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The Brothers' War


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Zaxari vs Côte de Fourrure Conflict

Duration: 30 July 2022 – Present

Summary of Events:

  • CDF launches cyberattack against Zaxari civilian infrastructure in Flaxzar (30 July 2022)
  • Zaxar demands heavy reparations for cyberattacks (30 July 2022)
  • CDF denies responsibility for attacks, refuses ultimatum (5 August 2022)
  • Zaxar applies sanctions to CDF, is supported in sanctions by Tagmatium (5 August 8/5/2022)
  • CDF launches second cyberattack, Zaxari fighters cross CDF border during chaos (9 September 2022)
  • Ionio announces support for Zaxar and imposes severe sanctions on CDF (9 September 2022)
  • Zaxar uses navy to search all non-allied vessels bound for CDF for weapons of war (10 September 2022)
  • Advocatius announces heavy sanctions on CDF and declares support for Zaxar (10 September 2022)
  • Louvier announces heavy sanctions on CDF and declares support for Zaxar (10 September 2022)
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On 7/30/2022 at 12:56 PM, Zaxar said:


Cyber Attack Cripples Zaxari Power Grid

30/7/2022: 10:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Late last night the Zaxari power grid across nearly the entire province of Flaxzar was suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. During the 9 hour blackout which followed, at least 10 people have been reported dead or missing. Hospitals were especially hard hit with nearly all deaths originating from medical facilities in the cities of Pêcher and Beliere.


The Imperial Hospital in Beliere reported 5 preventable deaths in the ER over the course of the blackout

The local authorities have classified this failure as a cyber attack of foreign origin and have launched investigations into how the attack took place. The Emperor, during a press conference in Sandrica, stated that "this tragedy is, without a doubt, a malicious attack originating from outside the borders of our nation. While we cannot place the exact location where the attack originated, it appears to have come from an actor within Côte de Fourrure. Rest assured, this attack will not go unanswered and it will not be allowed to happen again. CDF will answer for this."

Despite the Emperor's claims that this attack was carried out by CDF, military analysts across Aurelia have concluded that it is highly unlikely that CDF was able to carry our such a sophisticated attack without foreign assistance due to their lack of cyber-warfare capabilities. This has led many to suspect Anglian involvement. These claims are supported by the recent shift in the Anglian stance towards southern Aurelia, with the governments of CDF and Anglia working to strengthen ties between Godstone and Port au Sud.

The Zaxari response has yet to be disclosed.


We will keep you updated as this story develops,

and to all those who lost loved ones,

wunnohteaonk, may peace be in your hearts



Imperial Ultimatum: Is it a Thunder Storm or Rain on the Aurelian Horizon?

30/7/2022: 13:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Maurice la Vaneu, minister of foreign affairs of the Empire of Greater Zaxar, has just released an official open letter to La Republique de Côte de Fourrure. The letter included official assertions that the cyber attack which recently rocked southern Zaxar was a "deliberate and unprovoked attack," "carried out by the Fourruran government in an attempt to destabilize the Empire."

The government asserts that CDF bears full responsibility for the attack despite evidence of assistance by another foreign actor and, as such, the government of Côte de Fourrure will be expected to make a formal apology for the attack as well as providing reparations to the families of the individuals who lost their lives due, directly or indirectly, from the attack. Vaneu further demanded several million marks (ω), equivalent to approximately $200,000,000 Adapton Solidus, in reparations to be paid directly to the imperial government in Sandrica to help repair damaged energy and cyber infrastructure.

These demands have been met with horror by peace activists who liken this letter to "an ultimatum which serves only as a pretext to war." However, the majority of Senate parties along with the Emperor himself have asserted that this is a necessary, while unfortunate, step in ensuring that the Zaxari people can "feel safe in their own homes and businesses."

Emperor William has also issued a warning to Field Marshal Caitlin Friseal, leader of CDF's ruling military junta, that CDF can expect "sweeping and crushing sanctions" from Zaxar and its allies if they should fail to comply with the Zaxari demands. According to a source from within the government who wishes to remain anonymous, classified letters have been sent out to the governments of key Zaxari allies, likely including nations such as Ateenia, Gotneska, Iverica, and Tagmatium, asking for their support in sanctioning CDF should they fail to meet Zaxari demands. Similarly, a formal unclassified request was sent to the headquarters of the Aurelian League requesting a vote to recognize Zaxari demands to CDF. It will be interesting to see if this will even make it to a vote in the AL Chamber as requests like this have not ever been issued to the organization.

