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Heptuin wins, strategists concerned for the future.


As announced by the electoral authority Sunday, HPU-Candidate Heptuin Aymed has won the Presidential race by 31.5% of the popular vote, compared to HPU-Candidate Makan Behen’s 27.5% and CFP-Candidate Teluuk Ibr’s 29.3%. He has announced his intention to keep his previous cabinet, something which will most likely be approved in the subsequent first meeting of the 2022 Ayadad.

In a 3-hour speech, Heptuin thanked the people of Hemahat for re-electing him and promised to continue to support Hemahat and its people along with announcing his plans to connect Hemahat’s rural areas by both road and rail, integrating historically ‘underdeveloped’ regions like Wasahat and Amcident into a nation-wide system of infrastructure. Something which has seen mixed approval due to his previous inability to keep on promises.

Heptuin’s victory has broken the previous record of lowest election results in Hemahatik history, a record he had previously set. This is despite some of the highest turnouts in history, with neary 63.1% of eligible voters voting. Similarly, while Heptuin won the election, he had almost lost his home province of Mahyet in an unusually plural election. Particularly, rural areas of Mahyet have nearly overwhelmingly voted for Teluuk Ibr, often citing Wastan’s speeches and Teluuk’s promises of land reforms as reasons to do so. This, alongside previous inefficiency in government, has caused Heptuin to lose 3.7% of the popular vote compared to last election, nearly allowing the CFP to take the presidency. 

Strategists for HPU officials have seen this as the possible beginning of a shift away from the HPU, which has been the dominant party since the 1950s, a trend which would likely cause massive political and possibly even societal upheaval within Hemahat. However, while the Presidency has been a point of concern, the Ayadad has seen no change in composition in terms of party membership. This has led a few to believe that the concerns are overhyped, as any government would still be HPU-dominated. 


Leaders of Dochi Tribes announce first “Meeting of the 13 rulers” at Amcident


The leaders of all 13 Dochi tribes have announced their intention to hold a conference named “the Meeting of the 13 rulers.” The conference will be hosted at the Rotah Hotel in the Kingdom of Aldjya and will also include a small exhibition themed around Dochi culture afterwards. The thirteen Dochi tribes have, historically, been independent of each other and their affairs, only coming together under times of extreme duress such as the Amcident conflict. However, Aldjya has announced that if the conference goes well, it could become a yearly meeting. 

The timing of the meeting directly corresponds with the elections of Hemahat, with the meeting’s intended purpose being to organize policy in regards to the yearly political situation. While not officially stated, however, many believe it does correlate to the re-election of Heptuin Aymed in particular. Heptuin, a veteran of the Amcident conflict, has been considered a forerunner of the “Veteran Generation” - a generation marked by both increasing seniority in politics and far-right views. While not the official stance of Heptuin Aymed or of many within his generation, many outspoken anti-Dochi politicians come from the same generational cohort, and has even become a stereotype and meme amongst Hemahatik circles. 

However, this has had serious political repercussions within the Dochi communities of Hemahat, with many local and regional governments restricting access to resources they had previously had. While the national government has tried to curtail this, Aldjya has been critical of the apparent lack of genuine effort towards the matter. She has similarly been heavily critical towards the Dochi Affairs Committee, which only has 4 board members of Dochi origin in a board of 15. This previous criticism is, while not an official reason for the conference, generally believed to be the Dochi Tribes attempting to retake previous political power in their own regions. 

Due to the privately-owned nature of the Hotel, Iberedex will not be able to give updates on the outcome of the conference until after its completion.

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