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[Map Application] Kingdom of Chyrcassia

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Nation on Eurth: Chyrcassia

National Flag:


Capital Name: Chyrchenya

Capital Location: The capital sits between a huge lake on one side  and a mountain range on the opposite side which is also a part of the capital. It has multiple rivers flowing throughout the land. The capital is located on the southeastern side of the nation. 

Starter Stats:
Population : 0 points (9 500 000)
GDP (per capita, nominal) : 0 points (5,000)
Land Area: 4 points 

Culture: : Historically, the Chyrcassians is a nomadic society consist of 14 tribal group. These horse riding society migrated to modern day Chyrcassia destroying the pre existing civilization and eventually settled in the new territory. The tribes of Chyrcassia are fully integrated with each other as they share a common culture and language. The Chyrcassians are very proud of their cultures and traditions as it has been a part of their daily lives. Some of the examples includes the horse culture, animal husbandry, archery and sword fighting. Despite its importance in the Chyrcassian society, the people of Chyrcassia were very accepting and open towards modern values. The Chyrcassian culture is based on the cultures of the caucasus region, which is a mix of the Caucasian, turkic, Georgian, Mongolian and to some extand Iranian, Armenian and slavic culture.

Climate & Geography: Chyrcassia is a huge landlocked nation bordering an inland sea. The steppes and fertile plateau makes up most of its  territory. It has some mountain ranges within its territory. It hs a long, hot summer with cold winters. 

History: The Kingdom of Chyrcassia was historically a division of the Great Central Empire. At first, the Chyrcassians were a nomadic society consist of 14 major tribes. The chyrcassians usually roams around the central plains, pillaging nearby cities. Their spectacular horse riding skills, combat skills and bravery didn’t go unnoticed, where they were eventually invited to serve the emperor of the Great Central Empire as an elite military unit. In return, they were given a place within the empire and were rewarded with horses, livestocks, foods and weapons. Later, under the command of the emperor of the Great Central Empire, they migrated to the west in mass numbers bringing their wives, childrens and their belongings, pdestroying the pre-existing civilization and plundering its resources. The Chyrcassians, gradually settled in the new territory and eventually gains more autonomy within the empire. It was later declared as a vassal state of the Great Central Empire.

The fall of of the Great Central Empire during the Great War has gained Chyrcassia, total independence for the first time in history. Chyrcassia, eventually defeated their enemy during the Great War after an intense and inspiring battle. Under the leadership of the current ruling King of that time known as King Acarta of Chyrcassia, the Kingdom finally found its peace and prosperity where they develop trade and diplomatic relationship with foreign nations. The infrastructure, culture, education, and economy of Chyrcassia were enriched and developed during his reign.


The reign of King Acarta of Chyrcassia lasted for a very long time before he died peacefully on his throne. It was a sad moment for the Kingdom of Chyrcassia where they lost an important figure of the kingdom. As the people of Chyrcassia grieved for the death of the late king, a question has arised within the Kingdom. "Who will be the next leader?" Chyrcassia has never elected their leader without the interference and permission of another entity. "So how do we elect the next King? Apparently, King Acarta does not have a son. "Maybe his daughter?" Its against the tradition of Chyrcassia. These questions has been the source of conflict amongst the tribal chiefs of Chyrcassia. Years has passed but still a leader has not been elected. The country is slowly turning into anarchy.and it has caused unrest within the Kingdom. Therefore, a solution is needed as soon as possible.

Front Desk:https://www.europans.com/topic/6462-the-front-desk/?do=findComment&comment=40020481


Vision Statement:https://www.europans.com/topic/6857-vision-statement-kingdom-of-chyrcassia/?do=findComment&comment=40020485

Desired Location: (optional)

Other Critical Information: Chyrcassia has been a division and a vassal state of another large empire throughout its history. The fall of their overlord, eventually gave them the independence they had never wish for. 

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Congratulations on passing the academy, let's get you on the map :).

Your distribution of stats (0/0/4) is good, and your desired population fits within the 0 point range however your desired GDPPC falls outside of the 0 point range, as the range is anything below 5,000 - not including 5,000. However this is a very simple fix as you can go for something like 4,950 or even closer to the range (though 4,999 might look a bit strange :P). 4 points into land gives you a land area range of 350,000km^2 to just under 790,000km^2

Your cultural mix largely works, though there might be some issues with placement if this mix is an IC lore thing rather than an OOC inspiration.

Critical Information + Geography
This actually works out quite well as there are a couple locations which fit these parameters (Alharu and Europa).

Below I have selected 3 areas which I think could fit your country, please choose the one (or none) that you feel is the best for your nation, then we can discuss the finer details such as city placement and border tweaks on Discord or in the Forum messaging system.

1) Amutia, Europa

Coming in at 727,900km^2 your nation would spread across much of interior of the subcontinent of Amutia, bordering Namdatka, Mantella, Cristina, and potentially Renolion in the south. Your nation's borders are set across the mountains, rivers, and the giant lake to your west. The country would be a mix of Mediterranean and warm temperate, which although is not a steppe climate its interior position would mean greater temperate variation through the summer and winter than along the coasts. In the past would probably would've been subject to the Aroman Empire (our Roman equivilent) and possibly Qubdi or Mantella more recently. The only issue is that you would have no way to access Slavic stock for your culture, however I'm sure you can adapt.

2) Paran, Alharu

At 785,700km^2, you would in the middle of the Paran desert with only Fulgistan as your neighbour. Your country would be largely hot steppe (usable but not necessary fertile) with desert across your northern lands, so no cold winters. Your borders would also have to be changed slightly in the future to accommodate future Alharu changes. Your nation would most likely be a subject of the Yellow Empire (historic Fulgistan).

3) Orient, Europa

Lastly with 713,000km^2 of land, if you're not too bothered about the colder climate (Mediterranean in the south, warm temperate in the west and centre, cold temperate in the north-east) there's this option which has you bordering Akiiryu, Mantella, and Mahana (Area 51 is a joke nation, it moves every update so don't worry about it bordering you) along with a large lake to your north and mountains to your west and a large river system to your south. You might struggle to find a historic empire (outside of Akiiryu) however you could always envision one to have existed to your east or west for a future member (or NPC) to be.

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Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Amutia, Europa seems like the best option and will probably be a good fit for my nation. Regarding the GDPPC, I believe that the suggested amount of 4,950 would not  make much of a difference on my nation. Therefore, I will gladly accept the changes.

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2 hours ago, Chyrcassia said:

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Amutia, Europa seems like the best option and will probably be a good fit for my nation. Regarding the GDPPC, I believe that the suggested amount of 4,950 would not  make much of a difference on my nation. Therefore, I will gladly accept the changes.

Welcome to Europa.


We can talk about any Aroman-related things in order to find out where we can fit you in.

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15 hours ago, Chyrcassia said:

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Amutia, Europa seems like the best option and will probably be a good fit for my nation. Regarding the GDPPC, I believe that the suggested amount of 4,950 would not  make much of a difference on my nation. Therefore, I will gladly accept the changes.

Alrighty, the only thing left is the approval/consent from @Mahana (for bordering Namdatka) and @Cristina. They'll have a week to provide consent (2022/08/06) otherwise consent will be assumed.

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