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[Vision Statement] The Grand Principality of Santander

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Guest Santander

Santander vision statement



The Grand Principality of Santander was founded in 1226 as the Duchy of Monção with a rebellion led by Duke Afonso Berenguer, the illegitimate son of the nephew of (original country ruler name). Contemporary sources suggest that the reason for the rebellion may have been increased taxes on the winemaking industry. It is said that wine, not blood, runs in any true Santanderino’s veins afterall.  A disobedient people, the Santanderinos  frequently took up arms against their overlords even after independence was gained. One of these rebellions was instigated by the bourgeoisie of another settlement rising to prominence deeper into the continent, Benevento.  They had hatched a plan - why bow to tyrants, when one of their own could rule the city? And thus a violent war embroiled the state. Brothers killed their own kin for generations. Only after turmoil in the city-state of Benevento did the two cities reconcile. (to be expanded later) On May 5th 1737, the Grand Principality of Santander was formed as the successor of the Duchy of Monção and the Most Serene Republic of Benevento, with the heads of both city-states sharing the position as head of state. This system, though later adapted to a more modern outlook, has largely stood since its inception.



Santander (preferably) is located in a mediterranean climate zone, in a grand valley where both Monção and Benevento are located. (Depends on position on the map) The city of Monção is located on the coast, and is a major trading hub as well as a popular destination for those seeking a hot, sandy beach. Santander does not have a single capital. Instead, its official capitals are listed as Monção and Benevento, the "Two Sisters".



Santander´s economy is built around its services sector. Many big banking, gambling businesses can be found here thanks to rather lax financial regulations. The warm climate gives way to a grand tourism industry, though decreasing in recent years due to the ongoing unrest caused by syndicate warfare.There is little to boast about the fertility of Santander’s soil, and as such the single biggest agrarian produce is grape, used primarily in winemaking, another Santanderino specialty.



The Grand Principality of Santander is a co-principality, ruled jointly by the Duke of Monção and the Syndic of Benevento. The current princes are Duke Thiago Alfonso Maria Bertran de Monção (Thiago IX) and Syndic Xavier Ander Valbuena. The legislative power rests in the hands of the Consejo de Estado (Council of Statel), an unicameral parliament consisting of X deputies, and is elected every 5 years. The Princes perform more of a Head of Government role, though they maintain moderate powers in the executive government. No official capital exists. Instead, the Consejo de Estado convenes each year at either Monção or Benevento on a rotational basis. Both city-states have their own separate court systems, which can be overruled by the Supreme Court of Santander, likewise rotating on an annual basis.



Considering the ibero-romance culture, the ethnicity is also that of the Iberian peninsula. Mainly caucasian, with some maghrebi influences.




Population: High - 2 points (30-40 million)

GDP per capita: High - 2 Points (15-20 thousand)

Land area: Low - 0 Points (Less than 90 thousand)


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