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[Academy RP] A day of sorrow

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The day was September 2, 2021. Joseph was just waking up. Today was the 23rd anniversary of the end of the Garindinan Civil War and Garindinan Memorial Day. Joseph can barely remember what it was like during the war as he wasn't born until the final years of the war. Joseph is only 27, and his father was one of the over 1 million people who died in the war. He went into the living room and turned on the TV to see a face he rarely saw, his father's. His father was one of the major generals in the war and led the 1st infantry battalion with Aleksandr Yakovlev in the battle of Parsa and died on the North Side. It goes on to talk about how he made his last stand in Parsa Square Park, later renamed Konstantin Pasternak Park, named after his father.

" ...today, his son, Joseph Pasternak, will be awarded his father's Medel of Valor for his bravery in the Battle of Parsa over 26 years ago."

He turns off the TV and goes to get ready for later.

Joseph got to the park early and went to his father's memorial. It read:

" Konstantin Pasternak of the 1st infantry battalion 


May his sacrifice never be in vain; may he never be forgotten"

Joseph was brought to tears; just then, his friend, Ivan, ran up to him

"Joseph, hey. Oh, are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine. I was just having a moment. Anyway, why are you here?"

"Why would I not? I came for your ceremony. Also, I was cutting through the park to the military cemetery to talk to my uncle."

"Yeah, I heard, how are you feeling? I know it's been a week, but still."

"I'm fine. Well, I'ma get going. See you later."

When the time came for the ceremony, Queen Nadia V herself gave a speech about the Battle of Parsa and the 1st infantry battalion. 

"I'm going to keep this short as I'm sure you all have plans for today. 26 years ago, Konstantin Pasternak and my father led the 1st infantry battalion along with the 3rd Armoured division into Communist-controlled Parsa. The battle was bloody, and the fighting was fierce. When the Communists began to retake Parsa Square, Konstantin along with five others, stayed back and held off the enemy so others could retreat and regroup. Their sacrifice will always be remembered. That is why today, I will award their families with their Medals of Valor and with the Heart of Parsa."

Queen Nadia then awarded them with their Medals. When she came to Joseph, she spoke to him

"Joseph, your father was a great man. My father always talked about how he saved his life and this nation."

"Thank you"

After the ceremony, Joseph went home and framed the Medals and put them on the wall. Joseph thought about getting lunch and then going to the wreath laying ceremony, but he decided not to. He later had some of his father's favorite food for lunch as he did every year. He wasn't the only one who did this, as nearly evry Garindinan ate the favorite foods of their lost loved ones on their birthdays. He went on the watch the documentary on the Civil War that they play every year.

As the day came to an end, the ceremonial light show began with the playing of the national anthem. Over 1 million lights were lit for the over 1 million who died during the Civil War. Today was truly a day of sorrow.

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