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Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) Schooling and Preparation of Nyantastans Strategy

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  • 2 weeks later...

0700 office building, improvised classroom
The sun had not yet risen, but classes were already starting. A few of the tribes near the border that could be talked to had partially defected. A man in his mid-30s with a rugged face and a full beard stood in a suit next to the instructor. His demeanor shows military experience, but it does not look very refined. The instructor begins to speak" If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. And with these words we start today's lesson and change some things until the invasion." He waited a moment looking at the stunned faces, "The man next to me is Harvi Helgran a warrior from Ulfheimr and someone who also speaks our language." With that Havi spoke up, he had a slight accent, but you could understand him well, "That's right sir. Starting today, you will go through a special program to learn our language." No sooner was that said than 4 more men entered the room and stood at the beginning of the rows of tables in the room. "Havi's tribe is helping us learn the Ulfheimr language so that our communication will work smoothly in enemy territory and with the natives. Therefore, each row or unit gets a Norsphone. These men will translate everything your new officers say into simple Norse for you. From now on, we will only speak Nordic to prepare you. The officer staff has already learned Norse, and you will do the same as soon as possible. They will go through an intensive training, confronting them with our new equipment and the circumstances in Ulfheimr. You will adapt to the new conditions, speaking, singing, and even thinking only in Norse. There will be disciplinary sanctions if they are caught speaking in another language. And of course, their progress will be monitored regularly. Let's see how fast they can learn. With that, the officer turned to Havi and told him in Norse, "Your boys, make them native speakers." With that, the officer said goodbye, and the strenuous daily routine of learning Norse began for these men. 


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