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Vision Statement Rewrite- The United Federation of Garindina

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The Founding of Garindina 

The Kingdom of Doltch

If you belive the legends and myths, Garindinan civilization began around 470 AD the Kingdom of Doltch  around 1001 AD after the first king was crowned. If you believe the historians and the archeologicaligist, The Kingdom of Doltch was founded in 1005 AD after the construction of the city in 1004 AD and the collapse of the Yetlandi Empire. The Kingdom was not to last as trible Swoplians  and Gotneskans raided the city and burned it to the ground after the attempted expansion of the kingdom out side of the city. The city was then lost to time...

 Kingdom of Danske

 The Swolpians founded another kingdom in the last 2nd century AD. Around 1124, the city of Pørska was constructed and the first king was crowed. The Kingdom quickly expanded and many slavic tribes were conqured. By 1145, the kingdom had fully adopted feudalism, with the slavs at the bottom. When King Magnus I eventually died in 1146, his daughter, Queen Amma the Magnificent was crowned. She formed an Alliance with Gotneska-Mealláig and began trading with slavic tribes coming from the southwest. She began to lower taxes on the temples to the gods of their people and on the rich. This made her relatively popular amongst the Nobels and merchants. The slavic tribes were later taxed heavier and were forced to covert to Vjoldibism. The slavic tribes, witch worshiped the Old slavic gods, were angered by this and revolted. The first slavic revolt lasted from late July to early August, 1157. This didn't go well for the slavs as they were massacred and enslaved. But when Queen Amma died in 1165. Her three children, Prince Frederik, Prince Magnus II and Pirncees Amma II. Magnus II ended up with the throne and Amma II fled the Castel and hid from her Brother. Three years later, Amma II, along with her followers, marched on the Castel and dethroned King Magnus II. Queen Amma II was crowned queen and had Magnus executed. Unlike her mother, Amma II was a horrible Queen and nearly bankrupted the nation, after 10 years, her husband, King Fredrik I came to power. He rose taxes again and reformed the military to be more efficient. Fredrik soon began building homes for the growing slavic population of Danske.But as the Slavic population began to growmany began to worry that the nation would be overrun. When King Fredrik I died in 1187, his daughter, Pirncees Ida was crowned queen. It didn't take long for many to call her, Queen Ida the terrible. She called for many mass killings of slavs and banned the slavic gods from being worshiped. When the slavic population became the majority of the population in 1203, the Slavs revolted and overthrew the government. Miroslav Sobol was later crowned he first King of the first Kingdom of Garindina. 


The Kingdoms of Garindina 

The First Kingdom of Garindina

After Miroslav was crowned King, he abolished the fuedal system and freed all enslaved slavs.  King Miroslav even allowed freedom of religion. But as the Kingdomvof Ruskania threatened the Kingdom, Miroslav reformed the army and fortified the nation's cities. After his death in 1237, his daughter, Pirncees Nadia the beautiful, was crowned queen. Nadia continued her father's work and built up the nation and its defenses. Nadia began the construction of Roads and constructed Forts along the roads at strategic positions. As Vjoldibism was the nation's most prominent religion in the nation, even herself followed it, made it the national religion and began the converting everyone to Vjoldibism. This toke 15 years but was successful. She began building more churches, Libraries and lowered taxes on the poor. It is said that she married three times to people whose name were lost to time. When she died in 1262, her eldest child, Prince Ivan I was crowned King. Ivan I formed the nation first Royal Court containing his 2 Brothers and 3 Sisters with 3 Chancellors. But his rule was not to last, he soon died of disease in 1264 wich later caused the death of Prince Nikolai I. Thus led to the crowning of Princess Natasha the Great. Natasha later got rid of two of the Chancellors and let the nation's head of Temples into the Royal Court. When the First Garindinan-Ruskanian War began in 1273. Queen Natasha led her troops into battle and won the battel of Moroz Hill. She later won the war in 1279, gaining more land to the south. Natasha was later killed while putting down a rebellion in 1281. Her son, Prince Nikolai II was not of age, at the time, so her brother, Prince Ivan II was crowned King until Nikolai II came of age to rule. Nikolai was later crowned King in 1305 after Ivan II 's death.  But when The Ruskinain Empire declared war on Garindina in 1314, the Garindinan military was quickly over run. They asked for help from Gotneska, but they refused. Ruskinia completely annexed the kingdom in 1331. The Royal family went into exile in Gotneska-Mealláig.

