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[Academy RP] A change in leadership Part I

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TV static
Suddenly, the TV springs to life
"well folks there you have it, this weeks weather's gonna be quite a rainy one so, don't forget to take your umbrella with you tomorrow, in other ne-"

The news presenter stopped as he brought up two fingers to an ear piece staying quiet for a couple of moments as his changed from one of confusion to shock
"This just in folks, we've just been informed of the death of Grand general of the army, Malikov gray, this is a quickly updating story so stay with us as t-"

The TV shuts down and he is met by his own reflection on the screen
he sighs as he gets up from the couch he was sitting upon only seconds ago
he massages his forehead as he walks over to his office

the noise of an unlocking door fills the quiet room
he enters the room as he flicks on the lights and walks to his desk and sitting down in his chair
he dials a couple of numbers into the landline, 10 seconds later the other side picks up

"Samuel Yegorovich... what a surprise..."
"Leonid, don't act a fool, you know what this is about..."
A sigh was heard over the line "I assume you've heard..."
"Times are changing Leo, with Malikov out of the picture, our entire plan is in jeopardy we cant continue like this!"
"Sam-" he is ignored as Samuel continued on his rant
"Could you imagine the shit show I'm gonna have to deal with once they find out! I'm supposed to be the people's choice for god's sake!"
"Samuel-" he is once again ignored
"How do you think the public, heck even the wider Conclave when they realize that me! the man of the people is working against them!"
Silence reigned in the room as Samuel was abruptly interrupted
a coughing fit was heard from the other side which lasted for about a good 4 seconds
"Samuel, I understand how you feel, don't forget that I'm supposed to be just some Rich Bumbling Businessman..."

"No, I'm not done yet, The death of Malikov brings me great pain and sadness but do not think all is lost...the odds are still in our favor, I'm gonna have my people make sure nothing damaging is leaked."
"W-well...I guess that'll let us both sleep easier...but now that he's gone...a power vacuum has opened up, who will fill the void left?"
"I already have an perfect choice for his replacement..."
"Well who'll it be?"
"This one...Montford is a perfect choice for his replacement, that name should ring a couple of bells up in that head of yours"
"M-Montford? Him!?"
"Now I know you and him don't see eye to eye bu-"
"That wild card is nothing but trouble! he'll bring this whole damned operation down!"
"Sammy, listen, he is our best choice, he will replace Malikov and that is final, now, I need you to pull a few strings here and there to ensure he will be chosen for Ascendancy to be the new grand general."
Silence reigned once more as both Leo and Sam were quiet
"While I do not agree with your choice of replacement, I'm gonna pull a few strings in the conclave, But I'm only doing this because I respect you..."
"Good, Stay safe my Friend..."
He ended the call there, leaning back, his shoulders sagging as he massaged his growing headache

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