Unconfirmed sources have also mentioned letters sent to the nearby nation of Gallambria. The Zaxari and Gallambrian government have had surprisingly little interaction with one another in modern history despite their close proximity. Scholars on the topic at the University of Green Falls told our sources that this is really due to just a lack of shared challenges or overlapping interests and assert that it is not due to bad blood between the nations. The contents of the letter are not known by the public but are assumed to be over the alleged Anglian involvement in the cyber attack as Gallambria controls the waves between Zaxar and Godstone.

The deadline for the Zaxari demands is that the formal apology and first round of payments must arrive by August 5, 2022 at 00:00.

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops



Mentioned Nations:

@Great Anglia @Tagmatium Rules @Iverica @Gotneska @Ateenia @Gallambria (sorry for all the pings)

ping for @AurelianLeague will be sent over discord to reduce clutter


On 8/5/2022 at 6:36 PM, Zaxar said:



5/8/2022: 10:00 -BREAKING NEWS- In an internationally broadcasted press briefing early this morning, Field Marshal and leader of Côte de Fourrure Caitlin Friseal read out the Zaxari demands to reporters before bursting out into laughter and balling up the document which she then threw towards the waste bin by the press room door. The shot missed terribly and yet the message was still very clear, CDF would not be paying the Imperial reparations. When asked about how worried she was about Zaxari and allied retaliation, Friseal assured that CDF had become a very "self reliant and self driven nation" and that it had always faced threats from "regional bullies and so-called native swine attempting to rob [Fourrures] of our rightful land and property and we have never taken it laying down. This shall be no different. We are ready and willing to defend our nation from any military or economic attack."


Field Marshal Friseal during her press briefing 05/08/2022

Friseal continued to assert a lack of Zaxari evidence throughout her briefing, a stance which the country has held since the first reports of the attack. She went on to call out to "allies of Côte de Fourrure in Europa and Aurelia and to believers in international law everywhere" for backing in any coming conflict "be it economic or, god forbid, military." Analysts have dubbed this a request for formal backing from the nations of Anglia and others within the OCA as well as other sympathetic nations in order to deter the Zaxari government from taking any serious action against the nation.


The Zaxari and foreign responses have yet to be disclosed.


We will keep you updated as this story develops,


Imperial Sanctions Announced on Côte de Fourrure: What's next and how can the situation be resolved?

5/8/2022: 13:00 -BREAKING NEWS- Emperor William I Zaxar went live from the Imperial Palace in Sandrica early this afternoon to address the Fourruren broadcast earlier this morning. William announced that sanctions which "would heavily punish those responsible for the attack" before making his speech.

The major targets of these sanctions were lithium (both crude and refined), crude cobalt, and pharmaceuticals. The only export listed which is expected to have any major impact of CDF is the pharmaceuticals industry which CDF relies upon as Zaxar is the only major exporter in the region. Notable exclusions from this list are food products including grain and cider which are very important to CDF due to its frigid climate which makes fish the only significant domestically produced food product. The Emperor avoided discussing these at all during his speech and military analysts have criticized this move as they say it is the only step that could possibly provide the pressure needed to "break CDF."

William made this speech while fully dressed in traditional ceremonial Wampanoag garb rather than his usual business suit. Some suggest that this symbolizes a prioritization of national safety over the previous economic focus of the Emperor. During his speech the Emperor called on the people of Zaxar and of the Wurld to stand united against this blatant state-terrorist attack on the civillian population of Zaxar. The Emperor then addressed his counterparts throughout the Aurelian League, calling for them to place similar sanctions on CDF as a show of Aurelian unity against threats. Commentators are predicting an overall positive but mixed response from the League.

Towards the end of his speech, William made a statement which almost certainly evoked a collective groan from pacifists around the glube as he proclaimed the military is now mobilizing across the CDF-Zaxar border and the reserve troops are being called up into service across the nation. The Ranger Corps have also been repositioned to replace army personnel along friendlier borders to free up further units to move south toward CDF.

Army high command assures that this move is only to deter further Fourruren attacks and to conduct "defensive combat drills." It remains to be seen if this promise will hold.

William concluded his speech with a message to the Fourruren government, stating that "all sanctions can still be lifted and friendly relations restored, all you have to do is admit responsibility for your actions, apologize for them, and give families and companies the reparations they deserve. For every week you wait, the value of these reparations shall increase by 5%, please do yourselves and your people a favor and cooperate sooner rather than later."

