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Troubles in Paradise

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A 22-year-old Kotowaran man has been arrested after a gun was pointed at President Bina Sharma today at point-blank range in an apparent assassination attempt. Sharma only survived because the pistol (a Bersa Thunder 32 semi-automatic pistol), which was loaded with 5 bullets, jammed and did not fire.

The incident that left Bina Sharma unharmed took place on her way out of a meeting in parliament, as she was greeted by supporters, in the central district of Jutpandi at around 8pm local time on Wednesday. "A man pointed the gun, point-blank, at her head, and it didn't shoot," the prime-minister said on a national broadcast, "Our president is still alive because, by a miracle, the gun jammed as the man pulled the trigger last night."

Prime-Minister Ranju Bastola has been quoted saying, "This is the most tragic event in our recent history since the reclamation of democracy in 1993."

Police arrest the suspect, Dakshi Voore, a 22-year-old Kelugu Kotowaran man, who has been living in Mahana since 2008 and has a past record of criminal activity. The Kotowaran government has become involved in the investigation, with initial allegations of the gunman being hired by them due to Sharma's cutting of trade and transport to Kotowari in 2017. Investigators later found over 200 bullets stored in his home in Jutpandi. 

The tragic and dramatic events were captured by television cameras and paparazzi outside the parliament building, as Sharma was expected to make a speech to her nation's people. The case has been linked to an earlier bomb threat made by an anonymous source toward the Mahanan President. The footage captured of the incident shows a man pushing through a crowd to point a gun directly into the face of the President, just for it to jam and misfire.

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