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[Map Application] Federal Republic of Ionio

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Nation on Eurth: Ionio
National Flag: 



Capital Name:  San Foca
Capital Location: It should be located near the coasts


Population: (Medium | 1 pt) ~   25 million – 27 million

GDP per capita (High | 2 pts) ~   17,000 - 20,000

Land area (Medium | 1 pt) ~   254,000 - 260,000

Culture: Italian

Climate & Geography: Mediterranean

History: Check Vision Statement

Front Desk: 


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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy. Now for the last step, getting on the map.
Your stats appear to be accurate to their ranges, do note that sometimes I am unable to get within specified ranges as borders tend to follow geographic lines (though as your nation is an ex-colony, we can easily break that guideline).

From your description of ethnicity in your VS and here, your indigenous stock appear to be exchangeable with whichever lands you're placed in, as long as you get a Mediterranean climate.
There are a couple locations with a Mediterranean climate, which I will try my best to base your nations in. Mantella and Renolion are your best bets for an Italian coloniser. Mentalla is an NPC and Renolion is a member of the community/forum.

Below I have selected 3 areas for your nation, please choose the one (or none if you believe your nation could not work for any) that you feel is the best for your nation, then we can discuss the finer details such as city placement and border tweaks on Discord or in the Forum messaging system.

1) Central Aurelia
At 255,800km^2, your country would be entirely a moderate Mediterranean climate (think northern Portugal, Galicia, or central Anatolia) with only its northern most border along the river being a temperate climate. You'll be close to another Italian (Mantellan) colony of Anatea and the two Francophone (Lysian) colonies of Louvier and Advocatius (who's part Anglian). generally this is the European colony area of Aurelia so you'll be in good company. However you also would be entirely surrounding by Aurelian League members, so expect some form of outside pressure on your state's economy. Your natives would be north American Amerindian.

2) Northern Alharu
unknown.png?width=1200&height=676   unknown.png
With 259,480km^2, your country will be entirely hot Mediterranean (what people think of as Mediterranean climate like Spain and southern Italy). In the near future Alharu will be getting a face lift, so you will eventually end up with a large lake poking into you. When the time comes I would be happy to rearrange your southern border to look nicer. Your natives would either be Afro-Asiatic (Arab most likely) or Chinese (similar to Variota) or both. up to you.

3) Byzantine Sea, Europa
Perhaps a bit of an oddball. At 259,860km^2 you would be an ex-colony (most likely of Mantella) and your natives would be South Asian. Of course this is a bit different from traditional views of colonies and an ex-colony, but still a colony nonetheless. You would be bordering two members with numerous more all around you. A good place to go if you're not worried about expanding and more wanting a place to interact with other members.

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