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Welcome to Rhavanese National News

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Rhavanese Nation News (TJR) is the official news network of the Kingdom of Rhava. All articles will be translated into wurld languages for international access. The network will cover both national and international news in all topics from conflict to entertainment. 


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Award Winning Book 'Tai Khayu Khum Kha' made into Movie

The classical Rhavanese story named Tai Khayu Khum Kha or in english Under My Umbrella was recently released to critics, and is now in the final days before national release. The story follows a girl named Njaóme and a boy named Khátinn who both live in the city of Khnum Thuy. At an early age Njaome and Khatinn are to be married to each other after being match made. However both their hearts lie with another. Njaome must navigate her friendship with Khatinn while going after a boy who's family does not approve of her. Khatinn falls in love with a non-binary person who struggles to come out to their family as well as struggling to come to terms with his being gay. And both must act like a couple for their families, while maintaining their lifetime friendship.

One of the first books to have an openly gay character and a non-binary character during a time in which there were not many LGBTQ rights in the kingdom. It was also the first book to reject the idea of matchmaking, and represents platonic relationships and coming of age stories. The book is now a Rhavanese classic and popular among all age groups, but particularly teenagers and young adults. spacer.pngThe movie has gotten five star reviews so far, and will be the second mainstream Rhavanese movie showcasing Rhavanese culture after last years 'Trời Giấu Trời Mang Đi', the first Rhavanese-Nalinese movie to released wurld wide. Scheduled to released nationally the 8th, and internationally the 17th, it will be released in all Rhavanese regional languages as well as english, dolch, huang, and many more. 

(movie poster shown to the left) 

Massive Typhoon Set to Hit Rhavanese Coastline 

SEACS and and RHC have named the most recent typhoon Sithoo, and is a category 4 storm set to hit most eastern provinces including Phadinani and Thumanam as well as Khiewmawthu and most of the Rhavanese island territories. State authorities have ordered the evacuation of most people in coastal areas. Unlike last years typhoons, the government is more prepared with sea walls built along the eastern sea board, and shipments ready to be sent to families in need. Thankfully the storm is set to hit the south, meaning most food producing provinces and regions will only get some rain. Will keep you updated as more news of this storm unfolds.


(Last Year's Nayasarri Damages)

Other News: 

  • The Sribiyem visits Patian for coronation  spacer.png
  • Srisulak Katewakham releases statement on more sanctions on Anglia
  • Baltican war ends 
  • Sumatandaraya INT delays all flights because of incoming storm
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Anglian Vessels Spotted in the Musaphong Bay 

After the increase of Anglia in neighboring Shendao (Khao Thankalawy), more and more Anglian ships have been spotted in the waters in between Rhava and the Kidneys. After last years sanctions on Anglia from Rhava and joint condemning from Alharun hegemony Fulgistan and Rhava, Anglia has been sinking its claws of influence all over Southeast Alharu with rumors of Anglian support to Kharanese and Rhavanese rebel groups. While conflict has not happened involving Rhava yet, only time can tell before Godstone helps Shendao claim the Southeast Alharun waters. 

The Srisulak, Katewakham Phiewthiong, Yambin III, jewel of phadinani, and the spear the pierces heaven, issued statement last week on Anglian aggression seen in Argis, and Amutia, and more tariffs on both Shendaoan and Anglian vessels in Rhavanese sovereign territory. There are rumors in the government that a meeting between Rhavapura and Godstone may be in the works, and the expulsion of Anglia from both Southeast Alharu and these sovereign waters. 


(Anglian Supply Ship Spotted)

Typhoon 'Sithoo' Devastates Small Town Rhava 

Last night the typhoon dubbed Sithoo, meaning ancient in Rha, hit the eastern seaboard hard, with entire houses being levelled. In the onslaught of online food apps, and large chains, small businesses already hit hard by globalization have lost countless days, as well as utilities, ingredients, and of course customers. 

We met an owner of a small restaurant in the suburbs of Manahapak. Mrs. Khenayyalusung works as 'Bookstore Mana Nguwe'. "Days are tough, when not enough people buy my books, I might not have enough money to pay my bills, especially in this 'Thunthu' (term for day and age)." Mrs. Khenayyalusung has 3 children, and now because it is easier to just order them online. "And now with Sithoo, my shipments for new books are either across the ocean in Aurelia, or soaking wet under the sea. I just hope that people realize that they need to support local business, as we have been here longer and are always reliable." That was Mrs. Khenayyalusung.

Other News: 

  • Sithoang Siemewe looks for boyfriend spacer.png
  • Sithoo destroys sand dunes in Photmulak Province
  • Tensions rising in Southern Aurelia 
  • INT flights supposed to pick up later this week
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