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Federal Diet approves of amendment to Grand Neutrality Doctrine and schedules digital referendum for the 11th

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This year's President and Diet Head for Foreign Affairs Jaroslav Yurchenko made an address through the national news agency Slovo Lusuviya (Словo Лусувія) saying the following message.

"As the diet representative of foreign affairs I believe it is time for Lusuviya to come out of its shell as a beacon of modern democracy to share the values we all hold so dear. For this reason I proposed to the other honorable members of the Federal Diet the following proposal A reduction of the restrictions onto "Grand Neutrality" to allow Lusuviya to join economic cooperation leagues for the purpose of expanding the Lusuviyan economy more regionally and globally. And so that Lusuviyan citizens may have better access to foreign products and businesses with our neighbors. The proof for why this is necessary is already obvious. To our north following the conclusion of the Baltican conflict we can already see a resurgence of the authoritarianism that lead to the Sichs of old to band together in our Lusuviyan Confederation. And elsewhere Walneria who we have also aided during their brief war with Stedoria is now forming AECO with neighboring Littland. This referendum wont overturn grand neutrality entirely as Lusuviya has no benefit in joining multinational alliances to war across the Eurth, however, we are only softening our hardline distance from local trade."

With a Pirate Party lead coalition winning the previous election it is expected that this referendum will pass.

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