarked for the reconstruction and upgrading of civic services which include such as schools, hospitals, police stations etc..

This is the first financial package earmarked for the reconstruction and modernization of war-affected areas. Reduced taxes for citizens and companies in the war-affected areas as well as various construction bonuses to speed up the reconstruction of war-torn cities are provided in the financial package.聽

Although the first financial package has been realized the government is already preparing a second financial package that plans to act on the military, environmental in addition to culture and education. Indicating that the government is acting fast on many aspects.聽

In fact, during the president's address to the chambers he reiterated that the government is implementing more financial packages based on the studies that are completed reiterating the particular situation Ionio is in cannot afford to act with a single financial package but to create more financial packages to improve the situation.

The finance package was voted on unanimously by the majority while the minority moved in a scattered manner with some voting in favor while others abstained indicating a lack of action in some critical areas such as the environment.

But the biggest surprise was the absence of the two thorniest projects. The reconstruction of the 'entire Ionian energy system and the High Speed Railway project connecting Taranto with Ornstov in 4 hours instead of the current 12 hours on the historical line indicating that these projects are still under study but there is the will of the government to bring these projects to completion allowing a unification of the nation.

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The summer vacation begins albeit tentatively


The small mountain village Cerchiara di Rossano

Finally the big heat is coming and it means that summer has arrived in Ionian. But this year's vacation season began with too many problems to deal with that show the complex quandro inside but also of the wurld.

According to various data collected by travel agencies only 21.45 percent of Ionians have planned vacations abroad. The remaining part instead decided to take their summer vacation inside Ionian, but they will face another problem.

The war has caused problems with infrastructure and partially destroyed cities which means that many cities will be affected by construction sites to restore the old splendor of the cities Same with transportation where highways there is traffic because of the ongoing work to restore and modernize the sections conquered by the war. Same with railways where the fastest train connecting Tropea with Ornsvot is delayed by 4 hours because of the reconstruction of the railway line.

Reverse speech for ports and airports that have been repaired quickly allowing operation and ensuring access points for foreign tourists who will, however, be very few this year because of too many wars that are ongoing and diplomatic tensions that have arisen because of the Lily Revolutionaries in Velaheria and Orioni's suspicious involvement in the revolution.

It is assumed that there will be a tentative recovery but we have to wait until next year to have an increase in the presence of foreign tourists

On the bright side, among Ionians again this year, the most popular destinations will be beach resorts followed by mountains and art cities. In addition, it is recommended to be careful while hiking in montgana and to avoid lighting fires because as temperatures rise, forest fires may occur.

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Ionian inagurates 2024 with hope and massive celebration


Fireworks in Rossano to celebrate 2024

With a night of where temperatures stand at 35掳C due to the anomalous heat wave Ionio celebrates 2024 in a big way to forget 2023 as the worst possible year because of war.聽聽This year, all cities geared up to celebrate the New Year with concerts and performances, and at midnight there were fireworks. In Rossano the fireworks show was staged on 'water accompanied by music. San Foca, on the other hand, in addition to using fireworks, they also used laser lights from skyscrapers to add a modern touch to the festivities.

There is no shortage of traditions that are respected by Ionians from diving into the warm seas during the fireworks to throwing old things on the ground symbolizing the end of the year.聽There is no shortage of videos of people throwing from balconies from old washing machines to an entire set of furniture indicating the great desire to forget the old year that Ionians have.

There is no shortage of the president's traditional year-end speech on unified networks where the current president, John Colucci spoke about the unity of the Ionian people in the time of war. He also spoke about the reconstruction that must follow in a parallel way the process of peace and prosperity among the wurld peoples.霉

During the festivities, security measures were raised and medical attendance increased at hospitals where there is no shortage of people getting injured during the fireworks.聽

The festivities lasted all night and will end tonight with the New Year Bowl with a friendly game of Gridiron football featuring the Ionian Football League winner,聽Torre Canne Buccaneers, and the College Football winner, Arachova Wolves,聽signaling the start of the new sports year that will be broadcast on these networks in addition to being broadcast live on the Internet without geoblocking

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Chamber of Deputies approves high-speed rail project with a brawl


The parliamentary brawl that broke out between Edoardo Foti and Roberto Conte

The Chamber of Deputies approves with 244 votes in favor the construction of the high-speed railway that will connect Taranto with Ornsvot via Tropea, Hettuborg and Galdurmar. The project will cost Auro 6 billion. From the president's words, he identifies the construction of this project as non-waiverable because it is a means of unifying the nation especially after a war. The majority voted united together with votes from Luca Renzi's socilalist party who indicated that now is the time for bold choices and some votes from the democratic party. Contrast some members of the Democratic party and the Communist party where leader Roberto Conte got into a brawl with Fratelli d'Ionio chamber of deputies聽group leader Edoardo Foti.

