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Gotneskan Expansion Request

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Hello fellow Eurthan’s I’d like to make a formal request for expansion. This is basically the same as the Nyantastan Expansion request but I just like to explain why my nation believes in this expansion.

Map of new borders!! The middle area is disputed as we can’t formally agree who is to claim it! But hopefully someday we will. Our it could be a NPC.



Reason’s for the invasion as seen by the Gotneskan people!!

1. To formal end the crucial and inhumane regime of the Ulfheimr government.

2. Stop the illegal crossing of Ulfheimr terrorist that have been putting fear into my nations people as long as the 1940’s

3. Help improve the Ulfheimr peoples standard of living. This means by building schools, colleges, access to health care. Police and Firefighters.

4. Make Ulfheimr aka Ulveim more Democratic. Allow elections to take place. This would of course create more seats in the Riksdag. The legislative branch of the Gotneskan Gov’t

5. This is by far the most important, educated the general population that the outside wurld isn’t there to hurt or harm them. This will take time. But at the end of the day we believe this most be done. Gotneskan’s don’t see the Ulfheimr people as evil we are one of the same we have a common heritage but have chosen different paths for our nations. This has unfortunately lead to this event. No one knows what the future has in store for them so it’s extremely important we keep our citizens informed. The more power they have the less of chance the government can tell them what to do!! 

If any thing needs to be explained I’m more then willing to give further information. Or if you think I need to expand on what I already have I’d also be willing to listen to what you have to say. Thank you!!

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