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops


Members of an artillery support unit within the Imperial Zaxar Army use live fire during an exercise near the Fourruren border 05/08/2022


In other news:

  • Coronation of Kertosonos new Emperor
  • Marriage of Istas Zaxar to Gotneskan prince
  • EOS annual meeeting
  • TRIDENT continues meetings over Anglian and Haru actions
  • AL legislation set to take the floor soon for debate

Mentioned Nations:

names here


On 8/8/2022 at 4:50 AM, Tagmatium Rules said:



To: His Excellency, Maurice la Vaneu, Foreign Minister of the Autokrateia ton Megas Zaxareia, the Empire of Greater @Zaxar

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellency,

The news of the cyber attack on your nation came as a shock to the people of Arome. If, as it it is increasingly appears to be, the actions of a foreign state, then your nation has every right to demand justice for this heinous act. Whilst the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion counsels caution and a full investigation of the matter before conclusions are jumped to, especially if the analysis that this involves not one but two foreign powers acting in concert against your nation. The reaction of the leadership of Côte de Fourrure – one full of smug bravado and discounting the damage that they have done to your nation and its people – suggests that they are indeed at least to blame for the cyber attack. Or, if not directly to blame due to it being a non-state actor within their borders – then dismissive of hurt that it has caused.

Therefore, I have been requested by His Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor of the Aroman People and Equal-to-the-Apostles, that the people of Zaxar, your government and your monarch have the full support of people and government of Arome. It is time that the machinations of Great Anglia are opposed not just in Europa but the rest of the glube and your nation's sanctions against this Aurelian minion of theirs does much to further that opposition.

This support is to be shown by the extension of the sanctions that my nation placed against Great Anglia last year to Côte de Fourrure. Should this fail to dissuade them from any more actions that go against your nation, Zaxari or Aroman interests in Aurelia, then the sanctions will be increased. Further to that, Aromania would be willing to share intelligence with your nation, if it would be useful to strengthening your nation's ability to challenge both your neighbour and the meddling of Great Anglia in the coming months.

May God see to it that the Zaxari people and Great Zaxar itself come through this crisis stronger than ever.

Eugenios Goulielmos

Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

Just now, Zaxar said:


To: Megas Logothetes, Grand Minister of the Logothesion ton Barbaron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion (@Tagmatium Rules)

From: Maurice la Vaneu, Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar


I apologize for the time which it took to draft a response to your most welcome letter and hope that you may understand the circumstances which so caused the delay,


I would first like to offer our most heartfelt thanks for your commitment to Wurld peace and, in turn, to the plight of the Zaxari peoples known to the Wurld as Côte de Fourrure. Your nation's stance as an ally of the Zaxari people is noticed and will not soon be forgotten. Since the writing of your letter the situation has unfortunately escalated further, as I am sure you are quite aware so I'll spare you the details. This has led to us being forced to take more drastic action than we would normally ever consider and which will be be outlined below.

The Imperial Zaxari Fleet is moving into key strategic locations in the Wampanoag Sea and in the waters around the great Zaxari island of Wampano. The fleet has been tasked with the inspecture of all cargo ships bound for Côte de Fourrure who fly under the flags of any nation who has failed to impose the deserved sanctions on the state. Our courts have determined this a fully legal and responsible action in light of recent rumors of arms shipments passing through our own cherished sea lanes bound for the warmongering state. Should any weapons of war be found on these vessels, they will be seized by the Empire and detained in Zaxar for as long as deemed necessary in the protection of peace.

While these actions may seem an affront to trade in the region and across the glube, they are certainly in the best interest of every nation effected as a war in the region would lead to far greater economic damage than an extra stop in a Zaxari port for inspection. Your nation will obviously be excluded from these checks and allowed total freedom to pass unharmed into Fourruren ports due to your nation's commitment to avoid any arms deals with the country and due to your nation's valued status as a strategic and economic partner.

Further, we would be most grateful for the intelligence assistance offered by your great nation in the hopes of dissuading further Fourruren aggression as well as in finding those who assisted them in their attacks on our state because, while we have made no official accusations, we are well aware of imperialist interference on our continent.


