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[Map Application] Kolhar

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Nation: Kolhar
Formal name: Federal State of Kolhar

Capital: Vakor
Capital location: centrally in the nation, preferably by a river
Culture: conculture
Climate/geography: Ideally located in Aurelia. Two islands, one much larger than the other, with potentially a number of smaller islands. Aside from that, not really too fussed, so long as it can realistically support the population I'm asking for. Having at least one mountain would be desirable, but not necessary.

Desired stats:
Population: 2 (39,534,000)
Economy: 1 ($14,932)
Land: 1 (TBD)

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Welcome back to the grind, Volta Kolhar!

Your stats are good, falling into their respective ranges and the points add up to 4. With one point in land area you'll be able to have a nation from 90,000km^2 up to 260,000km^2.
From your climate/geography request and from talks in the DMs I know you want to remain in Aurelia, which is alright (we have way too many islands lol). Regarding your population and requested supporting population, I would wager either something non-arid or arid with major river deltas.

Below I have selected a couple areas for your nation. You know the drill by now.

1) Western Aurelia A
At 239,930km^2 your two islands would be largely arid outside of a steppe-like northern coast condition. Your larger island would also possess two large rivers which could Egyptify your nation's population. Expect your larger island to be vastly more populated than your smaller island. Only issue is this may be in conflict with Mito's history so if you decide to go here and Mito consents you'll have to sort that out between yourselves.

2) Western Aurelia B
unknown.png   unknown.png
A little bit different from your request for one large island and a small island, this collection of islands have an area of 186,880km^2. They're further from other people's wurldbuilding so you can slot yourself in a lot more seamlessly into the continent of Aurelia and/or Alharu/Thalassa. the climate is desert-like on the western islands (red) however transitions into steppe (orange) to the east. Thus your eastern islands are a lot more likely to be able to maintain your large population than your western islands, still leaving that big/small island power dynamic. Sadly no major rivers are shown on the map, but you can always request from as there are highlands in the centre of the largest two islands.

3) Eastern Aurelia + Alharu
Coming in at 251,000km^2, once again not exactly two islands but there are large and small islands with a mix of tropical savannah, tropical monsoon, and even tropical rainforest on the northern islands. No major rivers but requestable.

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