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A Wedding Meant for Royalty 

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The morning of the wedding day is fast approaching and the groom is becoming increasingly nervous, not because he’s afraid of being married for the rest of his life, but because there will be thousands of people. This is because he’s Royalty and nothing can be wasted. Everything must be perfect.


The groom Jan Andersson, the younger brother of the queen, is walking down the hallway when he runs into his sister Sarah. They talk for a few minutes then they go their separate ways. Jan walks back to his room and ponders what his wedding day will be like. Jan thought “I’d imagine it being very crowded with friends and family. There’s nothing more special than getting to see family members you haven’t seen in years, but also a little odd because everyone will be focused on me and Istas. I hope she doesn’t find my family weird, we do come from very different backgrounds after all.”


Later that day, Jan invites Istas out to dinner before they are officially married. He takes her to one of Læniguëuíl’s most famous Restaurants, The Oak House


The Oak House was first opened in 1450. Since its original opening, the restaurant has created a food culture of high quality but affordable prices. In 1990 it was created as a National Historical Landmark by the Kingdom of Gotneska. The restaurant serves general Gotneskan food. But are most known for their wurld famous Cod Fish dinner.


Jan and Istas enjoy a nice relaxing evening together. They talk after supper is finished and their waiter asks if they like dessert. They look at one another and can see in one another’s eyes what they like to do but are too full to say yes. So Jan asks for the check and pays the bill. After leaving the restaurant they walk around downtown historical Læniguëuíl, something Istas hasn’t done in all the time she’s been in Gotneska. Istas asks Jan “what’s your favorite part of being from Gotneska?” Jan has to think about his response; “Well I think it’s the general consensus of two ethnic groups putting their differences behind them and working together to forge a better nation. That is what I think is my favorite part of being Gotneskan, if that answers your question.” Istas smiles and says yes that's a good answer, “I wasn't expecting that but I like your response. It’s something wonderful that our nations have in common.” After some time walking the historical downtown they head back to the castle located in the Brought of Göteborg. After arriving at the castle they say good night to one another and head to rooms to change and to get a good night's rest before their big day tomorrow.




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