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17th EOS summit

Items at vote (EOS members only)  

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  1. 1. Where should the joint exercise take place?

    • In the area between Tamurin-Kotowari-Ide Jima, to simulate a potential attack by the OCA.
    • Near the Strait of Saeida, to have an effective forward placement of Air Forces.
  2. 2. Which countries should be accepted as full members?

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The Entente went through some fundamental changes.
With CAOS spun-off, its focus is now solely on defence.
But can the old alliance still affect conflicts near and far?


Act 1
July 31st, 2022
Outside the EOS Headquarters, Deseti Island, Orioni

Plenty of scaffolding can be seen up and around the Entente's main buildings. The alliance's PR machine calls this a clear example of rejuvenation. But critics refer to it is yet another example of how delayed timelines run rampant throughout the Entente. The building was constructed in 2006 on top of a former city library. Its construction cost the Entente a sizable amount. The construction crew didn't include plans for dealing with the quadrupling membership, so the building accommodations became rather cramped over the years. The media has been eager to report on the building's problems.

For much of the past two years, Mr Tobiya Wayanor, the permanent representative of Orioni, has been in and out of these buildings. His staff office occupies a space on the sixth floor, facing south, towards their motherland. The view is pleasant: the white concrete of the surrounding city, three stories high. And beyond it, a patchwork of green fields, with the blue waters of the Roavia Strait in the far distance.

Mr Wayanor is a tall, thin man, with a neatly trimmed beard and hair. He's getting ready for the annual summit of the Entente of Oriental States. Tomorrow marks the 17th summit since the Entente was founded. And it will be the second gathering to be purely focused on military matters, since devolving the civilian programmes to the CAOS in 2020. 

The entrance to the EOS headquarters is a vast square, with the grand steps of the Entente building on the south side. The building is swarming with activity, and there is a stream of diplomats coming to the building. He greets his colleagues with a smile, and asks them a few questions, before motioning them to follow him. As Mr Wayanor moves through the corridors, he notices the media. They're camped out in the lobby of the building, waiting for an important announcement to be made. Mr Wayanor stops at the lobby's counter. He looks at the waiting media, and decides to make a statement. "The media are allowed to watch a part of the summit proceedings," he says. "But there will be no live interviews, no direct questions. We want to ensure the safety of our delegates, after all." He then exits the building, leaving the waiting reporters behind.

As he steps outside, he notices the sky, a deep blue. The weather forecast calls for a sunny day. He continues walking down the pavement, towards the large EOS flag fluttering in the wind.

(OOC. Some background information for the casual reader or players who are unfamiliar with the EOS. This post is about the 17th annual summit. This presumes the existence of 16 previous summits. There will also be mentions of a joint military exercise. You will find information about both of these at the Entente of Oriental States page on IIWiki. The membership table, on the same page, includes a list of countries and the names of their permanent representatives to the EOS.)

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  • 2 months later...

Act 2 • Scene 5
Quorum Chamber

Now that the fun parts are out of the way, let's get to the administrative formalities. The observers are asked to enter the room and join the quorum.

The representative from @Miiros is next. Mrs Hugrún Hnefilsdóttir is an experienced stateswoman who served many decades as her country's leading diplomat, and one who is known for her eloquent manner of speaking. With a determined pace, she walks up to the podium.

“A star shines on the hour of our meeting,” she begins while gazing around the room.

“For nearly twenty years, EOS has ensured the freedom and security of its allied members. We remain faithful to the common goal of protecting our citizens, defending our territory against any form of aggression, and guarding our freedom. We will reinforce our unity, cohesion and solidarity, building on the enduring trans-Oriental bond between our countries and the strength of our shared values,” she says, beaming at her delegation.

“I stand here today on behalf of the Consortium of Miiros, a great nation. As a long-standing ally of the Entente, we repeat our unwavering commitment to the Entente and to defending each other from all threats, no matter where they stem from. We look forward to our continued cooperation.”

