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Lusuviya expansion

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Lusuviyan Expansion to the Intria

I would like for a Lusuvyian historical annexation of this territory north of Bolotnihrad with the Intria coast bordering Transbaltia. My Idea is for it to be one of Lusuviya's historical Sichs as the Sich of Intria (named after the sea) With its capital being the port town named either Kjilkav (named after a type of sprat) or Intrjiahrad (named after the sea itself) at the red circle. While on the topic of cities I would like the town of Mjiashto renamed to Lozva. This addition would be greatly beneficial to my lore as a historically free confederation of Sichs considering in real history the Cossacks had fleets which famously sacked Kaffa freeing the slaves there also I would like the idea of having a Sich being originally made up of ex impressed sailors and slaves who fled to the Lusuviyan city.


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Oops- sorry I never responded to this.

Do you plan for this expansion to have occurred historically or in the modern day, and how do you plan to go about this expansion? If you can answer these two questions you can go ahead with your expansion.

Also, I'll swap Mijashto to Lozva. If it's been a couple days since you've made a request and I haven't said anything, please do poke me in the Discord or in DMs. It's very likely I simply forgot to respond ot never saw the request in the first place (especially if the request was done on an especially busy day).

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