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The Amber Resolution

As many have no doubt already heard, just yesterday, President Harnumas Vytis signed the Amber Resolution with the current acting President of the United Confederation of the Amber Isles, Aras Kostas. September 20th now marks the official day commemorating the founding of the UCBI. The somewhat sudden declaration of Independence came at the suggestion of Baltican Foreign Minister, Romouldas Lurgis, who suggested that instead of integrating the collective of Islands, they be instead allowed to keep the autonomy they had achieved during the civil war. However, he noted that Baltica and the Amber Isles will continue to operate under a shared Customs Union, and all trade between the two states would be subject to no tariffs. Additionally, due to the UCBI’s small size, the Baltican Military pledges to support the small nation's territorial integrity, if it is to come under threat by any external powers. Both Romouldas, and President Aras plan to have a joint meeting in St Casimir to discuss further details on the partial Independence of the Amber Isles, specifically how it will affect Balticas Exclusive Economic Zone within the Amber Lake.

So far, Economic Minister Steponas has suggested that the two operate under a single Exclusive Economic Zone, which has been dubbed the Amber Lake Economic Community. Such suggestions have grown very popular among both ministers in the Amber Isles, as well as Baltican ones, but again, further details are to be disgust in some time. For now, the UCBI has proclaimed St Casimir city as their current capital, although many expect that to change as it continues to operate, seeing as St Casimir is quite far from the Islands of St Benno and the Pebbles. Additionally, the UCBI has pledged to return all former Baltican military assets, most notably former ships from the Baltican Navy, which have long been beached on St Bunno Island. We can expect to see them return to Baltica in the following months…


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Baltican Navy Restored

The Baltican Navy has historically had very little actual value. Being trapped within the Amber Lake, its main purpose was as a propaganda tool for the people, who always believed the navy was a perfect showcase of Balticas strength and economic might. As a certain historian put it, “One could measure the current state of Baltica both economically and militarily by how bloated its navy is at a given time.”. For almost three centuries, this was the sole purpose of the Navy, that and a place for Rich families to send off their less qualified children. However, during the first Baltican civil war, this historic symbol of the aristocracy was burned to ashes, another symbol of the Peoples victory over the nobility. Ironically, just after the conclusion of the war, the new dictatorship that took over Baltica simply returned to the ways of old, and once again another bloated and overly large navy was created, to permanently be beached in some decrepit port. 

However, things are finally looking up for the historically forgotten Baltican Navy. Ever since the establishment of the Amber Isles, most of Balticas former navy has been transferred back to the Central Government. Former general Yvo Falk, who was appointed the position of Head Admiral of the new Central Baltican Navy, promised to make it his political goal to revive the navy and make it an actually capable fighting force. Unlike his many, many predecessors, however, he plans to actually make it into a fighting force, and part of his initiative is to actually scrap and cut down a large part of the navy. He ordered the scrapping of a whopping 12 ships, including all of Balticas former Battleships, Submarines, 4 of its corvettes and 2 of its frigates. 

As Falk explained “The previous Baltican Navy was a mess. It had ships which could barely function under the constraints of the Amber Lake but was also an unnecessary strain on the overall military budget. Downsizing to a smaller, but much more capable and efficient force is the correct path for Baltica, and its future military endeavours”. This was unanimously supported by the government, but now came up the issue of Port facilities. Since the Central Government owned no Military ports, it would either have to “Purchase them” or rent the spaces from its fellow Republics. Luckily for them, The Republic of Belgorta offered to provide Port facilities in its expanding port in Svoyev on the condition that the Central Government promises to commit future funds for the expansion and development of an airport in Kazirinas. With that, the official HQ of the Central Baltican Navy was moved to Svoyev, and under direct orders from Falk a new Naval Ensign was created to finally complete his great reformation of the navy. 


(Port Svoyev. The sixth largest port in Baltica, and the largest Port in the Republic of Belgorta. Currently due for an expansion in 2023, where it is
expected to become the third largest port by capacity in Baltica.)