EOS has been around for decades and has a rich history. We must be mindful of our past, while also thinking carefully about our future. And the time to look to that future has now come. Let us discuss the EOS membership and what it means for our changing wurld. Right now, we count 15 member states and an equal number of observer states.”

“Observer status is not membership,” she points out. “But it is a step in the right direction. The governments of @Hemahat and @Mahana have signalled they are interested in becoming full members. Both countries have held observer status since December 2017. Hemahat and Mahana have both been working on advancing their military presence and economic strength.”

(OOC. These mentions of expanded membership follow the earlier application by Hemahat in February and Mahana's news story from May. Since you're already considered to be observer states, both of your permanent representatives are in the room. Now would also be a good time for @Esoniceto repeat their intentions to leave the alliance. This intention was mentioned on Discord, but nowhere else. By announcing this IC, we can have some drama around the pressing need to relocate the Joint Command Alharu in Maimedo.)

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OOC. I've amended the membership poll at vote to include the recent applications of @Feluga and @Safiloa.

Full details:

EOS members can vote on whether to accept these applications (or not) but selecting from the multiple choice poll. A majority % vote of voting members is required to be accepted. For example: 2/3, 3/4, 3/5, 4/6, etc.

@Bergenaria you voted in the poll, but are not a full member, only an observer. Please remove your current vote, and add your formal application in the form of an RP public statement here in this topic. Thank you.

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Act 2 • Scene 6
Quorum Chamber

Mrs Hanaan al-Musa, the permanent representative from @Hemahat tapped the microphone to speak.

“Thank you very much, Mrs Hnefilsdóttir. It is my pleasure to share with you this message. On behalf of the Hemahatik State and her people, President Heptuin Aymed has received the approval of the Ayadad to apply as a full member. We would be glad to accept, and hope the other members of the Entente of Oriental States accept us into their organization.”

All delegates in the quorum room stood and gave her a thundering round of applause.

After the applause subsided, and much to everyone's surprise, the representative Mrs Délia Gusmão from @Feluga also tapped her microphone.

“The Felugese people admire this brave decision by their Hemahatik brothers from across the Oriental Ocean. With great honour, I can inform you of these words by our Exterior Minister, Mr Luís Tomás da Costa. As representative of the Feluguese government, we are pleased to convey Cortes Gerais' voice that the Feluguese wishes to become a full member of EOS. We believe that the charter of EOS is indeed in line with our foreign policy.”

Another thunderous roar ensued. Some delegates even banged their fists against their table-top. This continued for some time.

And then it was Mrs Kini-Mali Tsafimakoua, the Gohulian representative's turn to stun the quorum

“Truest representatives. The Abode of Love & Passion, The United Holy Communal-Republics of Safiloa announces their intention to apply as a full-fledged member-state. We are eager to coordinate efforts and organize together with the other EOS member-states, to further establish at the top level, a more loquacious, a more beautiful, a more peaceful, and a fairer part of the wurld.  We aim to advance the respect of all living things and to ensure a more equal economic growth among the citizenry. Verily, we believe that our admission would bring a great many gifts to the wurld as well. Praise be the Times that we are in for the extension of the opportunity to us, and may everlasting-peace and prosperity bless our great nations.”

(OOC. I took the liberty to collect and quote from the various pending applications strewn throughout other topics. Hopefully, this presents the readers with a more coherent and realistic story. As for the actual membership vote, I sent another PM to all existing members to hear their opinion on the matter.)

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(OOC. A message for all the current and new EOS members. A very generous amount of time has passed since my @ mentions in August, private DM's in October, and regular reminders in this topic. If you still want your permanent representative to take part in the Summit, now's the time. All events in this story take place on 31 July 2022. You can use that, and the three topics, as inspiration. When this month of November 2022 ends, both this topic and included poll will be locked. Thank you.)

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