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Prime Minister Almenares to hold meetings with dukes of Aniria as proposal of autonomy floats in the air.
Written by: Raúl Moledo

At a press conference this morning in front of the Ministry of Unity, Prime Minister Sonia Almenares announced her tour around the community of Aniria and its capital to discuss the wishes of the dukes and counts of the area for greater autonomy in the near future.

To dress up the visits, the Bergenarian government has announced gatherings and meetings in the cities of Aniria, Sauceda and Halliana.

"The priority more than anything, is to listen to the people of Aniria and their leaders. Both the people and those who lead them in times of adversity and prosperity have something to communicate to us." Almenares commented before being escorted to the Estación Niños Héroes, where she would take the Tren Gubernamental to Aniria.

Home to the Anirian Ascendancy, the lands of Aniria have sought sovereignty since the reformation of 1961, when the kingdom of Bergenaria became more open to federalist and libertarian ideas, reopening debate in the lands.

Renovations and expansion of Estación Librada González have concluded with positive results.
Written by: Leonor Cárdenas

Located in the historic center of Santiago de Angeles, much was said when the renovation of the Librada González Station was announced by the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de la Bergenaria (FENABE S.E.) and the Grupo de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (GIFE S.E.).

The renovations consisted of the extension of the tracks of Terminal 1 to accommodate the entrances and exits of cities such as Aniria, Compostela, Grijalva and Altamirano, in addition to the construction of two simultaneous terminals that will serve as a cargo terminal and the extension of the Suburban Train respectively.

The administration of the current president of the community of Otulama recognized the workers who gave their best effort to complete the works simultaneously and concurrently with the inauguration of the extension of the Colón-Terminal Librada González suburban train.


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María Teresa of Bergenaria: an uncertain future.
What will this teenager think? What would she ask her father about Bergenaria? What future does she hold for her? She quite unenviable on the other hand, as she happened to her father.


Pablo Lejiam


September 19, 2022 will be a historic date for the Bergenarian monarchy and for a teenager named María Teresa de Bergenaria Solís (Serenno, 2004). It will be then when she, in the Imperial Congress and accompanied by her dying father, Clemente VIII and the Prime Minister Sonia Almenares will swear the Constitution having reached the age of majority and solemnly proclaimed heir to the Crown.


To many however, the formal act might be much complicated than any other heir to this empire. This attractive young woman, with blonde hair and blue eyes, will have an uncertain political future open to her, regardless of the university education she is supposed to receive from then on and surely similar to the one her father obtained with studies graduate abroad. The oath will take place on the eve of the end of the legislature and the holding of general elections that are announced to be quite tense.


Is Maria Teresa, Princess of Bergenaria ready to be engaged as Queen of Bergenaria? While her father seems to be getting worse with his leukemia condition, her mother, Queen Dalina of Bergenaria has declared her wishes not to become the Heiress of the Empire. On the other hand, the Bergenarian monarchy is quite questioned by the reprehensible behavior of his grandfather, King Benedict during the last stage of his mandate, and the strong calls for independence in places such as the Ascendancy of Aniria or the Duchy of Lacornia, or already of plan the possible reformation of Bergenaria to a true federal republic.

For the royal analysts, they judge her as a discreet, prudent, and slightly shy young woman, with a reserved character like her father's rather than her mother's, with a fondness for classical music like her grandmother, an ease with languages , and who likes being around with her old classmates from the Ángeles school. She has just finished the first semester of college at the Serenno Imperial University, where she was enrolled last year by her parents. This academic year she will complete her secondary studies at the same center.

Meanwhile, her mother must be aware that despite having begun to take the first steps to modernize the institution, much more will be needed if she wants María Teresa de Bergenaria Solís to succeed her and reign in the future. Dalina de Bergenaria has remained silent when it comes to proposing the so-called New Imperial Laws, perhaps because of clause 13224, which explicitly marks the end to the inviolability of the head of state, at least about offenses that concern the private life of a monarch.

It is not easy for her, much less for that teenager, who in his visit speech in Aniria together with the Prime Minister Sonia Almenares and the Hereditary Duke of Aniria, Jonathan, who presides, said quite sincerely: "I am also being shaped".


This opinion article was written exclusively for the CRB.

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Breaking News: Clemente VIII dies at the age of 61. 


Sergio Fonollosa



As the first hours of Sunday come, representatives of the House of Valdemarín have issued a note to all communications: King Clemente VIII has died at the age of 61, the youngest monarch to die since Anastasio I, who died at age 45 in 1756.