(New Baltican Naval Ensign, utilising the new national colours of yellow, blue and white, paired with the Baltican Double cross.)


Many are optimistic, although neither the government nor Falk intended for it, the navy reestablishment has greatly boosted not only the morale of the people but the military as a whole. It's the beginning of yet another stage in Balticas Revival, and many are filled with hope over an exciting and ever-changing Baltica. Long Live the Federation, and may it prosper for the rest of its days! 

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Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Baltican State News delivering you the news in Baltica and across the Glube. In shocking developments, the Gintarian Economic Community is proud to welcome its new partner, the City State of Havenburg. Throughout October Baltican officials have been in deep discussion with officials from Havenburg to foster economic ties between the coming Baltican State and the city, with its admittance into the Gintarian Economic Community as just the first step in this up-and-coming development. The Gintarian Economic Community, forged in the aftermath of the Baltican-Kalnijan struggle, is the next leading project of President and Economic Minister, Hornumas Vytis, in the hope of bringing together all Gintarian peoples, both economically and politically. The Admittance of Havenburg marks an important step in fostering new relations between the city, which has historically been at odds with the former Republic Government. Hornumas Vytis himself stated in a recent interview that 

“The admittance of Havenburg into the Gintarian Economic Community marks a president in our diplomacy and cooperation with fellow Gintarian states going forward. Unlike our predecessor government, we do not wish to alienate ourselves from our brethren nations, nor do we wish to pursue a policy of nationalist expansion, as many thought we would do with Kalnija. Baltica, for all its worth, has always been a nation focused on itself, which has led to many problems throughout our shared history with our neighbours, as well as other nations both in Argis and abroad. As the Federal President of our Federation, I'd like to make it a fact that Baltica will no longer be a backwater state, too focused on itself to pursue any diplomatic efforts. This century will be that of the Gintarians, not the Balticans, and I'd like to see that vision through!”


(Flag of the Gintarian Economic Community)

The Admission of Havenburg has also sparked talks amongst the parliament and the Gintarian Economic Community on whether or not to admit other neighbouring states such as the Republic of Kelija or the Western states, but that remains undecided. Although the more cynical members of the Baltican parliament remain adamant that the admittance of yet more states within the GEC will ultimately see Baltica stagnate and continue its role as an agricultural power, rather than an industrial one, these thoughts are a minority, as others hope to see the long term financial benefits of the combined GEC efforts. 

In other news, the Governors of Dokestva, Govir, Belgorta and Liplan-Kretin have announced a joint convention within Janakis to discuss the solidification of internal borders between said Republics and Sister Republics. The Janakis convention as it has been labelled, will be in place from November 8th to November 12th, and will finally reaffirm the borders of all Republics and Sister Republics within the Baltican Federation. Its primary aims are to work out the representation each state will receive in the federal parliament as well as the republic parliament, as well as establish clear borders between all Republics, which had previously been divided according to borders drawn up at the end of the Second Baltican Civil War. The Federal Government will supervise the Janakis Convention, although it will not interfere with the outcome of any decisions between the Republics and SREPs themselves, entrusting that they are better suited to determining the right borders between one another. 

Finally, a shocking discovery has been made in Northern Dokestva, a believed 2000-year-old clay pot has been discovered in a man's home. Said pot is believed to pre-date both the migration of the Northern Balticans to Dokestva, but also heavily predates evan Dolch's settlement within Southern Baltica. The pot was used by the unnamed man to pickle onions, and he had discovered the pot in the late 90s, after digging up some of his pickled goods during spring. The scientists in charge of properly transporting the pot to the nearby Museum of Baltica were equally shocked when the pot crumbled after its move to the museum. It is believed the high mineral content of the pickling liquid used has been preserving the pot up to that point, and its removal caused structural integrity within the pot. Luckily multiple photographs were taken of the pot before transfer, and it is believed it can be reconstructed rather easily. 


(Images of the Pot before crumbling)

This was Jonas Pulivinis with BS News, that conducts our broadcast…

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