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Request NPC: Karberg

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The Kingdom of Karberg/Karpland


The Kingdom of Karberg/Karpland is located between Littland and Graslanderna (controlled by Fina). As Littland and Graslanderna/Fina represent both Danish and Swedish respectively, I thought a Norwegian nation would be in order between them, just as in real life. Lore-wise Karberg could have split from the old duchies of Littland somewhere between 1100-1200. The old house of Littland, Jets-Tronmark, still lives on in Karberg/Karpland however under a different name. Karberg/Karpland, due to its position and internal stability throughout the ages, has managed to develop an advanced economy with high standards of living. The country is a liberals dream. Yet, Karberg/Karpland has seen a significant drop in population since the 1970s, the beginnings of a brain drain and increasingly strained welfare system that threaten to tear the small peaceful country apart, as new global rivalries begin forming, Karberg/Karpland must fight to retain the position it has so greatly benefitted from for decades.

Its points would be as follows:
Economy: 3
Land: 0
Population: 1

Karberg/Karpland on the map:
Hervik as the capital, on the Amber Lake
Budal as the largest in-land city
Green and orange areas are minorities from Littland and Graslanderna.


Edit: Apprarently Karberg would mean "dude mountain" in Norwegian (thanks Advocatius), so I'm adding an optional name of Karpland. Land of the Karpic people.

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Everything seems to be in order, I'll put on the NPC on the map as a general NPC, however I would strongly recommend you change the eagle on the flag as it is quite obviously the Albanian double headed eagle.


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