His family was present in the palace hours before his death. Since his last cardiac arrest on January thanks to his leukemia condition, he was under medical supervision. Clemente VIII died "peacefully" surrounded by members of his family, according to a statement issued by the Bergenarian Imperial Family. Clemente VIII succeded his mother, Queen Alessandra I in 1980 and witnessed a profund change in both Bergenarian and Eurth societies.


María Teresa de Bergenaria, Crown Princess of Bergenaria has been apointed as 'Interim Monarch' by representatives of the Imperial Senate until a proper coronation process is possible. The flag of Bergenaria has lowered to half a mast in the Palace of Lecumberri. 


As one star sets, ¿can another one rise?


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Other news that might catch your attention:

  • Dukes of Aniria and Caronia will join the Imperial Family in the future procession of Clemente VIII. Prime Minister Almenares is said to return in the early morning to Serenno
  • The Cathedral Padre Mier rings its bells three times to salute the former king
  • Clemente VIII: review his life and major achievements in our society
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Funeral of King Clemente VIII


The State Funeral of King Clemente VIII will take place at the Catedral Metropolitana of Serenno on Saturday 19th at 11am. The Funeral Service and the associated ceremonial arrangements will pay tribute to the King's reign, and His Majesty’s remarkable life of service as Head of State. The funeral will broadcast live on TV, radio and the Royal Family webpage to allow people around the wurld to take part in mourning the King.

The State Funeral Service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Serenno and the Holy State Service. A commendation to María Teresa de Bergenaria will be given by the Cardinal of Bergenaria. You can read the Order of Service here.

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Coronation of Queen María Teresa: What is Operation Golden Spear? When will the ceremony take place?



Gabriela Krautze



At the age of 18, María Teresa de Bergenaria has been now named the new Queen of Bergenaria, being the youngest member of the Imperial Family to ascend.


Nicknamed Operación Lanza Dorada (English: Operation Golden Spear), the ceremony for the official coronation of the new monarch is expected to take place on December 16. According to unofficial sources, Queen María Teresa has asked for his coronation to be more discreet than that of his father, Clemente VIII which was held on December 15, 1980. 


The tradition of a new monarch rising a year after the death of the last monarch has been broken for the first time in almost a thousand years, as the Bergenarian people desperately need a new leader in times of turmoil, not only across the nation but around Eurth. Prime Minister Sonia Almenares has welcomed the new regent's ceremony date.


The ceremony will take place in the Lecumberri Palace, where María Teresa will be crowned at the age of 18, making her the youngest at the start of her reign. Rumors claim that the arrival of Queen María Teresa will entail some changes in the monarchy and, in particular, it will affect the current relations among the several dukes in the country. Most notably, rumors circle about the new queen and her 'relationship' with the duke prince of the Anirian Ascendancy, who are seeking greater autonomy, or potential independence.


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Other news that might catch your attention:

  • Students of the Santa Cecilia High School welcome the new Queen with an emotional party.
  • Six stations of the Line 4 of the Serenno STC closed for concerning failures on structure.
  • Internationally, to which side should Bergenaria align itself?
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It's official: María Teresa de Bergenaria crowned as María Teresa, Queen of Bergenaria


José Borges



The gloomy darkness that envelops the capital of Serenno seems to have given a chance to the light of hope on the special occasion of the coronation of Princess Maria Teresa of Bergenaria.

This afternoon, the Serenno Cathedral welcomed the Imperial family, together with more than 40,000 spectators for the coronation and ascension ceremony of Maria Theresa. At just 18 years old, Maria Theresa is the youngest monarch to have assumed the throne of Bergenaria, since her own father, Clement VIII, who was 19 when she assumed the crown.

During the ceremony, María Teresa stated the objectives of her reign: "[...] I will look for a way that the kingdoms that make up this great nation can cooperate peacefully. The cooperation between the duchies and the kingdoms will ensure prosperity for us and our reemergence in this world. Also, the people who move this country will be my priority during my reign. [...] The things I have promised I will do and keep. May God help me in this crusade."

Along with the proceedings, various dukes and monarchs from the various kingdoms of Bergenaria swore allegiance and commitment to the new queen.

The coronation ceremony lasted until 4:34 p.m., when the representatives of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies shouted "God Save Maria Teresa of Bergenaria." in front of the queen The queen left the Cathedral of Serenno to go to the Palace of Lecumberri, where it is said that the first hours of her reign began.

María Teresa's coronation ceremony is the first coronation of the 21st century to be televised and have its own live-stream. Likewise, the coronation ceremony of María Teresa is so far the most expensive in the country, surpassing the coronation of Tomás VII, in 1919.

¿Will this be the beginning of a new era?

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