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So as part of the Map Megathread id like to showcase one of my newer maps that some might have already seen in the cartography channel, this being the map of Medautija, aka a border region of Northern Baltica and my next expansion. Bellow Ive included both the map and a little lore on the region and a short snip bit of its history. 


Short History and Lore

The region of Medautija has historically been a region of obscurity and unknowns. Much of its early history would see it split between the Confederation of the Kunijan and the Kingdom of Kretia, with the mountainous regions of Zvynejai and Virpile belonging to the Confederation, whilst the flatter areas of Krevache and Plauskava would be under firm Kretian control. The Kretians were the first to settle the region during the early 15th century, as they migrated northwards after the conquests of Lord Arnold of the Order of Baltishtin. Krevache, in particular, would be a centre of Kretian control within North Eastern Baltica, with the city of Old Krevache (Old Krevache would be burned down by Dolch raiders in1623, with New Krevache located in modern-day Zvynejai being reconstructed later on, hence why New Krevache is no longer located within the region of Krevache itself) being one of the most developed cities within the Kingdom of Kretia. The Kunijans would conquer Western Medautija in 1483, and with them, they would bring Christianity, primarily Catholicism which would quickly become the dominant faith within the region. The Isolation of Medautija would allow the area to thrive for a time, as it was too far for the likes of Dolch and other hostile Gintarian tribes to raid or pillage. Hence the region became quite an important trade hub, with the main commodity of the region being honey and wax which would earn the region its modern-day name, Medautija, meaning Honey Land. However, as the Confederation of the Kunijan would collapse and become incorporated into the newly forged Kingdom of Baltica, the Kingdom of Kretia would be quick to conquer and annex Western Medautija, uniting the region once more under full Kretian control. It was at this point that the Dolch, operating from Ramutia, would organise a grand raid over Northern and Western Kretia, burning down many settlements including old Krevache.  Kretian rule would not last long, as the Kingdom of Kretia itself would also be incorporated into the Kingdom of Baltica after the marriage of Queen Utene to King Mindavas in 1683. After that, Medautija lost most of its relevance, as politics became increasingly focused on the south, and Northern regions became heavily neglected. This did not stop Medautija from thriving off its honey and wax trade, eventually allowing it to be separated from the High Duchy of Kretia and be formed into its own Princedom under the Catholic Prince, Vagish Dunaber, who would establish his small dynasty within Medautija. New Krevache would also be rebuilt around this time, much of it being constructed in the Baroque style that was quite popular in Baltica. The region would end up siding with the monarchist forces during the first Baltican Civil War, but would nonetheless quickly be invaded and captured by the Republican forces, with the Dunaber Dynasty having all their lands confiscated and redistributed by 1964. During the second Baltican Civil War, the region would be in firm Baltijan hands, during which there were several attempts to force both Perkunism (Baltican Neo-Paganism) and Baltican Reformisim on the region. Both attempts would fail mainly as the Baltijans focused most of their efforts South in Belgorta and Kretia itself. Today, the area remains a part of the Republic of Liplan-Kretin and boasts one of the highest quality of life within the Republic. As of 2022, its official population was recorded to be 320,000, although it's believed to have grown in part due to migrations of other Baltican Catholic groups to the region mainly due to the Second Baltican Civil War...

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