The Second Kingdom Of Garindina

In 1536, The Ruskinian Empire fell into civil war over a secession crisis. This gave the People of Garindina The chance to declare independence, and so they did on July 17th, 1537. The some of the desendents of the old Monarchy came back and  Queen Jasana the Great was crowned. She quickly raised an army and reclaimed Garindinan lands and more. The Ruskinains didn't resist much they were dealing with a civil war. Jasana soon began helping the growing orthodox religion in the nation and built more churches for them and rebuilt libraries. But when Queen Jasana was killed in 1540, it began the Garindinan Dark Age. King Dimitri the Terrible was crowned and began purging and converting the Orthodox peoples in Garindina. Not much else is known about his riegn but when the Ruskinian Civil War was over, they wanted the reintegration if Garindina into the empire. So they invaded in 1557 and after two years of war Garindina was fully annexed by Ruskinia.

The Third Kingdom of Garindina 

As the Russkinian Empire slowly collapsed, the Garindinan people began talks about revolution and independence. The year was 1867, Ruskinia has slowly diminished in size and power, the fragile government is doing everything it can to keep Garindina from gaining independence and throwing Ruskinia into irrelevancy. But on July 17th,1867 The Third Kingdom of Garindina declared independence. The new Queen, Queen Nadia III began building up the military and a malitia to fight the Ruskinians. The Ruskinian Empire declared war three weeks later. The Ruskinians began marching into Garindina and pushed the Garindinans back. But then on October 3rd, 1870, after three weeks of battle, Garindina won the desisive battle of Parsa and slowly pushed the Ruskinains out. Then on March 20th, 1872, the Ruskinains surrendered after that battle of Vorbchev. The Third Kingdom of Garindina gained independence after the signing of the 1872 treaty of Parsa on Jun 3rd, 1872. The new nation kept the orthodox faith as the national faith as most of the nation believed in the orthodox faith. As Queen Nadia III rebuilt the nation and established the navy. The nation slowly began to flourish and later Queen Nadia established the Royal senate to govern the eight distinct regions within Garindina. This was written in the first edition of the Garindinan Constitution. With Queen Nadia still holding mist of the power within the nation. With support from the senate, she declared Neutrality on August 17th, 1897. Her daughter Princess Nadia IV was crowned Queen after Her mother stepped down on January 20th, 1901.

A Path Towrads Civil War

As the early 1900's passed, not muchg happened. But when Queen Nadia IV Died, her son, Prince Dimitri IV was crowned king.. Dimitri soon implemented a mandatory 4 year period of Military  Service for all citizens that pass the newly reformed entrance test. He later nationalized the nation's economy in 1923  this completely went against the nation's constitution. The senate apposed of this and Dimitri later stated that the Senate's only purpose was to help govern the nation by governing the eight regions within the nation. Dimitri ultimately dissolved the senate and hanged all of its members for treason on the aspect that he belived they were plotting to overthrow him. The people began to call for the return of the senate and these protest were offtenly put down with force. Then, on October 19th, 1934, thousands of people broke into the palace. Military defectors latter held the king at gun point and forced him to abdicate the throne. Three days later a new senate was appointed and they announced the formation of the Federal Republic of Garindina.