May your god bring you peace and fate bring you luck,




May peace be in your hearts,


Maurice la Vaneu

Foreign Minister

of the

Empire of Greater Zaxar


To: President John Colucci of the Federal Republic of @Ionio

From: Maurice la Vaneu, Foreign Minister of the Empire of Greater Zaxar


I write to you today as a friend and on behalf his imperial majesty Emperor William I Zaxar and through him the Empire of Greater Zaxar and its people,


I would like to first offer our great appreciation for your immediate and steadfast actions in support of our cause in this time of crisis. It is far from an easy or thoughtless decision when a leader chooses to take action on the behalf of a nation and a people who are not his own.

While your war funds are very much appreciated, we are thankfully not yet at war. While the permanence of this status will surely be tested in the coming days, we will refrain from escalating this conflict further as far as we are able.

I would like to inform you, however, as your nation is clearly one which may be trusted to stand at our side on the Wurld stage if not the battlefield itself, of our intentions in regards to the unfortunate but inevitable repercussions that the Fourruren government must face in light of their blatant disregard of our sovereignty. As I write this, the Imperial Zaxari Fleet is moving into key strategic locations in the Wampanoag Sea and in the waters around the great Zaxari island of Wampano. The fleet has been tasked with the inspecture of all cargo ships bound for Côte de Fourrure who fly under the flags of any nation who has failed to impose the deserved sanctions on the state. Our courts have determined this a fully legal and responsible action in light of recent rumors of arms shipments passing through our own cherished sea lanes bound for the warmongering state. Should any weapons of war be found on these vessels, they will be seized by the Empire and detained in Zaxar for as long as deemed necessary in the protection of peace.


Let it never be forgotten that the Zaxars and Ionians stand together,




May peace be in your hearts,


Maurice la Vaneu

Foreign Minister

of the

Empire of Greater Zaxar


Posting these here to keep thread organized

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San Foca
Presidential Palace

President John Colucci was having lunch with his family when General Marco Bettini suddenly arrived running.

"Mr. President. We have an emergency. You have to follow me in the War Room"

"Arrival. Family. See you soon"

John Colucci got up from his chair and followed the general quickly. After a brisk walk, they came to a door. You could already hear the sound of the running footsteps and when after the president entered the code and opened the door with a special key, they went down the stairs quickly and after a few minutes they were inside the underground floor of the presidential palace where you could see soldiers and civil servants running quickly. The president and the general ran to the room and entered the War Room, where there were all the ministers together with the generals of the various branches of the army. The first who spoke was the Chief of Staff of the Ionian Air Force, Luca Goretti.

"Mr. President. War is breaking out between Zaxar and Côte de Fourrure. This morning there was a hacker attack that hit the infrastructure of our neighbor friend Zaxar again. According to the experts of our Cyber Command, we have identified that this Hacker attack started from the nation Côte de Fourrure. At 12:00, two zaxari air force jets violated the airspace of Côte de Fourrure. President, there is a war here."

The president was reading the top-secret documentation while listening to the various ministers and generals talking while in his mind, he was formulating possible strategies that Ionio could adopt and obtain some form of economic profit but also prestige. After all, John Colucci is a Tycoon who has been lent to politics and enjoys a reputation for being a ruthless businessman, at least when he works.

After that he heard the various opinions of ministers and generals were some called for a diplomatic solution while many ministers and generals called for a descent into the field to help Zaxar's friends. At the end, he started talking.

"Ladies and gentlemen. I think that the path of diplomacy has already been tackled, and I think that weapons are the only solution. Since the solution is explosive, we must think about the protection of our citizens who are in Côte de Fourrure. Franciesco since you are the foreign minister, I order you to execute the Exit Protocol. Immediately alert all citizens of Ionio living in Côte de Fourrure and our embassy. They must activate the protocols of destruction of sensitive material. The diplomatic corps must be the last to be evacuated after all civilian citizens have fled this nation. "

"I'm going to activate the Exit protocol immediately"

The Minister of Foreign Affairs ran away from the war room while the president addressed Mario Tremonti, Minister of Economy

"Mario, I want the Ministry of Economy to activate the worst sanctions against Côte de Fourrure. And have the Guardia di Finanzia activated to seize any assets of all the politicians and generals of Côte de Fourrure who are present in Ionio. Their proceeds will be deposited towards a fund for reconstruction"

"Of course, President"

“As for you, Ignazio La Russa. Since you are the Minister of Defense, I want to authorize arms exports to Zaxar. While I want the army in a state of maximum alert. War could involve us, and we must respond to any threat.”

