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(Academy RP) Heir to the Empire - Entry I

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Recorded on July 22nd, 2022.


Palacio Imperial de Lecumberri, Serenno.

Recording begins.

Many people say that life would be much easier if you were born into the royal family, or even into a millionaire family. I could tell you that this mentality is more wrong than the belief that our planet is flat. Whenever I walk the corridors of the palace, it gives me an uneasy and unnerving feeling.

As if suddenly, the pictures of my ancestors and people who shaped our history looked at me with scrutiny and perhaps, spite.

There is a short interval of silence, followed by a door opening and closing abruptly

And that feeling doesn't stop when I'm in the privacy of my room. Dad, or Clemente VIII, is getting worse as time goes on, and my mom is already looking forward to the inevitable moment. As the eldest daughter of the House of Valdemarín, she must believe that she is already prepared to become the future empress of this "empire". 

Honestly, this preparation is far too exagerated. Chucha, even my brother has more energy than me during these preparations. 

Another interval of silence follows the last sentence. Suddenly, a muffled sigh is heard.

You know, this thing of belonging to the royal family of Bergenaria is anything but something to be enjoyed. My friends are too jealous of me for growing up among the rulers of this country, but I do feel the absence of my parents. I feel more envy for my friends since at least they can spend more time with their family. Me, heh... I just need to study more of geography and the far more confusing politics of our country to even have an idea on how to rule.

I would like to at least be closer to mom... she should be the only one who is-

Someone knocks on the door, followed by a door opening and footsteps approaching

Teresa, I've already told you to get ready for the governor's visit. The heir to this empire must always be good shape and presentable to any-


Recording ends

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