The brawl broke out already from the fiery words in which Roberto Conte announced the vote against but the situation escalated when Edoardo Foti claimed that Roberto Conte is a loser by putting the Monterosso Chiefs vs. Fasano Giants game at 70 - 20.聽Those involved in the brawl have been suspended from the parliament of deputies for 2 weeks after today's events while it is presumed that there will be serious consequences to the Communist Party of Ionium which could see a drop in the polls and fall below 4 percent which is the minimum threshold to enter parliament.聽

Despite the brawl the high-speed rail project has been approved and now all that is missing is the yes of the Senate to start construction of this massive project. The senate session has been set for January 17 and it is expected that the majority will have enough votes to approve the project along with the votes of the socialists.

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Ionian Football League unveils new league and 2024 season


IFL Commissioner Antonio Cassano while announcing the new IFL

The Ionian Football League with a grand announcement announces the birth of the new league and reveals the new 2024 season.聽The 2023 season was hit hard by the war but in the end the 2023 season was a success with the victory of Torre Canne Buccaneers but now the league has undergone a process of profound change caused by the expansion of the league following the end of the war.聽The new league will have as many as four divisions with four teams in two conferences. In total there are as many as 32 teams will play for a chance to win the Ionian Buwl

The new divisions were created by a draw that allowed for the creation of the Ionian Football Conference and National Football Conference. But the new features do not end there. With as many as 4 divisions for each conference, the new locations of the IFL, IFC, and NFC were presented, and of course the new Ionian map with the location and cities of the IFL teams


The new map with all the teams in the IFL

Also presented at the conference was the new playoff system. In the new system the best team in the conference will skip the wild cards while the top of the three remaining divisions in addition to the 3 best teams in the conferece who are not the first in the division will compete in the wild cards and the winners will enter the Divisional stage. In this stage there are a total of 4 teams per conference including the best team that skipped the Wilds Cards and the winners will compete to win the Conference Championship and the winner of this game will challenge the winner of the opposing Conference Championship in the Ionian Bowl.


An example of the IFL's new playoff system

Changes also in the regular season where it is a full 18 weeks of games before moving on to the playoff stage. In the regular season, the 32 teams will have a bye week in which they will not play a game. Obviously, not all teams will have the same bye week but it will be spread out along the 18 weeks esaranno between week 7 and week 16.聽Confirmed the Pro Bulw to be held on the Sunday between the Championship Game and Ionian Bowl where the best players from Ionian Football Conference and National Football Conference excluding players from the teams that will have to perform Ionian Buwl

Another new feature will be the IFL International Series which are regular season games played abroad that serves not only to promote Gridiron football but also to promote peace among various peoples at a time when the wurld is torn by war, but not yet released more information about the IFL International Series and there will be a later annual with more information.聽

On Feb. 4 there will be the Hall of Fame game in which the Martina Colts will face the Tower Cardinals and that will take place at the Olympic Stadium in San Foca, and the entire pre-season, including the Hall Of Fame game, will be broadcast by IFL Network, but the real date is March 7 when there will be the inaugural game of the new 2024 season in which the Torre Canne Buccaneers will face the Tortori Vikings at the Future Solution Stadium in Torre Canne. The game will be broadcast on our networks, so stay tuned for more on the new season because this year Ionian Bowl LXW will be held in Cosenza to celebrate 100 years of Sila National Park.


Banner of the Ionian Bowl LXV聽

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Senate approves high-speed rail construction project


President John Colucci during the press conference

With 73 votes in favor, the Senate approves the construction of the high-speed railroad that will be a strategic and fundamental work for the nation's development. During the press conference, President John Colucci spoke on the strategic importance of this work, highlighting that it will serve to decongest the historic line that runs along the coast.

The transport minister highlighted the technical details of the project, in which the high-speed railroad will be built with a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed will surely be limited to 300 kilometers per hour to prevent the railroad from wearing out more easily. In addition to pointing out the technical details of the project, including the construction of 4 railway stations dedicated to the high-speed railway and interconnections with the history line. He highlighted that the project will be environmentally friendly and will minimize the environmental impact during construction and afterwards also thanks to the implementation of compensatory works.

Another detail is future plans, where it is projected that more high-speed lines will be built. It is thought that the next project may be the line from Fano to San Foca via Aurora and Fasano creating the basis of the inland line. During the press conference it was highlighted that the construction will last for 5 years and that after the 5 years the airlines may experience drops in revenues in domestic routes as there will be strong competition with rail transport.