The defense minister and generals nodded and ran away from the war room, while the President saw the screens of the news that were reporting on the crisis that was unfolding. In the room, there was a landline phone that I use to call his secretary and urgently schedule a press conference.

Newspaper article

Diplomatic telegram

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9 September 2022
20:00 Local Time
Victoires Premier Palace

As the Premier was signing documents as Minister of Defence, Salomé Dupont, arrived in his Office seemingly running to get there in time.

"Mr Premier we have urgent news from Zaxar."

"Something about Côte de Fourrure?"

"Sir, this morning they launched a second Cyberattack against Zaxari military infrastructure in the south close to their border. Later 2 Zaxari Air Force Pilots mistakenly believing war had begun crossed into Côte de Fourrure Airspace. We believe this signals all out war, the Ministry of Defence awaits you in the war room for a response."

"I had hoped this day not come, that negotiations would relieve tensions."

They rushed downstairs into a vehicle to drive to the Advocatian Defence Ministry Headquarters across the river Var. Once arriving and being verified by two Military Policemen, they entered the facility. Both men walked into the lift into the basement, then after a short walk into the War Room.

The Generals stood up as the Premier entered the room. "At ease, folks." then the Generals sat down once more.

General Harrison Armstrong was the first to speak. "Sir I believe you have heard the news relating to Zaxar and Côte de Fourrure."

"Unfortunately yes, and I no longer think there can be peace between the nations, war will come likely in the next few days, now as for a response…"

"If I may suggest, sir. Côte de Fourrure is ruled by a Military Dictatorship. Same as the likes of Charles Beaumont. In my opinion, we should directly interfere on the side of Zaxar. Our people suffered enough under him. It's criminal that we allow another country to undergo similar circumstances."

"I have already made up my mind: no direct interference. But make it clear we do not have any sympathies for Côte de Fourrure. We sell Advocatian weapons to Zaxar. And set up a volunteer program for military servicemen who wish to fight alongside Zaxar. Understand?"

They all in unison said, "Understood Sir."

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City of Saint-Philippe
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sylvain Tourier straightened his tie and mechanically repeated the banal phrases that were said on a first day. First day as an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He quickly adjusted his hairstyle and the elevator doors opened. Much to his disappointment no one to greet him. The building seemed empty. Seemed, Sylvain approached a room where an indistinct hubbub was heard. A crowd of men and women seemed fed by a large screen that sat enthroned in the room. Sylvain approached a man at the back of the crowd, moustachioed and sweating on this summer day.

"Excuse me do you know what's going on?"

The man looked Sylvain up and down and replied nonchalantly.

"Severe diplomatic incident between Zaxar and Cote de Fourrure. It had to blow up one of these days anyway…"

Sylvain looks at the screen and again at the crowd. A man in a red tie approaches him, coffee in hand. 

"Can I help you? The visitors' entrance is downstairs if ever. Here, it's private."

"Uh yes of course. I'm Sylvain Tourier, I was hired as an employee here and…" 

The man with the tie stared at him and asked Sylvain to follow him. They walked quickly through a maze of offices before the man stopped in front of one.

“Here is your office. We're going to work hard soon, have you seen the news?”

"Yes, of course. What does the Ministry do?"

"We'll wait for the Minister. But I think we'll support Zaxar. Most of our neighbors are already doing it. Okay, get settled, see you in about twenty minutes, conference room."

The man left in a hurry, letting Sylvain alone and the hubbub of the TV and the distant crowd.

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Achilleion Palace
Meeting Room 7 (08:15:00)

"Do you think it will come to a war?"

It was this question which broke the silence, otherwise punctuated only by the arrhythmic clicking of a pen at the far end of the table.  The Chief of Staff, Theodirós Drakos, shuffled loose sheets of unmarked paper between his fingers as he considered how he might respond. "A well-founded question, Exarchos," he began. "That depends on if the Saksaroi are truly victimized, or whether they are simply taking advantage of a pariah neighbor to initiate an attempt at conquest, which is justified on the surface-level." The Exarch, Liuvros, scoffed for a moment at this opinion.  He ran a hand through his lightly graying hair, offering a quip: "Regardless, Drakos, it seems as if you have already made your mind up on the matter. Given what you think, how do you believe we should proceed?"

