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[Vision Statement] The Coalition

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The Coalition of Codependent cities and townships, colloquially called "The Coalition"
Is a Federation of Cities and townships, Established in the year of 1919 during a time of economic downturn and civil strife after a Former entity, The Mereburg republic which itself was born out of an era of conflict collapsed as civil war broke out between the Basdun and Caulnegas peoples as war was waged an underground entity was gathering strength and biding its time, the conclave as it was known by its members waited until both sides had become weary, and as fighting died down and peace talks began, the conclave and its agents, imbedded in the armies and territories of both the Basdun Peoples republic and the Caulnegas Democratic alliance struck, Soon the weary Basdun and Caulnegas States were brought to their knees as their leadership was gutted and their armies in shambles.

The treaty of compromise, which forced The Basdun and Caulnegas people into the this new coalition, as the war died down, The conclave immediately began to implement changes to what was left of the armed forces leaving most of the Veterans who could not work due to their injuries or were outright be refused at every job they applied to, the land was left scarred by the years of conflict and The conclave was transformed to serve as the coalitions main and only legislative body.

The period after the war were marred by economic strife as The new government began projects to rebuild infrastructure, introducing economic packages, the rationing food and water, and for a short time food stamps to be used for those who had been effected although that was scrapped as people began using at as currency to buy non essential goods, Some Basduni and Caulnegan's were still upset taking to the streets to protest the new government, at first the protest's were peaceful but they were ignored by the conclave and the wider coalition as people were more focused on more important matters soon they took to more radical means which caused an aggressive response by the government as Soldiers of the new Golden leaf army were sent, commanded by Marshal's of the Provisional Marshal Guard, a government organization of extremely loyal and fanatical conclave agents some of whom had been serving with the conclave during the civil war, to put down these protesters acting as a pseudo police force to take pressure off local law enforcers although the protestors understood the message this had brought doubt to the wider coalition as their opinions of the government soured.

But the efforts of the government proved to bear fruit as the nation recovered and climbed out of poverty as gold was discovered in the resource rich, cold north of the coalition caused a gold rush to the north, The Gold rush of 1925 did not let all of the gold miners "strike gold" although most had left to go back home some decided to settle there. the government around this time, had began used convicts as a cheap labor force in quarries but this was kept secret from the public for a long time, thus for the next 45 years the government had enjoyed a time of peace suffering a short economic recession in 1958 which took many years to recover from

Alas it was only a sign for future troubles when in 1974 The coalition was faced with an Economic crisis, as that was happening a scandal occurred where a couple members of staff working as financier's for some of the members of the conclave leaked important documents which showed how much some of the conclave member's expenses which outraged the public with how some of these Politicians who were supposed to be of the people live in such decadence as people were now jobless and not able to make ends meat as people went out in protests a whistleblower working for the government leaked many important documents such as how for years the government had been enslaving convicts and make them work for the government, this was the final straw as people took up arms and started harassing members of government and military some even went as far to free the convicts soon these escapee's banded together and started causing mayhem in the north to force the conclave's hand

They sent in the army but found themselves struggling as the convicts employed guerilla and terror tactics, they even started amassing followers.
essentially taking control of a large amount of the north as they set up camp refusing to surrender until the government closes all quarries using prison labor, the government doubled down, and declared martial law in the north declaring it a dangerous area, some who had lived there for generations stayed even as an evacuation was ordered, this conflict has been ongoing till this day as the Golden Leaf army finds itself struggling to put down these miscreants and having to protect settlements and not being able to finish them off

The current state the coalition finds itself is one of economic downturn as only in recent years has it's economy began to return close to a pre-1974 state, and a rampant corruption problem in the government as the public is still sour from recent scandals, a frontier that while resource rich is marred by conflict as battle is still waged there, and a sense of disloyalty that has been around since the beginning.

The coalitions goals for the future: closing down the Government run Quarries as a show of good faith, Take down the Convict menace in the north and secure valuable resources in the region, take action against corrupt figures and improve relations with the public. 

Point allocation:
Population: 2 
GDP: 1
Land Area: 1

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