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The Boule of Aurelia

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The Boule of Aurelia


The Boule of Aurelia, also known as the Aurelian Parliament or just the Boule, is an international legislative body that encompasses all members of the Aurelian League. It is the lowest house in the tricameral legislative body of the Aurelian League, with the Council of Aurelia (and the Aureliarch) and the Epitropi of Aurelia above it in the decision making process. There are 400 seats in the Boule of Aurelia which are distributed in a mixed system, with each member initially starting with 25 seats and the rest distributed by population. it is up to the individual country to determine how their seats are distributed, with most divided them proportionally through elections.


The purpose of the Boule is to approve or reject proposed bills that come from the Epitropi (the body with equal representation of member state that is in charge of the actual process of drafting laws/legislation) and can send back bills to be altered/dismissed.

This thread is for RP debate amongst the numerous political parties and coalitions within the Boule of Aurelia to decide whether or not a particular law/bill proposed by an AL member should be enacted or not. Known observers of the AL may take part in the debate but are not allowed to vote (obviously). Debates may occur in the present day or in the past, depending on the likeliness that a particular bill would be proposed (or even reproposed). If a particular AL member does not take part or vote in the debate their seats will be split 50/50 for/against the passing of the bill (and in the case for Louvier and Mito who have an odd number of seats, one of them would abstain from voting).

This first post in the thread will be updated as bills are passed and the Boule's powers are defined and refined more in the future.

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