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The Yetlandi Empire

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After 6 months of working on the idea, the day has finally come to reveal this idea to everyone.

Me, @Gotneska, @Ebrary, @Ulfheimr(but i think he isnt active anymore) and @Nyanta, @Tagmatium Rules (as i made him partly responsible for the fall of this empire) aswell as @Iverica as the voice for Prymont, have done some discussion on the empire. Here be what i've made up throughout the discussion with them.


The borders of the Yetland empire at it's height would look like this.


which would be somewhere in 300s, but before 592AD (which is the date, the city of Laenigueuil broke away from the empire, which was founded by Aromans somewhere in 500s.

Prymont would have been fully integrated by 191AD and fully lost by 1017AD, Gotneska's territory as depicted on the map would have been fully integrated by 285AD and fully broke away by 917AD, Ebrarian territory as depicted on the map would be fully integrated by 288AD and would have fully broken away by 919AD, Nyanta's territory which is depicted on the map, would have been fully integrated by 293AD and fully broke away by 992AD.

The empire itself would have fully collapsed by 1023AD. (even though technically it never collapsed it just renamed to Ateenia).

The capital of the empire would be at the start in Atha, then shortly after integration of Gotneska, it would have been located somewhere in the Gotneskan mountains which today would be a lost city which would probably never be discovered, though gives some RP content for efforts in searching for it. IC the only hint for the location of the city would be that it was mentioned being located somewhere in eastern argis. After 900s the capital would have returned to Atha again.

This empire would have been rather decentralized and would survive on sea trade within the empire. It was so decentralized infact that it was hard to tell when living inside it, that this empire existed as a single country. It was also not very restrictive on religion, which eventually proved to be it's downfall, because it was due to this that Aromans made it inside this Empire and were able to spread christianity, which eventually caused division inside the empire. (Yetland raided Aromans alot so Aromans decided to settle inside the empire and spread their faith as a very long f*ck you.) The empire falling because of christianity, is also why modern Ateenia would have an anti christian sentiment, while not being so anti [any other religion] (truly christianphobic, chads be hatin a religion for smth they did over a 1000 years ago).

This empire would have also enabled us to launch many sizeful raids both into civilizations in Europa aswell as civilizations in Argis and maybe Alharu.

This would have also been a rival with Ahrana's proposed empire.

It would also be where Yeetland would have gotten it's name.

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4 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

It seems like a very cool idea!

I'd be glad to work on the details with you.

When you free to help Ateenia I need to ask you about the Aromans in Gotneska.

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