According to the words of the Minister of Transport, next week there will be a call for tenders for the construction of the high-speed railroad. We just have to wait how this 6 billion Auro project will bring changes in transportation not only nationally but also at the regional level.

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Summer exodus paralyses Ionio


Traffic on the A1 Interstate near Rossano

With the beginning of February, the Ionian Sea officially goes on summer holiday. Work stops to let the Ionian people relax before resuming their business activities, but summer holidays also mean traffic and for today the entire Ionian has been paralysed by traffic.

On the motorway network there are queues near large urban centres and along the coastal areas. The Interstate A1 is paralysed in the vicinity of Torre Canne as it also has to handle traffic at San Foca. In addition, due to modernisation work, there were traffic jams on the entire motorway section of the Solarios state road. To make matters worse, there were several accidents between motorists that caused delays and queues. The only positive thing was the blocking of lorry traffic, which eased some of the traffic congestion on the main Ionian roads.

Worse was the rail transport where trains leaving from the central stations in San Foca were delayed by more than two hours due to network congestion. Also bad is the coastal railway line where there is a slowdown due to modernisation works that have caused delays of up to 10 hours. Air transport was the least disrupted, but airports had to handle both domestic and international traffic. No slowdowns were recorded on ferry lines.

The cause of this mass exodus must be attributed to the nomal heat wave that has hit Ionian. In fact, large cities such as San Foca recorded highs of 35掳C while going up north the temperatures increased until reaching 43掳C which was recorded in Ornsvot. According to the weather models the anomalous heat is expected to last until the end of February.

The most popular destination for Ionians are seaside resorts followed then by mountain resorts and art cities. Opposite case the international tourists who focused more on art cities followed by sea and mountain resorts. Hoteliers said that tourists are becoming more demanding and want to have magnificent experiences and discover the culture and gastronomy of the places they visit. That is why they are continually modifying tourism programming to meet any needs of tourists.聽聽Politicians also go on vacation including the president where he has already moved to his mansion which is located in Rossano so he can also watch the live preseason games of his IFL team Rossano Wolves.

Obviously there has been no shortage of summer controversy especially that of Dario Lo bosco, CEO of "Rete Ferroviaira Ionica" in which he accused the mayor of San Foca, Marco Esposito, of blocking the Gatheway project that allows the capital's rail traffic especially high-speed traffic to be disposed of without it having to pass through the central station of Torre Canne for environmental reasons but the latest investigations have shown that there are no environmental problems ridiculing the mayor. But apart from the usual summer political polymics Febbrario is looking like a hot, sun-filled month ideal for swimming in the sea and cooling off.

The highway police advise citizens to overhaul cars and routes to avoid problems while traveling, and it is also forbidden to drive drunk as it can be a periocle for you, other road users and the travelers you carry. Drive with pridunces and happy summer vacations

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IFL regular season ends with twists and turns


The IFL Playoffs Season 2024 Map

The IFL regular season ended with nuemrous twists and turns that changed the playoff map.

The last game of the regular season of the Rossano Wolves vs Tropea Dolphins was one of the most closely contested games despite the fact that both teams have long since secured a playoff pass where Rossano Wolves first in the IFC standings secured to skip the wild cards round and go directly into the divisional rounds where they will have to take on the winner between Aurora Titans vs Brindisi Ravens.聽This year, the Rossano Wolves managed to pull off the feat of winning every game of the regular season indicating that the moves undertaken by coach Corrado Cozzo proved successful.

Same for the Mirto Lions who are first in the NFC entailing skipping the Wild Cards Round and directly will have to play in the Divisional Round against the winner of Torre Canne Buccaneers vs. Siena Cowboys.聽聽

Except for the Mirto Lions and Rossano Wolves many teams have instead encountered difficulties and some teams such as the Martina Colts have changed coaches also resulting in a change of strategies in the middle of the regular season. Unfortunately, there was no shortage of controversy because of the rule in which teams in the same division with the same number of wins and losses clashed with the Winning Percentage decreeing some teams not to participate in the playoffs despite the fact that they had the opportunity.聽

But many believe this general drop in performance among players because of the aftermath of the war and factispece there is a climate of discouragement and anger among citizens despite the fact that reconstruction is proceeding quickly and the state is active in economic and social policies to support war-affected citizens and reconstruction.聽

On Saturday, July 13, the Wild Cards Round games will begin, and next week the divisional rounds will begin where we will find out which teams will compete for the championship title of their respective Conferences

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