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[Academy RP] A burning mountain

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It was the evening of a summer day in August and it was very hot. In Ionio there are several seaside resorts but one particular one had become famous. This place is called Rossano. This city is located in a position between the sea and the mountains. The modern part of the city is located near the sea while the old part of the city is located above a mountain. The city is famous not only for being the holiday resort of Ionian President John Colucci but became famous for a vast fire that was threatening the mountain and the ancient part of the city.  All the journalists of Ionio rushed to make videos and photos of the fire. People stood outside their homes to see the vast fire that lit up the night and in the air you could smell that annoying smell of burnt wood in addition to the heat emanating from the fire. A journalist from the Ionio Broadcasting Corporation was ready to go live on the midnight news that was in a special edition version just to document the fire. The Cameran signaled to the journalist to prepare and after a few seconds the broadcast began hearing the voice of the journalist Emilio Fede

"Laura Rizzo can you hear us? How is the situation in Rossano?"

" Yes. We are in the security area set up by the civil protection. As you can see from that road it was blocked by the army because it goes up and leads to the road that leads to the mountain that is burning. There is already talk of environmental disaster because on these mountains there is the Mediterranean scrub that is going up in flames. There are houses that are currently threatened by fire and the evacuation of people has been ordered for security reasons. Currently firefighters are encountering difficulties in extinguishing fire because there is hot wind that is fueling the flames in fact the air is becoming unbreathable due to the smell of smoke that is emanating the fire. The smell of fomo is so strong that even from a distance the eyes tend to water. Firefighters of Rossano together with firefighters from neighboring cities intervened to extinguish the fire. Throughout the afternoon 2 fire fighters intervened but they could not tame the fire because of the strong hot wind.   Here people are witnessing the fire without doing anything while waiting for a possible evacuation order of this area because it is too exposed to the fire. Wait a minute. But is it him? Grab the camera. Maybe the president is coming"

The Cameran took the camera and followed Laura. Both had seen President John Colucci witnessing the fire in the protected area and then heading to the mobile operations center to check the situation. When he turned his head he saw the journalist and the Cameran approaching him and he was ready for this unscheduled interview.

"Mr President, what can you tell us about this situation that seems out of control?"

" I have been informed of this fire since this afternoon when firefighting planes were flying over the beach where I was resting with my family. From the beach you could see the fire which was already scary. In fact, I mobilized the army, navy and air force when I was on the beach and in an improvised way I signed the state of emergency.  Currently there are air force aircraft with the task of monitoring the evolution of the weather while we wait for the sun to activate the anti-fire air service.  I learned that there were as many as 12 injured firefighters who were admitted to the Hospital of Rossano and before I went up here to see for myself the situation I made sure to see the brave men who are sacrificing their lives to protect this beautiful city and the cultural heritage of Rossano. "

" In your opinion, was this fire caused by an arsonist? "

" I still don't know the exact details of the investigation as it is ongoing. The Rossano prosecutor's office will be able to announce the results of the investigation when it has elements. If this fire was caused by an arsonist I hope he will take life imprisonment for this criminal act. "

" Will there be any intervention after the fire has been tamed? "

" Surely the state will take action to restore the destroyed ecosystem but I will make a personal donation for environmental recovery. Now you have to excuse me but I have to go to the mobile operations room that is located at the tunnel parking lots "

President John Colucci walked away going up the road that was manned by the army greeting the soldiers together with some citizens who immediately recognized him. The journalist continued her live broadcast

" As you heard in preview the words of President John Colucci. If you have no questions I will review the line. "

" Thank you Laura for this quick interview with President John Colucci. We reconnect again and if you know of new information about the evolution of the fire take the line immediately. " 

The camera light went out and the journalist and cameran watched in a frightening way the fire that threatened the city.

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