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(Academy RP) Heir to the Empire - Entry II

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Maria Teresa, Crown Princess of Bergenaria bent down a bit to put her Big Cola on the ground to let her hands warm up since they were already as cold as the mountains of Glubina. Soon, her gaze focused on the infinite abysses of space that Serenno's visual contamination allowed her to see. That sight of her gave free rein to her spatial imagination, especially in the balcony she was standing.

Life is unfair, or so drama divas often say. Silence. Sometimes I would like to stop complaining like it was a sport and leave my Complex of Enrique, but being surrounded by a strict queen that I have for a mother and her “preparations” make complaining vent things that I could yell at my mom.

"Maria... Maria" called her father, whom she had behind her.

Maria stuck her head out and looked at her father with something. Her stomach sank at the sight of her father, King Clemente VIII on a stretcher, and looking forward to the days when he could walk freely through the Imperial Palace. She approached when she on any other occasion would have protested. However, María Teresa was more fond of her father than her mother because the former was sweeter and was perhaps responsible for such early maturity.


"Maria…" the man smiled as he felt his daughter's soft cheeks. "Are you okay?"

Seen with her locks, her brown hair a little longer than normal, which spilled in several points on the sides of her head, Maria Teresa was quite princess-like. She wanted to swallow the words that she was going to say at the time. But she decided to be honest with him.

"No… I feel overwhelmed with so many responsibilities" Silence "If you know what I mean?"

Clemente smiled, followed by a cough-cut laugh.

"Clearly. Your grandfather also put me in those preparations when I ascended the throne..."

"But did you ever feel that this is not what you wanted?"

"Many times. But, do I tell you a secret?"

Maria Teresa was smart enough to know her limits even if she was right and she had the right to be upset with so much royal protocol when she wanted to finish university or at least join the "commoners" to find that ideal someone. that he would accompany him on the throne until he had the same destiny as his father.

"Soon... people are going to need a guide... and no one is a better leader than you," Clemente replied, pointing to his daughter's chest as he said the last thing. "Mom won't tell you this but... you have the best chance of leading this country to a future more prosperous than any of your… ancestors."

The teenager's stomach sank even more at the realization and expectations that her parents had of her. But surely Luis Carlos would be more appropriate, she thought.

“But…what if I still don't consider myself ready?” he asked.

"Then that means that you are starting well… You will always have to ask yourself and ask more. Soon, you'll get in terms with yourself."

The conversation ended on good terms.

Clemente VIII gave her a small kiss on her forehead before telling her to go to sleep to her room, to reflect on what he told her. Closing the door to her room, she took off his contact lenses and rubbed his eyes with his fingers. She lay down with effort on the bed and, before sleeping like a bear in winter, she straightened the familiar photograph of her, barely perceptible in the dark.

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