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Velaheria's Catch-up-Challenge-proposal

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This is just the starting of a long delayed economic outlook over the startup that i wanted to give regarding the economic expansion and the growth of the Velaherian Economy, By no means is this final and this must first go through @Iverica and the other staff member's consent to pass, Any nations which have been mentioned here, have the full right to deny their involvement in this, if they wish to do so. This would show the economic plans of the velaherian state from 2022-2026. I hope you find this enjoyable and understandable to read.

Brief History of the Velaherian Economy: 

Velaheria has been classified as an 3rd wurld economy, ever since its independence in the 1940's from the dolchic rule, and its adoption of an one party rule by the VPP, and its adoption of a Centralised socialist system, which made velaheria into a purely communist state, one that had a tight control over its institutions and companies, and made sure that it stayed that way, which in turn ensured that, velaheria developed from an mostly agarian state, into an industrial powerhouse by the 1950's, and made sure that the velaherian economy grew at an astounding rate, though that growth started to stagnate by the 60's and 70's, and took a nosedive in the 80's and 90's as the whole system started crashing down due to the beaurecratic mess that the whole system had made, started to unravel along with the collapse of its trading partners in the socialist bloc, due to the silent revolutions, which made the economy come to a standstill and a black market to develop by the early 1990's. Though this began to change in the 2000's when the Velaherian economic and beaurecratic liberalisation and privatization began to be implemented, which led to the development and steady growth, though at a slow pace, and the result of which was the near doubling of the velaherian economy from the 2010's to the 2020's.

Future plans regarding economic catch-up: 

Velaheria's future plans for expanding its economic capabilities by 2026 are broadly seperated into its three main economic outputs, which are mainly industrial outputs, textiles and IOGC's all of which are currently the largest exports of the nation, followed by the arms market that velaheria has, which recently has propotionately grown in size due to the conflicts occuring in sanarija, baltica and the ulfar state. 

Though regarding the first case, which involves the industrial growth, and the exports of key industrial goods to the rest of the wurld, it is believed that the velaherian state would continue to develop and invest in new industrial complexes with the help of funding and direct/indirect investments from @Rhodellia @Xio @Kirvina and @Zaxar regarding the development of both soft and hard industrial complexes which are capable of producing new generational goods, that would help raise the stakes of the demands of velaherian made goods in the international market. 

Regarding textiles, agreements have already been reached and signed with @Iverica and the Aurelian league, where iverican companies have heavily invested in the velaherian market, and have opened up several new textile factories and banking ventures inside the nation, along with that, the remittances sent by the workers who had emigrated to Iverica, looking for work.

The IOGC industry of Velaheria is another aspect that has been receiving key investments and has been been expanding since the 2000's with extractions of copper and iron, being key in the earning of increasing revenues from these exports, with some programs being also in progress, the most significant of which being the @Xio-Velaherian IOGC program, which focuses on expanding the IOGC complexes of Velaheria by 2026 or so.

Current Stats

Population: 31,100,000

Nominal GDP: $61,900,000,000.00 (61.9 Billion)

GDP Per Capita: $2,137.00 (2.1 thousand)


Target Stats (After 4 Years)

Target Population: 41,000,000 (similar to )

Mean Growth (AVG 4 years): 8.1% (assuming growth is compounded annually)


Target Nominal GDP: $264,000,000,000.00 (264 Billion)

Mean Growth (AVG 4 years): 107.0% (assuming growth is compounded annually)


GDP Per Capita: $6461.00

Mean Growth (AVG 4 years): 75.6% (assuming growth is compounded annually)

Annual Goals & Quarterly Challenges [completion upon later drafts]



Population Growth %: xx%

Nominal GDP Growth %: xx%

Nominal GDP Growth: $xxx


Year Overview: xxxxxx


Quarterly Challenge 1 (April-July): xxxxxx


Success Trigger: xxxxxx


Quarterly Challenge 2

Quarterly Challenge 3


Population Growth %: xx%

Nominal GDP Growth %: xx%

Nominal GDP Growth: $xxx


Year Overview: In 2023, the administration…


Quarterly Challenge 1: 

Success Trigger:

Quarterly Challenge 2

Success Trigger:

Quarterly Challenge 3

Success Trigger:

Quarterly Challenge 4

Success Trigger:





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