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Greetings Fellow Travelers

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Hello Europans, I'm Frank. I got into NS by seeing a youtube video and thinking to myself "yeah, I might enjoy that.". After playing for 2 days I get a message in the NS inbox and the rest is history. I have always been interested in role-play, and learning history since, I was 11. The concept of ancient civilizations rising from nothing and creating massive empires, has always been a topic of interest for me. I enjoy playing video games and taking long walks on the beach that isn't near my house. I hope to get to know the people on Eurth more, and gain vast knowledge of the lore this community has to offer.

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Welcome to Eurth 😃

If you'd like to join us on the discord (link at the bottom of the page alongside the links to our wikipedia articles, twitterm etc,) we'd be happy to give you a proper welcome and help you on your way into joining Eurth's extensive canon, wurldbuilding, and RP.

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