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🟢🟢🟢🟢🟢 Reviewed Nov 7 2022

Gorgeous Argic sights

Review of: Drive the Argic Highway

Our drive was amazing. You just have to keep in mind: it's going to be a loooong drive, but it's worth it. We left before sunrise at 5:30 am and arrived at our destination only at… 11 pm? Most of the mountain area will lose cellular service, so be aware of that. You won't get it back until you move closer to population centres. I didn't know how remote parts of Gotneska were.

With all of that out of the way, the experience was really well done. You learn a lot along the route, there are plenty of restrooms stops, and dozens of cute restaurants where you'll find a warm dinner and hot chocolate. Make sure to stop at the gift shop in Saint Payton. They sell some beautiful local crafts. This is also the best place to grab a bite to eat, something to drink, and use the restroom before resuming your trip. Beware: the car park can be extremely muddy after it's rained.

Sadly, I was unlucky with the Aurora due to clouds and snow, but the scenery was amazing. The fall colours are unlike anything I've ever seen before! In Orioni, we don't get that. We got out of our Range Rider and went out on the tundra. If you dig down you can, like, actually touch the permafrost. How cool is that! Now I get to say that I've been to the Argic Circle.

Date of experience: September 2022

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From the Gotneskan Ministry of Public Health & Safety.

Thank you for your wonderful review we hope you had a wonderful time and would like to come back and possibly do one of our other famous road trips. Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to see the northern lights. If there’s anyway we can make that up for you we love to let you see them!! We’d say that late fall into winter is the best time to view them.

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Visit Gotneska 

A Place of Adventure (Summer ‘23)


Hello and thank you for looking at the Kingdom of Gotneska’s Official Travel Guide for the Summer of 2023. In this guide you will be shown some of Gotneska’s famous parks and festivals you can attend to our less visited parks and small towns that pack as much punch.

We hope you if you’re visiting you take the opportunity to see and do some of the things in this magazine. If not that’s a great reason to come back!!

First on the list is no other the One of our Finest National Parks.

Fjallaströnd Paradís Þjóðgarður (Anglish: Mountain Beach Paradise National Park)


Is a stunning beach located on the eastern coast of Gotneska and on the border of the Sléibhte Ádh (Anglish: Lucky Mountains). 

The park features stunning views of the mountains and several spectacular beaches located along the parks  24KM (15 miles) coastline. The most popular and famous beach is Cladach Órga (Anglish: Golden Shore) that is also the one in the picture above.

Paradís Also has amazing wildlife to see. Most common are; Harbor Seals, Seabirds of all sorts, Deer, and a possible sighting of a bear at time. Offshore you can see whales during the summer months along with other mammal species that call the ocean there home.

You may be wondering how do I get there?

There is roughly two options you can either drive to the park. Of which If you’re coming from the north Læniguëuíl is about 3.5 to 4 hours. Down the all inspiring route 7 or commonly known as Adlantic Highway. Our the other option is from the west which passes through many small villages and towns. Your second option is to go by ferry which takes about 5 hours but if you’re planning on a day trip I’d recommend going early in the morning they ferry service will serve breakfast and when you leave they give you dinner all you need is some snacks, water and lunch. It’s an amazing way to go this way your chances of seeing sea life increase dramatically. And sunset during the spring months is to die for.

Next on our most to do list will visiting Gotneska in the summer is;


Mðsumarsdagur (Anglish: Midsummers Day) the festival happens right around the Summer Solstice this year it’s being celebrated on 24th of June.


Some common traditions include dancing, singing, wearing traditional clothing, bonfires, attending church, and more.


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Happy June 2023

With summer just a few weeks away we'd like to share some stories for the upcoming holiday of Midsummer. Which this year will be celebrated from 22nd-28th of June.

Every part of our nation puts a different style on the holiday. For example the Cordá & Gotnaii people will go and watch the sunrise in the ancient monument region of the famous Síheán Passage tomb. Located 45 mins northeast of Ciarean.

As posted in a earlier magazine Midsummer's Day is celebrated on the 24th June. This is the only day during the festival where all non-important jobs are given the day off. On this day churches will have a large sunrise mass. Praying to God for a good harvest season,  and giving thanks for the past year no matter how hard it had been.

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