Drakos shuffled the papers further. The Exarch knew that this was a nervous tic of his. Across the fifteen years they had known each other, there had never been a single word written down on the leaflets he used as props to demonstrate his readiness. "Chrysanthe and the Aithálioi have been barking at me through every available diplomatic channel about how unacceptable this is. If the Aurelian League was created to ensure the sovereignty and nationhood of the states of our continent, then we demonstrate how feeble this ideology really is if we allow a neighbor to prey on another state." He shuffled the papers again, exhaling deeply and allowing himself to lean back somewhat in the chair. After all, it was just the two of them. No need to put on appearances.

"… However, for once in my life, I am with Constantine and the Karálioi. They have been insisting that the CDF gave up any right to neutrality when they sold themselves out to the Angleiki dogs, and that is an attitude I think even Chrysanthe could be argued behind, in modest measure." Drakos cleared his throat, setting the papers down and gesturing with an open palm. "Be that as it may, I do not think that we can push anything but economic and material support measures past a vote. War is bad for business, and we have no reason to make the international community start thinking that we intend to march across the Sagraphas and retake the lands beyond, like Kalemíras did two centuries ago."

"As our claim to those lands is, in a manner of thinking, just as valid as the Saksari one to the CDF." It took some time for the Exarch to consider what he thought of his advisor's position. His thick eyebrows creased, and his eyes narrowed, a finger raising to his jaw and tapping out a rhythm. "You have my support, Drakos. Sit the parties down, and convince those despótai and their followers that this course of action is a righteous one. I expect results within the week. Kirvínastiría cannot dither here. We must announce our position, and quickly."

An unassuming attaché, a white-gloved Solarist priestess by the name of Penelope, would deliver several sealed letters to the Zaxari embassy in Achilleia later that day. They promised economic support, an embargo towards the CDF, and preliminary planning for a "volunteer corps" of hardened mountain infantry out of the border-lords' pockets should the skirmish escalate into a war. However, Penelope stressed, any malfeasance or deviation from "proper appearances" by the Empire of Zaxar, and Kirvina's hands would be tied. "As the most venerable and present ally of Arhomaneia in Aurelia, you have our faithful support … but Pan-Aurelianism cannot be sacrificed on the altar of Saksari geopolitics. This is completely out of the question."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Autumn Edition of the Aurelian Geopolitical Handbook sparks controversy over Zaxar Inclusion.

On the 22nd of September, 2 days ago, the Syndic Council in cooperation with the Secretariat of External Relations and the Mountain Lord's estate released the 87th edition of the Aurelian Geopolitical Handbook for Autumn of 2022. Though changes between editions have always incited complaints and discussion, none thus far since the creation of the handbook in 2000 have illicit such backlash as the 87th edition for including Zaxar as part of the list of nations labelled as DNV ("Do Not Visit") and is the first time an Aurelian League member has been categorised as DNV since Zaxar was removed off the list in the 3rd edition of the handbook.

Many geopolitical analysts and Zaxar migrants to the country have stated that Zaxar's inclusion in the handbook over-exaggerates the current problems between the two countries and put down Zaxar at the same level of pariah states like CDF, Kolhar, and Sefesia and will only resulting in straining Xiohane and Zaxar relations. Others remark that Zaxar's inclusion as DNV is contradictory or even downright hypocritical to the handbook's explicit rejection of placing Rhodellia in DNV status due to its border conflicts with the Aurelian Native Free State, of which only Great Xio recognises its independence on the continent.

Southern Aurelia page in the Aurelian Geopolitical Handbook.
The former Ruthenian states are marked as CWV ("Cautious When Visiting") whereas Côte de Fourrure and notably Zaxar are marked as DNV.

Since the July 30th nation-wide cyberattack on the Empire of Greater Zaxar, one of the last three nativist empires on the Aurelian continent that include Great Xio, tension has been brewing on the Zaxar-Côte de Fourrure border as neither nation refuses to back down or take responsibility. The most recent escalation coming from the Zaxar naval searching non-allied ship that pass near its waters, and the crossing of Zaxar aircraft into CDF air space during the second cyberattack on the 10th of September. Many military and political analysts both from Great Xio and the wider wurld expect war to break out between the two nations if cooler heads cannot prevail.