The Federal Republic of Garindina

After two months after the coup, the nation became an Authoritarian Democracy and a president was appointed. President Joseph Lezek was the first president of the Federal Republic of Garindina. Lezek passed sweeping reforms and passed a new constitution. Upper government politicians served for live, and the senate chose who would join the senate or be the next president. Better health care was later implemented into the nation and the nation was modernized. After much debate, on April 3rd, 1935, Lezek got rid of mandatory military service. The next 15 years were pretty quite as nothing much happened. But on April 3rd, 1950, Lezek died and Miroslav Bachvarov later toke power. Bachvarov quickly brought the nation down a Socialist path, he passed free health care and established the House of the People. Bachvarov later revalued the Grivna, the nation's currency. But on January 5th, 1954, Bachvarov forcefully dissolved the senate and changed the flag. He later introduced better welfare policies and better constructed the nation. But many were unhappy with the Socialist policies of he introduced, Bachvarov heavily regulated the economy from non-givernment owned companies from getting too big. When Bachvarov died in April 5th, 1964, Anastasia Belov became president and she reintroduce the Federal senate. The senate and Belov began debating over keeping Bachvarov's Socialist policies. It was widely known that Garindina's neighbors disliked Socialism. But some of his policies were helpful. It was decided that the house of the people would be disintegrated from politics and the economic regulations would be lifted, the flag was changed and the 12 stars stayed as Bachvarov divided the nation into 12 oblast. But her rule was not to last, she was assassinated by one of Bachvarov's supporters on September 6th, 1971. Dzmitry Ivanov was later appointed president. Ivanov later led the nation into famine, it still isn't clear how it was caused but Ivanov was blamed, and he did nothing to fix. The grivna quickly collapsed and inflation rates skyrocketed. Ivanov stepped down and Vladimir Stepanov was appointed president, Stepanov was appointed to a rapidly destabilizing nation. As many demanded change, Stepanov requested that all protest against the government be put down and all involved be arrested. But on March 31st, 1983, Aleksandr Yakovlev, along with many members of the Garindinan National Royalist Party declared the founding of the United Fedration of Garundina. Many joined his cause and later attacked and captured a Fedral military base. Garindina had fallen into civil war...

Civil War

The first month's of the war were gruesome for the National Royalist, the Federals were winning. But after Stepanov began killing who he belived supported the Royalist, Yakovlev gained more support. After 3 years of war, the Oblast of Dorostan declared independence on Feduary 2nd, 1985 and joined the Civil War. Aleksandr meat with the leader of the Dorostan rebels, Andry Zhuk, and signed and agreement that they will not attack each other's forces. Not to long after, the Communist Party rose up against the government hoping to make Garindina as a whole Communist. The war got even worse when Ateenian weapons arrived in Dorostan, Ateenia openly supported Dorostan and this further soured relations between the Federals and Ateenia. When the summer 1990 came around, Garindina was practically a failed state as various anarchist factions joined the war.  By July 1st, 1995, when the Federal Government collapsed, war had taken the lives of over 850 thousand people. It was only three weeks after July 1st when Dorostan was grated Independence by the Royalist. The Roaylist later began viscously pushing towrads Communist controlled Parsa. On July 17, 1997 the Communist party Surendered after the fall of Parsa. The war ended on September 2nd,1998 when the Victoslav Anarchist group surrendered. Aleksandr Yakovlev was later Crowned King of the United Fedration of Garundina.

Recovery From The War

One month after the War, Princess Nadia V was born. Yakovlev created a new constitution and rebuilt senate for the 11 Oblast Representatives to meet. The nation was an absolute monarchy with a senate to govern the 11 oblast of the nation. Rebuilding of the nation was slow as Yakovlev was having trouble with rebuilding the Grivna.  But when he stabilized the nation's currency, rebuilding Garindina hastened. But Yakovlev quickly became a tyrant and outlawed gambling, achohol and smoking. When he died in 2013, Princess Nadia V was only 15 and became Queen. But with help from her regent and the senate, she lifted the ban on gambling and bettered the nation's economy. 


Size: 575,055.1km² (roughly the size of Ukraine)(medium)

GDP: 10.2  (medium)

Population: 20,000,000

Ethnicity: Russian, Ukrainian, Nordic (small population, under 3mil)

Culture: Slavic

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