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[Vision Statement] Federal Republic of Ionio

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The Federal Republic of Ionio is a nation born from the union of several tribal villages forming an ancient kingdom but then collapsed with the arrival of the colonizers. Every June 20 is celebrated the day of independence and the formation of Ionio. This date is also remembered as the date of the compromise between republicans and monarchists who wanted to restore the monarchy that was present before the colonization period by creating a flexible constitution. The citizens of Ionio are seen as hospitable and friendly abroad


The climate of Ionio is similar to that of southern Italy. The nation features mountains, rivers and lakes. The nation attract many tourists thanks to its historical monuments, ancient cities and natural parks that favor biodiversity and the preservation of ecosystems.


The economy of Ionio is based on agriculture. There are oil reserves that allow Ionio to be a good exporter. Tourism is very important for Ionian because of its landscapes. Ionio would like to become a nation with a circular and green economy by minimizing the use of fossil fuels.


Ionio is a federal republic. Every 5 years the president and his government are elected together with the renewal of the senate and the chamber of deputies. Currently Ionio is led by John Colucci president of the center-right coalition.


During the period of colonization the settlers found the lands abjected by the indigenous population. Relations between the two populations were good but due to the diseases brought by the settlers they reduced the indigenous population. Today it is estimated that 10% of the population of Ionian has indigenous origins.



Population: (Medium | 1 pt) ~   25 million – 27 million

GDP per capita (High | 2 pts) ~   17,000 - 20,000

Land area (Medium | 1 pt) ~   254,000 - 260,000

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