The nature of the Aurelian Geopolitical Handbook has always been questioned since the 76th Vosō-Ne began its printing in February 2000, it has always declared itself to be politically neutral, showing borders 'as they are, not as we want them' and providing aid for Xiohane subjects on which countries in Aurelia are safe to visit, with each nation (even those unrecognised by the wider Aurelian continent) having their own pages in the book. The Mountain Lord estate funds the handbook's manufacturing allowing for the handbook to be sold for only 15 cents in rural Xiohane and given out for free at temples in cities. However, since the handbook began publication, it has always been a source of controversy within and outside Xiohane as it has been detracted as nativist propaganda and an intentional strain on geopolitics by the government. On the other hand, it has brought geography and politics across Great Xio and allowed those who would otherwise be disconnected from the outside wurld stay in touch with continental affairs and stay informed on voting day.


Evening of the 24th of September 2022
Palace of the Mountain Lord, Pashae, Xio, Xiohane

"-and I still can't f*cking believe you signed off on this" the Grand Syndic scoffed, tossing the Autumn '22 edition of the Aurelian Geopolitical Handbook onto a nearby black metal and glass table. The harsh bang of the impact echoed throughout the room as the Grand Syndic stared out between two large stone columns, his arms were crossed as he slouched to one side. Behind him sitting partly in shadow in a black leather couch was the 77th Vosō-Ne, nonchalantly sipping on a glass of tequila. Pakheō-voke Hisema had been Grand Syndic since the 77th's father was in absolute power and had always been a close advisor, and perhaps the only person left in the entire empire that could insult the Mountain Lord straight to his face without fear.

"You screwed over half the government but don't have the grip to reign in those damned bleeding heart continentalists." Hisema continued, his eyebrows furrowing intensely.
The Mountain Lord remained silent still, continuing to take slow sips from his liquor. Eventually the silence became too much for Hisema, causing him to turn around with enough ferocity to whip his huipil's dress around his legs. The Mountain Lord finally took notice of him and placed his tequila glass on the same glass table deliberately slowly.
"Are you done whining like a baby?" Vosō-Ne remarked with a raised eyebrow to the older man. The Grand Syndic just scoffed again, standing opposite the Mountain Lord behind the glass table.
"It's not up to us what the handbook publishes. It's meant to be neutral that's the whole point." Vosō-Ne emphasised, planting a finger on the sprawled-out book on the table.
"That's bullshit, and you know it." Hisema remarked, pulling himself forward to loom over the table as he begun to flip through pages back to the one on Southern Aurelia.
"If we antagonise Zaxar over this, and I am saying 'we', we risk the trust of our closest allies."

"I do not know why you even bother coming to complain. Complain to the foreign affairs secretary, complain to the state graphic artists, complain to f*ckin'... I don't know your husbands or wife. I already told you last year, I won't be hands-on like my father." Vosō-Ne explained, pulling the book closer to himself. "Even if I was to get involved personally, what could I have done? If we don't show the conflict in some manner the handbook would be discredited as blatant continentalist propaganda. If we pin all the blame on the Cote-de-f*ckers the Sefesians will come out from their caves upset that the 'Aurelian League' is ganging up on non-members and the Huang and urban dwellers will get all fussy that we're being too bias towards another native state. This is a lose-lose situation, Pakheō-voke, if you want to temper the continentalist factions send an apology tweet out on Wittier or have the publishing company issue a statement. Frankly, I do not care." Vosō-Ne concluded. Hisema remained in stunned silence for several seconds before swiping the book from the table and walking off in the huff. The Mountain Lord rolled his eyes in second-hand embarrassment, Dhiive doesn't reveal how this ex-priestess became elected for so long.

This wasn't the first time Vosō-Ne and Hisema had butted heads over the recent spat in southern Aurelia, and if recent reports of the downing of an Afropa ship were to be believed, they're likely to be having another one by the end of the week. The Mountain Lord groaned, pinching the bone of his nose in frustration. He was, for once, too stressed to drink. Instead, he lifted himself up from the couch and moved towards the columns that Hisema had occupied for the hour-long 'chat' before Vosō-Ne finally spoke up. The view from the columns was incredibly, seeing out towards Pashae below, his subjects milling about their daily business. Thinking about it, he was surprising no Mountain Lord has ever had an assassination attempted whilst standing out on the palace, there's no bloody windows outside of the bedrooms and meeting halls. Vosō-Ne slowly pushed the discomforting thought to the back of his head, it would be... inconvenient if he died now.

"I hope for this continent, William, you know what you're doing. I'd hate to slap you at your next birthday..." He muttered to himself, staring out towards the city skyline.

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